Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 543: Tian Lunhuis Strength

“Activate!” The young emperor shouted and formed a mudra. His imperial aura erupted with echoing laws.

“Rumble!” Nonstop explosions detonated as the imperial banner poured down chaos energy. It engulfed the entire area.

“Clank.” These universal dao laws twisted together to form the formation of a Grand Emperor.

“Buzz.” The nailed banner also spewed out a radiance resembling a reversed waterfall. It wasnt flowing out for no reason but gathered instead to form a circle of light encompassing the majority of the mountain range, locking them inside.

The others didnt dare to get close to this particular barrier. After all, no one wanted to provoke an emperor, especially one as arrogant as Wildlad. The other emperors might not be too critical towards juniors, but this wasnt the case here. Wildlad Heaven Emperor would definitely take action the moment he found someone annoying.

Because of his personality, some quietly criticized him for being the most inelegant and close-minded emperor.

“Break!” The emperor was fixated on one peak and made his move. A dazzling golden fist came slamming just like a meteor.

Devastating blasts resounded and the peak collapsed with boulders rolling down to the nearby stream from just one attack. One could see a cave beneath everything. It was as dark as black, just like a pathway towards hell.

On the fringe of the cave were many ancient runes, seemingly from an older era. Perhaps they were used to seal this cave.

Alas, too much time has passed so the runes have lost their power. Under the attack of the young emperor, the runes and the seal were blown away.

Cold gales blew by from the pitch-black cave, causing people to shudder. It looked like a primordial beast opening its bloody mouth, capable of devouring any existence instantly.

Though they couldnt see the exact situation in the cave, intuition told them that there was something monstrous inside, hence their fear.

“Come out, primordial beast!” The young emperor shouted with great spirit. He was indeed very good-looking, one of the finest lads of a generation. His current excitement only boosted his charm even further. Alas, he was lacking the calmness and vision that an emperor should have.

After his shout, a pair of eyes suddenly opened in the dark and made the crowd gasp in response. They were flashing with a red glow just like blood.

The spectators felt a cold chill as if this beast was prowling on them. Before they knew it, they seemed to have become preys.

“Clank.” Heavy clunking noises came about as if something were pulling on some big chains.

Next were immense footsteps that made the area tremble. Just one stomp could probably destroy a mountain.

Finally, a beast crawled out of the cave. It was covered in black scales just like a dragon. However, they were covered with wisps of black smoke and lacked the same draconic aura.

It consisted of a skull with a series of bone spurs growing from the top down its spine. These long spurs were quite terrifying, especially its blinding whiteness, seemingly capable of piercing through the heart at any moment.

This serpent-creature slithered around despite having four dog-like legs. Its tail resembled an alligator but the weirdest feature was its large and heavy ears, just like an elephant.

It crawled slowly out of the cave, one step at a time, as if it was struggling. This was due to four extremely thick iron chains made from unknown metals that would occasionally glow.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” The strange beast left behind deep footprints on the broken ground while pulling out the chains.

In the beginning, everyone thought that the beast was being imprisoned by the chains but after more creaking noise, it seemed that it was pulling something quite heavy.

“What is that?” The dragging noise further down the cave confirmed this notion.

All eyes were back on the cave, even the emperor was gazing at it intensely. He wanted to peer through the void in order to see the item in the dark.

“Creak!” People finally saw the thing on the other side of the chains. It looked like a bronze coffin at first but upon closer inspection, it was just a large chest.

“Just a bit more to take it out!” The emperor was ecstatic to see this object.

For some unknown reasons, the young emperor didnt want to step inside the cave or to personally pull on that chest.

“Creak.” A sharp grind came to a halt. The coffin was so close to getting out but the beast seemed to have lost all its power so the coffin dropped back down to the cave.

“Rawr!” The beast howled and strengthened its grip on the ground. With rambunctious noises of stones and debris, four deep claw marks were left behind.

It finally stabilized the chest, stopping it from dropping before continuing on the initial trajectory. Alas, it was still futile. The coffin was being pulled around inside the cave but looked like it had no intention of leaving.

The young emperor became quite tense while watching the struggle of the beast after several successive failures.

However, he couldnt help it at all, clearly not wanting to go close to the cave due to having some scruples.

Everyone became curious about what was inside the bronze chest. In their eyes, the young emperor came especially for it. What was worth an emperor creating this much commotion?

“Boom!” The beast continued to fail since the chest was resisting and sliding back into the cave.

The emperors eyes turned cold. He waved his sleeve and recalled the banner to open the barrier meant to stop other emperors from stealing his treasure.

“Fill your stomach and gain strength!” He shouted at the beast.

“Rawr!” The beast seemed to understand him and howled back.

Next, before everyone could react, the beast opened its mouth and its red tongue shot out.

“Ah!” Miserable screams sounded. The tongue pierced through the chest of an expert far away and sucked all of his vitality, leaving only bones left.

“Poof! Poof! Poof!” The tongue actually split into smaller ones like a bunch of tentacles in the blink of an eye.

“Ahhh!” More screams echoed across the mountain range.

These tentacles began to slay one expert after another and draining them of their life force.

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