Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 693: Gods Hands

Freesky and Mu Tian couldnt fight each other right now. Meanwhile, the Grand Emperors were getting impatient after looking at the palace hovering around Li Qiye. After all, this was the greatest High Heaven Scroll in history.

Dragonspears group of six was slowly coming to surround Li Qiye. Everyone acted with prudence because of the current focus in this area.

Li Qiye smiled after seeing the group: “Oh? The six of you want it too?”

“Dao Brother, you must be the domineering type since you dare to go against the tides, Im sure you wont mind if more people join in.” Oblivion said: “If the six of us cant take you on together, then we are the ones to be blamed for overestimating ourselves.”

Li Qiye replied: “Such imagination, however, you all are indeed overestimating yourselves.”

The High Gods were surprised to see this response. One person wondered: “Who is this guy? Daring to bluster so much, does he not know that there are two ten-will emperors in that group?”

“Then Im sure you wont mind sparring with us.” Dragonspear smiled back: “If we lose, then we wont be complaining. If we win, we only want that palace. Are you willing to fight using your own strength without the palace?”

Dragonspear was trying to hit Li Qiyes pride. After all, they were certainly wary of that weapon.

Meanwhile, the other emperors chose to watch since if Dragonspears group were to win, they could just steal it from them. If they were to lose, then thats even better. They could see how strong Li Qiye was thanks to these cannon fodders.

“Just the six of you, not difficult at all. I alone am enough.” A ferocious voice resounded thunderously across the plains.

A man in great spirit and a black robe walked over from the horizon. Each step turned the world dark as if he was devouring everything.

His devouring temperament was even more terrifying than his imperial aura. It was as if he was the biggest black hole in existence.

“Immortal Emperor Tun Ri…” A monarch shouted. [1]

People shuddered after hearing this title, especially the ones aware of Emperor Hunt. This emperor back then was tenacious and fought against several Grand Emperors by himself.

He was one of the five in Soaring Immortal and also joined the Archaic Repository of Immortal Emperor Min Ren.

He wasnt just an emperor either since he also had a grand completion Heaven Devourer Evil Physique.

The guy wanted to fight against all six emperors by himself right now. Keep in mind that Oblivion and Dragonspear both had ten wills while the others were still relatively powerful emperors. This was a dreadful force to go against.

Alas, Tun Ri didnt give a damn as if they were nothing in his eyes.

Oblivion and Dragonspear both became serious, not daring to underestimate this new foe.

“It is already good that youre here, a little late is fine.” Li Qiye nodded while sitting on his chair.

The emperor cupped his fist before looking at the six Grand Emperors and laughed: “The six of you right now arent qualified to challenge the Sacred Teacher. I, Ye Yunzhou, will take you on!” [2]

The fierce tone was lost on the six emperors ears because the words that shocked them were – “Sacred Teacher”. Their expression completely changed.

Even Freesky with his eleven wills staggered several steps backward. The ones with three to five wills fared much better. They didnt know what this title represented, only feeling a bit strange that someone like Immortal Emperor Tun Ri was so respectful towards Li Qiye.

“Sacred Teacher, who the hell is that? Is he a better teacher than Grandpa Mo?” The powerful spectators didnt know the inside story.

One of the teachers in the academy respected by emperors was Mo Qianjun. This was the reason why they called him “Grandpa Mo”.

The weaker emperors assumed that Li Qiye was also another prestigious teacher at the academy.

This wasnt the case for the emperors so close to the apex. They were aware that the legendary tale of the hundred races was not only a legend. This was a real existence, the dark hand behind the curtains. He had controlled the movements of the thirteen continents once, the mortal enemy of World Emperor for many generations.

Just imagine, even World Emperor couldnt take this guy down. Though they have yet to experience his monstrous abilities, just his name alone was enough to instill fear upon them.

“Hes back…” A monarch trembled.

This particular legend had disappeared for a long time. Some said he had fallen down to the nine worlds. Other said that he had died in the final battle or that he was trapped in a mysterious location.

Alas, the majority didnt expect for him to still be here in the thirteen continents!

Some of them felt that they have fallen into a pit dug by others. The academy was only a fat piece of meat to lure them into the pit.

A scowl came about as another person came out from the dao portal of Heaven Authority.

This was a vigorous youth with an amazingly sharp aura. He had an ancient sword tied on his back; the two seemed to be one.

“Sword Emperor is here now…” The Grand Emperors from the heaven race seemed to be respectful of the guy.

“The ninth emperor of the Qian Clan.” One High God murmured.

This was one of the most gifted Grand Emperors; some believed that he was a successful version of Wildlad.

He was born with one of the two ancient bloodlines from the heaven race. This on top of his background made him destined for greatness.

Of course, he didnt let people down, eventually becoming an eleven-will emperor – only one will from catching up to his ancestor, World Emperor. For some unknown reasons, he didnt obtain all twelve wills.

He was enamored with the dao of the sword and was considered peerless in this regard, hence his title.

Furthermore, people believed that he was the number two in Heaven Authority. This sect wanted to groom him as the successor.

Outside of this prestigious position, he had also created War Alliance, the youngest and most promising group of emperors. Both Dragonspear and God-edge were invited to join by him.

1. Tun Ri means sun devourer

2. This is the emperor from the sidestory

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