Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 560: Di Zuo Waits For The Battle

Everyone was aware of Jin Ges ambition as he pulled down the maelstrom. He wanted to shoulder four wills at once.

Just taking one was quite difficult, even for a genius. It required an amazing method on top of possessing sufficient power.

“Rumble!” The wills inside the maelstrom being dragged down were resisting by flowing upward. After all, they belonged to the heaven and earth. Forcibly taking them required more effort.

Though Jin Ge was qualified to shoulder them, he still needed to experience this arduous process.

“Rumble!” Wills inside the maelstrom started jumping out and returned back to the world with a resonating noise.

They resembled dragons jumping out of the pond and finally joining the vast oceans. It was quite a magnificent spectacle.

In a short time, only four wills were left in the maelstrom. This wasnt strange at all since no one could take more than four at a time. It was already amazing for Jin Ge to use his own grand dao and hold back four wills.

“Is he doing it?” As the two maelstroms approached each other, everyone held their breath.

The army and ancestors were tense but they didnt forget their duty. They were more vigilant now than ever because an ambush now would ruin all of their efforts.

The princess truly desired to watch her husbands ascension but she remembered her responsibility. Her eyes were fixated on the coordinates in the sky in order to avoid an attack. Nevertheless, her eyes still stopped on him just for a split second. After all, this was the most important moment in his life.

“Boom!” The maelstrom with the four wills trembled for a bit. The four became quite resplendent and hot. They didnt wish to be restrained by Jin Ge and also tried to jump back into the world.

“Lock!” In this key moment, Jin Ge used his supreme grand dao to lock the four wills.

“Clank! Clank! Clank!” Thick laws appeared in the maelstrom in the form of chains and covered the four wills in multiple layers.

“Rumble!” The wills didnt yield so easily and struggled. They grew into the size of mountain ranges.

“Lock!” Jin Ge roared again and added more energy. The chains were covering the wills on one end and his own body on the other end.

He had firmly tightened himself and the wills together, swearing to never give up until success.

“Crack!” Breaking noises occurred. The two sides continued their contest.

Due to the tightness of the chains, his supreme grand dao in the form of the maelstrom had cracks all around it. His body was affected too with blood all over the place.

This made the crowd even more nervous. The princess was truly worried but she needed to maintain her watch!

“Just let go of one then, three wills shouldnt be a problem with him but four is too much.” A few High Gods had this thought.

“Rumble!” Jin Ge was now channeling all of his vitality for recovery purposes. The cracks on the maelstrom and his body were mending together.

In the recesses of the sky, the clans four Grand Emperors were concerned too. Alas, they needed to watch out for an ambush.

There was no way for them to help since the candidates needed to do so themselves without external help. Otherwise, it wouldnt be that difficult to become an emperor.

The struggle waged on between Jin Ge and the four wills. As time passed, his vitality was greatly depleted. If this went on, the pale youth wouldnt be able to handle it for much longer.

The four emperors started to think about convincing Jin Ge to give up one of the wills. There was no need to grab all four. Meanwhile, the ancestors and the army felt their heart hanging by their throat while quietly praying for Jin Ge.

“Boom!” The four wills finally yielded under his persistent attempt and stopped trying to escape.

The two maelstroms finally came together, resulting in a deafening explosion.

The world and the myriad realms trembled. Jin Ge finally pulled his supreme grand dao back into his body. The four wills were stored in his palaces.

A boundless imperial aura rushed to the sky. Flames erupted from his body like countless volcanoes. Everyone could feel this new aura.

It was a declaration of a new Grand Emperor, the second of this generation!

“Clank!” His laws transformed into imperial laws, giving him a massive boost in prestige. Others couldnt help themselves from wanting to prostrate.

“He did it!” The army crazily roared; some were even driven into tears. They hugged each other in jubilation.

“Grand Emperor!” Many experts kneeled before Jin Ges aura to welcome the new emperor.

Jin Ges flame slowly converged back into his body. With a buzz, his eyes poured out a light capable of creating a new world.

They were extremely profound, capable of deriving everything in this world. This was a monumental change in his very being, allowing him to escape the manacles of the dao!

The princess was elated and flew over to hug him with tears in her eyes: “You finally did it!”

“Half of this is thanks to you.” Jin Ge hugged her tightly.

Many were amazed and in awe by this imperial couple.

Jilin Princess and the others on Eternal also saw his flame sweeping through the world. They were overwhelmed with emotions like the rest.

“Four wills at once, hes worthy of his fame as a genius.” Even the proud Wu Fengying had to admit Jin Ges greatness.

Shi Hunlin added: “Yes, Jin Ge is an incredible person, not just because of his talents but also his firm dao heart. Others would be traumatized after the first ambush, not him. Perhaps he could have become a twelve-will emperor.”

The juniors agreed with this sentiment. Even after losing the first attempt, Jin Ge still got four on this second one. It showed his heaven-defying power.

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