Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 592: Invincible Headless Man

Just imagine the wondrous powers of these fallen dark overlords. As Samsara harvested their power, his own darkness filled the world once more with an eruption of might.

The group couldnt stop his harvest since Samsara was the source of darkness. He was simply recalling what belongs to him. It was truly too easy; the powers were made from his own laws. The only way to stop him was to kill him.

“Not good…” The crowd became unrest again.

Li Qiyes group worked hard to regain the initiative but now, Samsara has seized it back with a chance to retaliate.

“Sacred Teacher, your student is late!” In the blink of an eye, a boat came over on the river of time and instantly steered into the wildland.

On this wooden boat was a person with humbled clothing. His eyes were extremely profound, a pair of yin yang eyes. They could deliver people to the other side or grant salvation to the dead.

His aura was the opposite of his simple clothing – extremely impressive. Not only did he have the presence of an invincible Immortal Emperor, more importantly, it also looked as if he came from another world. He could walk among the mortals and travel through the nether realm.

“Another emperor from the nine worlds, Immortal Emperor Ming Du this time!” The masters were startled to see him.

“Boom!” He didnt enter the area of the altar but rather, he stopped in the vicinity and shouted: “Open!”

His hand pushed down on the world while deriving the myriad laws. Another imperial path was created, forcefully dragging a world into existence and pressed it down on the wildland.

This was an empty expanse of a world, not belonging to light or darkness. Figures wandered in this world contained in a grand momentum. A stench of death permeated this gloomy and cold world. There was no trace of life.

The emergence of this world instantly isolated the wildland and Samsaras connection with the power of darkness. He couldnt harvest this affinity any longer.

The abrupt pause in the harvest allowed the surviving overlords, scared out of their mind, to drill into the deepest part of the earth, not daring to show their face any longer. Not only did Samsara grievously wound them, he also nearly drained them of all power.

The masters were creeped out by this world. It wasnt one of darkness but it looked like the realm of the dead – as if everyone would come here after death and there was no returning.

“Is that the underworld?” An ancestor murmured.

In fact, no one could give a definite answer outside of Immortal Emperor Ming Du.

He was a very special Immortal Emperor. Though he was indeed from the nine worlds, he didnt belong to any race from there.

An emissary of death he was, a traveler between the mortal and nether world. Of course, who knows if this was the truth?

Samsara wasnt alarmed after being separated from his power source and didnt try to absorb anything again. He chuckled and looked at the emperor: “How interesting, not belonging to this epoch yet could still reach the dao. A path worth replicating and researching, indeed.”

He turned towards Saint and said: “Old friend, today has been too much fun. Our epoch has been quiet for so long, I guess it is due.”

“This excitement is to send you and me away.” Saint coldly said.

“That doesnt sound bad at all.” Samsara smiled: “It will be a magnificent and lively death. Its better to be sent away by the enemies than to die a lonely death.”

“Then hand over your life.” Saint didnt waste words and stared at Samsara in an emotionless manner. Though the two were familiar in a sense, their personalities were strikingly different.

If Samsara was a living person, Saint was a strand of law.

Samsara was a heartless murder and subjected all the beings in his epoch to eternal damnation. A devil he was, the start of darkness. However, strangely enough, he gave off a friendly aura. If one were to stay with him without knowing the circumstances, they would find him to be a nice companion.

This wasnt the case for Saint. He upheld his principles more than anything. When he was in action, he was as sharp as a sword. This made people fear him, not daring to get closer.

It wasnt to say that he was overly harsh. Alas, he had buried his heart in order to fortify it so he looked quite cold as a result. The ultimate power is emotionless, and so was Saint!

Of course, this didnt mean Samsara was a merciful person. He was naturally cruel and emotionless when devouring the eras without any hesitation.

“Old friend, I have returned to my peak right now, I dont think you can kill me anymore.” Samsara chuckled.

“Try this then.” Saints sword aimed straight for Samsaras origin with a blinding light.

“Im aware that you want to sever my origin.” Samsara said: “But its not like I dont have a plan for it. Youre not my match when it is just us two, but since you have help today, I have no choice but to let you see my method. Its a shame that life led us down to this. Goodbye old friend, having an opponent like you made my life colorful, you are worthy of my respect.” Samsara sincerely stared at Saint and said.

“Boom!” Suddenly, he exploded completely, even his origin.

This was completely out of the blue for Saint. His cold eyes slightly batted.

The rest of the spectators was astounded as well. Detonating his own origin? This was simply suicidal.

However, this detonation didnt result in a massive explosion. On the other hand, the ancestor turned into exquisite streams of darkness, quietly flowing into time back to the start of the wildland.

Though it seemed slow, the flowing speed was actually crossing through many eras in this epoch.

Finally, this darkness had incorporated itself into the epoch. The time flow was actually full of light earlier, but after the fusion, it turned dark like squid ink.

“Old friend, Im no longer around, but Ill be one with our epoch.” Samsaras voice echoed from the epoch, seemingly coming from a distant age.

He destroyed his own origin but had also managed to fuse with the wildland epoch. It made it impossible for Saint to truly destroy him.

“Time for you to leave.” Saint turned towards Li Qiye from the future and said.

This future being nodded at him: “Goodbye, my friend. Its time to end this.” He let out a sigh afterward.

With that, he turned and left on the river of time since he wasnt actually back in the wildland epoch. In the end, he disappeared on the other end, back to the future.

“Lets end this.” Saints gaze became sharp with his radiating holy light.

“Poof!” His body and all of the light ignited, resulting in a brighter and more powerful blaze.

“Rumble!” The entire river of time quaked. Endless holy flames were illuminating the past, present, and future.

It was pushing away the darkness in every corner of time. Though darkness still existed, so did the light, even in the darkest of hours.

This flame continued to flow along time itself, affecting the beings from each era.

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