Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 645: Laying Bare

While grabbing a handful of these twelve-dao leaves, it was akin to holding the runes of the dao within ones palm – a magical sensation.

More and more students salivated and gulped. Not to mention a handful like that, just one leaf was more than enough for them.

A five-dao leaf could bring one back from near-death or save them from qi deviation. Just how amazing would a twelve-dao leaf be then?

The students could imagine that these leaves could empower their grand dao and give it an affinity from the origin. It wouldnt necessarily boost ones cultivation directly, but it could certainly chase away the clouds so others could see the true profundity – quite an amazing harvest.

For an example, someone tried hard to understand an imperial law. With the help of this leaf, their mind would suddenly become much better, blessed with greater comprehension. In just one night, they could understand the profundity of this law.

Thus, one could see the leaves preciousness and Li Qiye had a whole bunch right now.

He looked at the leaves and smiled: “Good tea requires a good pot, good water, and good wood. Oh, right, the academy should have all of this.”

“Right you are, Young Noble.” A crisp and transcending voice came about. A girl was standing among the clouds with incomparable beauty.

“Teacher Qianxuan!” The students were surprised. She was the embodiment of infatuation and admiration due to having both looks and skills. Even a great genius like Freesky Young Lord felt his mind wavering.

She was definitely the prettiest teacher in the academy. In terms of background, even Freesky was not a match for her. She was also unfathomable and no one knew how strong she was.

“Brew a pot.” Li Qiye smiled and said.

“Ill go grab them from the academy.” Qianxuan smiled and flashed into disappearance.

She left quickly and returned just as fast.

“Come in now.” Li Qiye released the grand dao in his palm. It became a bridge spanning from the ridge all the way to the group.

Mei Suyao, Qianxuan, and Jinsheng started walking on it towards the tree.

Qianxuan placed a bunch of things down – a jade table with chairs before starting a fire… She became quite busy right away.

Jinsheng and Suyao were helping so it didnt take long until everything was settled. Li Qiye, on the other hand, didnt show any reservation and just sat down in the center seat.

“The old geezers from the academy like drinking good tea.” He looked at the items and said: “Deepstar Wood is amazing for tea brewing, especially in combination with this Immortal Bronze Cauldron. Only top tea leaves are worthy of being brewed in these things.”

“And this Celestial Violet Immortal tea set.” Qianxuan smiled: “Grandpa Mo heard that you wanted to drink so he especially gave up his favorite. Normally, he cant bear to use them, only for rare occasions with the Grand Dao Tea.”

The students who were listening shuddered after hearing this. Grandpa Mo was the longest tenured teacher at the academy and had taught gods and emperors before. Few saw him on a day to day basis.

“Ill handle the tough works, you two ladies just need to brew.” Jinsheng pulled up his sleeves and took out an axe to chop the Deepstar Wood.

A while later, Qianxuan and Suyao prepared the cauldron and lit up the fire to brew the tea.

At the same time, Li Qiye leaned back on his chair with his eyes closed, seemingly asleep.

The wood was being chopped into thin slices in accordance with the starry lines on them. This was a master at work.

Meanwhile, Qianxuan was controlling the cauldron while Suyao was in charge of the fire. The two of them acted quite natural and leisure, not offended by the menial work.

People didnt pay much attention to Jinsheng since the two girls were present. They became quite envious. One was the prettiest teacher while the other the prettiest student. Both were brewing tea for Li Qiye.

However, the true masters would be watching Jinsheng instead. Alas, there werent that many of them in the world. The ones that could see through the old man would be astounded that such a powerful High God was chopping wood for Li Qiye.

Jinsheng didnt complain or feel bad about doing this either. This would make these masters even more astonished.

The wood was now being burned in the cauldron and exuded starry glimmers. It was as if stars have fallen from the sky into this cauldron.

The cauldron emitted a bronze luster with metallic specks of dust falling down. They issued a very pleasant noise as they fluttered with the wind.

Inside the cauldron was an amazing type of water. As the temperature went up, the water jumped and flowed as if it had life. Steam billowed and one could faintly see a wondrous world within.

“Spirit Celestial Water from the Celestial Well of the academy.” Jinsheng who was still chopping commented with a tinge of emotion.

The students salivated again. Though they have never seen this water, they have certainly heard of it.

It was well known that the academy had an old well. The water within was the finest, capable of calming the mind and expelling evil on top of purifying the myriad dao.

Unfortunately, not just anyone was qualified to see this well. The students didnt have the privilege to enjoy this water.

But now, this group was using it to brew tea? It was an immensely wasteful matter. Such a lavish act truly made others grind their teeth in anger.

A while later, the tea fragrance permeated the air like a dragon and phoenix issuing their cries.

The teapot was also the best of the best. It exuded flashing violet lights coming from the upper firmaments as if it belonged to an immortal.

Not to mention the twelve-dao leaves, every item here were the finest. Just seeing the visual phenomena made this very apparent even to the unaware.

Just a quick sniff of this fragrance made others think that they were inside a land of immortals. It lingered at the tip of the nose like a comforting dream. It filled up ones grand dao and gave the feeling of ascension.

The students forgot about keeping up with appearance, leaving their mouth wide open with drool coming out.

Qianxuan personally poured a cup and handed it to Li Qiye: “Young Noble, you have surely drunk amazing teas before, Im still adept at brewing, so please dont laugh.”

Li Qiye took a sip and said with a smile: “True, it can be improved.”

This rendered the crowd speechless. To be served by Qianxuan was the blessing of three lifetimes. But now, he gave such a mediocre review? Thats just too much to take.

He finished the cup and concluded: “Its not bad but far from being the best in this world. Everyone, have a sip.”

The other three had their own cup. Qianxuan said: “It is thanks to you that Ill be able to taste a twelve-dao tea. This is a kind of fortune.”

Jinsheng respectfully bowed towards Li Qiye: “Thank you for the tea, Young Noble.”

Contrary to the other two, Mei Suyao was very nonchalant because she has been with him for a long time now.

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