Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 674: Draco-Bulls Leaving The Water

They were no different than ants under the Stagnation Domain and couldnt resist at all.

“Your turn now.” Li Qiye told Six-sword who was still struggling.

Because Rumination and Freesky tried to stop Li Qiye, Six-sword had time to run farther away. Alas, he couldnt make it out of the domain so his bones were still cracking; his body on the verge of crumbling.

Li Qiye simply activated his physique for a bit, resulting in a faint flash. In this split second, the power of the domain surged and the young king immediately fell down. The six swords protecting him shattered into countless pieces.

His body was being crushed to a pulp with blood flowing everywhere.

“My, my father is an eleven-totem High God!” The always-arrogant youth felt fear, standing before deaths door.

“I know, and?” Li Qiye leisurely said.

“Crack!” The prince was virtually a pile of meat right now but he was still alive.

“Father, save me!” In this crucial moment, he thought that only his father would be able to save him.

“Buzz!” A sacred light came out of his broken forehead. A mighty figure appeared that looked like a mountain towering behind him.

The figure had nine swords with powerful divinity belonging to the high heaven. Their murderous intents were impressive as well.

People shuddered after seeing this – a High God was strong indeed.

“Father!” Six-sword celebrated loudly.

“Nine-sword High God!” Others cried out as well.

Of course, this was not the High God himself, only a blessing of protection embedded in his son. Six-sword was much luckier compared to Freesky and Rumination in this regard. Though their sects were strong, their emperors couldnt bless them like the High God since it required great power and effort.

Six-sword was the High Gods son so it didnt matter what he does. In the end, his father would still love him so the High God gave him this protection in case of fatal danger.

This protection was enough to go against a four or five-totem High God. More importantly, because it came from him, most people would show some consideration and give him face.

After all, even the majority of emperors would do this regardless of what his son had done. Not too many could actually take on a god with eleven totems.

“Fellow Daoist, everyone makes mistakes, will you spare my child?” The avatar spoke.

Everyone held their breath and waited for Li Qiye to answer. An avatar this might be, one would still find it difficult to refuse this polite request.

“No mercy.” Li Qiye answered flatly.

“Fellow Daoist, you leave me with no choice.” The avatar could sense danger and unsheathed its nine swords. Murderous intent oozed out with a severing sharpness and chill-inducing presence.

“Ignorant fool.” Li Qiye simply reached forward to unleash the explosive Myriad Dao Fist.

His palm became resplendent and illuminated the world with the power of the Indestructible Diamond Fist as well.

The slash struck his palm causing sparks to scatter everywhere. Alas, not even the smallest wound was left behind.

Li Qiye closed his palm and captured both the swords and the avatar.

“Die!” The avatar roared and wanted to kill its way out while holding Six-sword.

Alas, everything about it was dark beneath the palm. The suppression was dimming the avatar.

“Boom!” Eventually, the nine swords shattered and same with the avatar. It broke apart into a rain of light.

“No!” At the last second, the young king screamed but it was useless because no one else could save him if even his fathers avatar had failed. “Pop!” He got rendered into a bloody mist.

In a faraway place, an old man in isolated cultivation immediately stood up and screamed in horror: “Liner!”

The death of his avatar told Nine-sword that his son was now dead.

“Son, I will avenge you regardless of who the opponent might be, Ill turn him to ashes!” His fingernails were digging into his palm from rage. He still couldnt believe someone actually dared to kill the son of an eleven-totem High God!

Meanwhile, the academy was especially quiet. Everyone gasped after seeing this scene. The Three Scions were the most famous geniuses in this semester for being powerful with prestigious backgrounds.

However, Li Qiye killed all three in just a short period. Even Nine-sword couldnt save his son; this teacher was ridiculously ferocious.

The ones who were disrespectful before felt their clothes wet with sweat. They finally realized they have just made a stroll through hell and luckily survived.

Li Qiye was unaffected by the killing and said: “Continue on protecting the important places now.” With that, he slowly left as if nothing has happened.

The students didnt have time to daze around and jumped back into the fray against the beasts.

The waves of beasts were continuous but the academy was mighty enough, leaving mountains of corpses by the perimeter. None has been able to destroy this defensive line.

The number eventually lessened since they were frightened by the corpses.

“Raaaa!” A gigantic creature fell down from the sky. The sky piercer followed right after and pierced the dragons skull and pinned it to the ground. The mighty dragon was still not South Emperors match.

“Lets go!” South Emperor swung his halberd across the sky and caused torrents of blood to spill. He was simply unstoppable regardless of the beast he was facing.

Eventually, all the beasts immediately ran the moment they saw him and the trail of blood behind.

“So fierce.” A student murmured after seeing the emperors rampage: “Hes probably more brutal than Virtuous.” [1]

1. Ren Sheng had been changed to Virtuous

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