Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 609: Shi Hao

Li Qiye was quite amused after his stroll in the city. The old tofu maker was quite impressive in his deed – not disadvantaging himself while not taking from nature at the same time. Other emperors couldnt replicate his accomplishment.

Of course, the theory was simple but carrying it out was a different story. Li Qiye didnt try to copy his state because he had a different pursuit.

As he was about to leave the city, someone caught up to him.

“Senior.” A pleasant voice rang again – the woman who came to visit the old man rose to the sky where he was floating.

Li Qiye was naturally still taking his time. If he truly wanted to cross the planes, there was no way for the woman to catch up.

“My name is Yu Qianxuan, it is my pleasure to meet you, Senior. Please excuse my ignorance, will you tell me how to properly address you?” The woman bowed respectfully and asked.

She came to visit the old tofu maker at the beseech of her senior. After seeing Li Qiye, she was aware that he was an incredible being, perhaps an amazing emperor.

Alas, she racked her brain and couldnt pinpoint him to an existing emperor. Nevertheless, she didnt dare to be disrespectful because he seemed to be on the same level as the old man.

Li Qiye looked at her and chuckled: “Im only an idle passerby, not an emperor.”

Qianxuan was smart enough not to pry. An existence of this level naturally had his reason for walking in the mortal world.

“I have only made my dao debut recently as a teacher in Celestial Academy, so please excuse me for any offense due to my shallow experience.” She said.

Li Qiye smiled: “Quite rare, a seed from the Archaic Repository coming to the academy to be a teacher? Thats quite something since the repository passed down their secrets to you, so why are you at the academy?”

This casual comment made her shudder. Just a single glance was enough for him to see through her identity as if she was completely naked, unable to hide anything from his gaze.

“Dear Senior, Im inexperienced so I wish to learn more. The academy was kind enough to let me teach there. To tell you the truth, Im afraid that I wont be a good teacher to the students there.” She said sincerely.

Li Qiye was amused: “Though the academy is unfathomable, your repository isnt inferior at all. Your presence at the academy is quite interesting, indeed.”

A simple remark revealing everything. She felt a cold chill and found this ordinary-looking man to be terrifying. She no longer dared to talk.

“Forget it, Im just spewing things, no need to mind me. I have deep ties with your ancestors. Is your sect doing fine?” Li Qiye stopped making it hard for her.

“Thank you for asking, Senior. Our sect is well.” She hurriedly said.

“If Min Ren was around, the repository could look down on the thirteen continents and the Qian Clan and Celestial Court wouldnt be the top powers right now.” Li Qiye sighed wistfully.

The fact that Li Qiye said, “Min Ren”, shocked the soul out of her.

Her sect was the strongest imperial lineage in Arrogance outside of special ones like the academy. Few sects around these parts would dare to challenge them.

Created by Immortal Emperor Min Ren, it had a total of seven emperors. Immortal Emperor Tun Ri and Immortal Emperor Qian Yu joined later on on top of another five emperors produced later. This was quite a rare achievement.

The most exceptional thing was naturally their pillar, Immortal Emperor Min Ren. He resembled a majestic and unreachable peak, forever indomitable.

An emperor once said that wherever Immortal Emperor Min Ren stood, that place was immovable. He was a monster during Emperor Hunt, stopping the members of the three races. He was certainly strong enough to take on World Emperor too!

During that prosperous era, the Ancient Repository was the pearl pagoda of the human race. As long as it remained standing, it could show the way for the humans and gave them hope.

This was Yu Qianxuans sect. Her status within was mysterious as well but ultimately, just the fact that she was a member was enough to show her prestige.

In theory, it was enough for her to stay there but for some reasons, she decided to teach at the Celestial Academy? This was indeed worth musing over.

She was still in a daze as Li Qiye stated nonchalantly: “However, the academy is indeed a good place, a cradle for the hundred races. Min Ren has also spent some time there, so being a teacher in that place does not besmirch your status.”

“Right you are, Senior. The academy is boundless – just to understand and learn a little bit there will be a lifetime of benefits.” She quickly answered.

The words werent completely exaggerated since it was indeed the truth. Many emperors from the hundred races have spent time at the academy.

“No need to call me Senior all the time.” He looked at her and said: “Look at how young I am? You are making me seem old by using that address repeatedly, call me Young Noble instead. Thats more fitting of someone as handsome and elegant such as myself.”

“Uh…” She was speechless and didnt know what to do. After reaching a certain power level, age didnt matter from an external appearance perspective.

There was no doubt that this existence has lived for a long time. She assumed that he should be stately and act in a fitting manner.

Thus, his words and gestures were completely opposite to her expectation; they should come from someone of his level.

Young Noble.” She listened and after speaking, she found it to be much more intimate.

“May I ask where you are going?” She grew bolder because he was much more easy-going and approachable than expected.

In her mind, there must be an earth-shattering purpose for his appearance in the mortal world.

“Just a casual stroll. Oh right, didnt you say earlier, the academy is boundless, so as someone who is behind the time, I also want to take a trip there to learn for a bit, read a couple more books and use more ink. Im sure itll be good for me.”

Of course, this wasnt his real purpose in coming to the academy.

She had no response to this and only smiled wryly. If someone like Li Qiye wanted to learn more at the academy, then juniors like them should just hang themselves.

“When you enter the academy, Young Noble, everyone else will learn from you.” She ended up speaking.

Who would dare to teach someone like Li Qiye? Even the strongest and most knowledgeable teacher there would only be a student before him – a being of the emperor level.

“Teaching, huh?” He was slightly emotional while recalling the distant past. He had indeed done something like this before at the academy.

“Its not a bad idea.” He smiled and said: “Eating and sleeping for free at the academy there, hmm, that doesnt look good. Very well, I will teach for two days, Im sure that will be fun. Go tell the old geezers about it.”

She was completely stunned this time since she thought he was only playing around, not actually coming to the academy.

“Will that be okay?” She spoke with uncertainty.

“Go, tell the geezers that I want to stay in a study room and teach whenever. Oh, also tell them not to disturb me.” He gently waved his hand.

She bowed deeply, not daring to show any slight: “I will immediately go back and tell the seniors.”

This matter was surely not so simple but she didnt dare to pry and immediately followed his order.

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