Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 634: Immortal Emperor Wan Shis Rock

The entire place became quiet right away. More than one hundred students became stupefied watching this scene and couldnt react.

Yao Tings mouth was especially agape. She found Li Qiye to be even more mystifying.

Mei Suyao was certainly the number one beauty in the academy with talents on the same level as Virtuous and Young Monarch. Even Freesky Young Lord and Rumination Godchild paled in comparison.

The students here called her fairy and thought that she was on the same level as Teacher Yu Qianxuan, only weaker in cultivation.

It wouldnt be an exaggeration to call her a goddess in this academy. So many boys fell in love with her on first sight, even a genius like Rumination. The female students were also admiring her; some had stronger feelings than just admiration.

Though everyone knew that Rumination had a crush on her, other geniuses still tried to court her all the same.

She was willing to discuss the dao with other students but she remained cold on the emotional front. Thus, she eventually became an unreachable goddess in the clouds. They all wondered what kind of man would be able to win her favor.

But now, Li Qiye today only looked like a common man yet she was acting so affectionately before everyone. Their relationship was surely special.

No one knew why their goddess would show so much affection towards this stranger. Jealousy naturally aroused in the heart of the male students here. Li Qiye became public enemy number one; even Rumination Godchild scowled.

He was the most annoyed out of everyone here since he got nothing from Mei Suyao despite his effort. But now, this nobody was embracing his goddess to his chagrin. After all the blessings he got from the heaven, he should be completely superior compared to this ugly junior.

The hug lasted for a while before Li Qiye let go and got a careful look at her. He smiled and commented: “You have overcome your mental weakness but not completely. In the competition for the grand dao, humility is not necessarily a virtue – same with wishing to fight! Point your blade at the heaven and thrust! Thats what you need to do!”

“I ’m not a match for you in terms of having a domineering dao.” She smiled charmingly like a young lady.

She rarely revealed such an innocent smile. It was a wondrous appearance, enough to steal the soul of the men and women present.

“You will be just fine, its just that I left an inner-demon in you back then.” With that, Li Qiye released a dao law from his finger.

This silk-like finger entered her forehead with a buzzing noise. In the blink of an eye, her forehead became resplendent with immortal halos. It made her even more transcendent.

The immortal bone in her forehead was the thing exuding this light; it changed her temperament completely.

This strand of dao law also lit up her dao heart like the rays of the sun. It chased away the dust and confusion, allowing her to jump and fly unrestrained in this vast world.

In the past, she also wanted to reach the apex and exceed everyone else. Alas, after utterly losing to Li Qiye, she found him to be an unsurpassable goal. Thus, ambition seemed meaningless so she lost her goal. It didnt matter how strong she could become; there was no overcoming him.

After Li Qiye opened a path to the tenth world, she began on a new dao and her goal was now to defeat herself instead of competing with others. Nevertheless, there were still remnants of doubts and a lack of confidence in her. Of course, this was when she compared herself to Li Qiye, not anyone else.

Right now, he was helping her overcoming this inner demon. The warm rays poured down and she opened her eyes, much more spirited and beautiful than before just like a peacock spreading its tail. Confidence was the key here – her previous mentality returned with a touch of unyieldingness.

“Thank you for your help, Young Noble.” She took a deep breath and could sense a different dao containing her image.

“It is because of your own effort.” Li Qiye stroke her hair and smiled: “You have been moving forward all along and able to overcome your mental weakness or no one would have been able to help you. I simply lit up the lamp so that you can see yourself and the road ahead.”

Suyao found it comfortable and happy to be around Li Qiye. He always knew her thoughts and acted as a guiding light forward. As long as he was around, the grand dao might be long but not quite lonely.

Only before him would she show her most beautiful and gentle smile. The crowd was stunned to see this unprecedented beauty. No one has seen her so comfortable before.

She was smiling not for an expert or supreme expert, but this ordinary guy.

Rumination scowled before standing up while cupping his fist towards Suyao then asked with a smile: “Fairy Mei, who is this Fellow Daoist? Will you introduce us?”

He thought that he was being a gentleman right now. Normally, he wouldnt give a guy like this a second glance.

Suyao grabbed Li Qiyes arm in an intimate manner then smilingly stared at him, waiting for him to respond instead.

Li Qiye looked at Rumination and smiled: “Just a passerby, no need to say.”

With that, he came up to Yao Ting and waved his hand in front of her: “Lets go, dont just stand there looking silly now.”

Yao Ting looked a bit embarrassed since she was completely frozen earlier. She then followed the other two.

“My, my name is Yao Ting from Hundred Halls.” She never expected to be able to stand so close to Suyao one day.

After all, Hundred Halls and Imperial Mansion were separated by a great distance. The majority of students from the mansion would come out to be High Gods or emperors. Anything less would be quite shameful.

“Sister Ting must be extraordinary to earn the Young Nobles grace. Your future is looking bright.” Mei Suyao greeted back.

Being praised by Mei Suyao made her feel strange. In fact, she didnt even know why Li Qiye seemed to like her but she could sense his concerns and protective nature towards her.

Of course, she didnt think that he liked her for her looks or talents. This only added to the overall confusion.

As the three were descending down the peak. A group of people was waiting and stopped them.

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