Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 678: Starshattering Bow

Nether Lunatic was considered a fierce character – one of the strongest High Gods in Arrogance.

Virtuous was no coward but only top-level emperors were on the same level as Nether Lunatic. Others naturally would back down in fear.

The students felt their hair standing on ends. No one has seen him in action before but he was qualified to challenge Mortal Reversion and survived at that? This was more than enough to prove his power.

“So it is Senior Nether, Ive long heard of your fame.” Virtuous took a deep breath and cupped his fist: “I have eyes but without sight, please excuse me for not recognizing you.”

He spoke well and maintained a respectable attitude befitting of a monarch.

“Old and different from before, unlike the young with their fearless heart, able to traverse through the world with a proud smile.” Nether Lunatic said insipidly: “Very well, I havent exercised in a long time now, it will be nice seeing the supreme talents of the future generation that will overcome us in time, as long as I dont break my bones.”

He was much more amicable than before compared to his past self. If someone like Virtuous dared to challenge him back then, he would start with a slap before speaking. Now, he lacked the fiery temper of old and rarely fought – akin to a friendly grandpa in the neighbor. Of course, this was relative to how he was back then.

Virtuous turned slightly red, stuck in a difficult position. Fighting was a bad move but simply leaving was not an option either.

He had four wills but this was not enough to fight against Nether Lunatic even if he were to use all of his power, even if he experienced an unreasonable boost in power. Lunatic would certainly strike him down.

Thus, fighting was futile but accepting defeat was humiliating for a famous emperor, not to mention this would be his first battle. His fame and imperial prestige would go down the drain after this.

“Go now.” The headmaster decided to help him out: “This is an abnormal period, dont follow your emotions. Stay outside and stop causing trouble for the academy.”

It sounded like a scolding but in fact, the headmaster was giving him a way to leave without losing face. Virtuous was simply not qualified to challenge Nether Lunatic right now.

Ultimately, Virtuous was still his student so because of this, he saved his student this one time. It was a commendable act of showing love towards the juniors.

Virtuous knew that this was a good chance as well and one wouldnt present itself again if he were to refuse. He quickly lowered his head and said: “Your reprimand is correct, Teacher. I was out of line and wrong for causing trouble at the academy. My apology.”

With that, he cupped his fist towards Nether Lunatic: “Excuse me this time, Senior. Well meet again.” He bowed then left the academy.

Li Qiye then decided to go back to Study Room after making a mess of the atmosphere. The students glanced in confusion at each other while trembling inside. If someone like Nether Lunatic was only a servant? Then who the hell was Li Qiye? Just how powerful was he exactly?

Of course, they could sympathize and understand while Virtuous decided to back off. No one else would dare to challenge an eleven-totem High God either.


Despite being situated back in this ancient world, the academy enjoyed several days of peace. No other monsters tried to invade it any longer so the students heaved a sigh of relief. They figured that the disaster was over and it was time to try and return to Arrogance.

The ancient world itself was also extraordinary serene. One couldnt hear a single sound of the creature.

The students didnt notice this unlike the powerful teachers – the beasts were retreating. Even the colossal beings were backing off.

These monsters were very sensitive and could tell that a storm was approaching. Something even more terrorizing than them was coming, so they stopped coveting the academy and decided to run.

Ancestors in the academy began looking around with their heavenly gaze. They have noticed that others have entered this ancient world somehow.

These newcomers were lurking in the crevices of the sky. Perhaps this group included emperors and invincible High Gods.

All in all, they were quietly watching at each and every move of the academy, the minute changes.

These beings were hiding their aura and everything else. They concealed their breath and real faces, using a supreme technique for a monumental change in order to keep their identity a secret.

Ultimately, they found prudence to be the best course of action. The academy was still unfathomable. If it were to survive this disaster, those who have maneuvered against it would certainly face retribution, if their identity were known. This would cause trouble for their sects as well.

The prying ones had members from the hundred races or even alumni of the academy. Thus, it was even more crucial that their identity remained a secret or others would chastise them for such betrayal.

As this group increased in number, the ancestors felt a greater pressure and became serious. Despite their ample resources and foundation, they still couldnt underestimate the enemies. This was an existential crisis.

“Clang!” The crisis gong sounded again and interrupted the serenity.

“All students, return to the fort or face the consequence. Last warning.” The headmaster announced.

The students were rightfully confused because they thought everything was over. The majority returned to safety but of course, some were bold and confident enough to deal with the trouble. Others had nefarious intent because they were aware of the situation and wished to benefit from it.

Nevertheless, a few powerful beings couldnt escape from Jinshengs gaze. He was a bit surprised: “There are a lot of them.”

The academy might not be able to face against so many.

“When an elephant falls down, the ants will come running for a bite.” Li Qiye was unperturbed: “Of course, the elephant might not stay down forever to be a meal. The last one smiling is yet to be decided.”

“Will a twelve-will emperor come?” Jinsheng said with a tinge of apprehension.

Who in this world wouldnt fear these beings at the apex? They were the deciding force of many conflicts.

“Yes.” Li Qiye smiled: “The question is who? It wont be fun if one doesnt come though.”

Jinsheng was shocked to hear this comment.

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