Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 538: Long Zuntian

Wu Qis group continued to search but there was nothing here outside of mud and soil.

“Sigh, it would be so nice if I could take that spear.” Wu Qi swallowed his saliva while looking at the spear created from eleven wills.

“In your dream.” Shi Hunlin shook his head: “This type of destruction is untouchable since its the ultimate move of an emperor before death. It contained the might of the Heavens Wills, the emperors might and intent to fight to the very end. This is the most stubborn of all intents, not to mention us, even a twelve-will emperor wants no part of it. The karma of this thing is too much, or someone would have come here to bury the emperor. No one can touch this ultimate murderous attack, thats why the emperors corpse is still here.” He gently sighed at this point.

An eleven-will emperor was highly respected and had his own descendants. Alas, no one had given him a proper burial in the present day. It wasnt because his children were unfilial but because they were powerless in doing so.

The group stared at the emperor again and felt great remorse for the pitiful end of this once-great being.

“Rumble!” Suddenly, an imperial aura ravaged the world.

A resplendent great path paved out across the sky just like a bridge as if it was made from divine Crimsonflame Metal.

“Boom!” A person walked across this path. Each step shattered the nearby laws.

It was a youth seemingly younger than even Wu Qi, around fifteen to sixteen-year-old. Alas, he had a surging imperial aura with the crown of an emperor.

He had three longswords on his back. They were exuding massive energy with three thousand dao floating around each of them, seemingly capable of upholding three thousand worlds. Though the swords were sheathed, they still gave off the feeling that one slash from them could cut through everything.

Each of his steps was enough to crush the world, rendering others out of breath. The weaker cultivators would drop to their knees instantly upon seeing him.

This was a real Grand Emperor but more astonishingly enough, he was here in person, not a dao avatar!

The presence of an emperor made the spectators silly. But strangely enough, this emperor didnt hide his imperial aura at all. He let it run wild and ravaged the world in an arrogant manner; it gave everyone a negative impression of him.

Though emperors were invincible, many didnt have this type of attitude. They were as calm as a mountain.

This certainly wasnt the case for this particular one. He was domineering and spirited, doing whatever he wants without any scruple.

“Oh mother, who is that genius? A Grand Emperor at such a young age? Thats heaven-defying, how come I havent heard about this imperial bestowment recently?” Wu Qi shouted and said.

“Thats Wildlad Heaven Emperor, not one from this generation.” Shi Hunlin looked at the emperor traveling away from them and said: “After so many years, he is still as arrogant as before. No improvement in his character.”

“Wildlad? Ive never heard of this Grand Emperor.” Wu Qi became curious.

“Bam!” Wu Fengying slapped his neck again and gave him a mean glare: “Thats because you ran off and played while father was teaching us about the history of the emperors in Pure.”

“Wildlad is the most famous Grand Emperor in Pure, forever recorded in the historical annals. He shouldered the Heavens Will at thirty years of age, thats quite an accomplishment?”

“Holy crap, at thirty? Thats a supreme genius then, he must be an eleven-will Grand Emperor?” Wu Qi was shocked.

“No, he only has one will.” Shi Hunlin shook his head in amusement.

“What?” Wu Qi almost got drowned by his saliva after hearing this. He eventually regained his wits and said: “Senior, are you kidding me? A Grand Emperor at thirty is peerless. Even the emperors from our citadel cant match that. How could there be an emperor with only one will in this world? No way.”

Remember that emperors had three chances to shoulder the Heavens Will. For example, someone as talentless as Holy Emperor still had three wills. Thus, how could this genius only end up with one?

“Thats why hell always be remembered in history as an unprecedented and unreplicable emperor with twelve palaces but only one will. Im pretty sure no one has accomplished this before, not just limited to Pure but all thirteen continents.”

Wu Qi was slack-jawed from hearing this: “Twelve palaces but only one will? Thats, thats so illogical.”

“Mortal Reversion Ancient God ordered for his death, is that true?” Fengying asked a different question. She was aware of the emperors tales.

“Yes, Mortal Reversion Ancient God gave that order which led to the current situation, a unique marvel across the ages. Its already amazing that he is still alive right now.” Hunlin happily explained.

“Well, what had actually happened? Senior, tell me already.” Wu Qi felt the curious bug biting him.

“Hmph, its your fault for sneaking out during the history lessons.” Fengying glared at him again to which he only responded with an awkward smile.

Shi Hunlin didnt mind at all. He found a place to sit down and elaborated: “Wildlad was an amazing genius from an imperial lineage with three emperors. He showed incredible talents at a young age. It wouldnt be an exaggeration to say that Jin Ge and Virtuous would be completely overshadowed by him.”

“To that extent?” Wu Qi was shocked. Both Jin Ge and Virtuous were top talents in the contemporary but they were still inferior to him? Only the word devilish could be used to describe his talents then.

“At the tender age of ten, he finished cultivating all the merit laws of his three Grand Emperors. At fifteen, he was simply untouchable. Yea, you tell me.” Hunlin said.

“So devilish!” Wu Qi had to admit.

“Everything went smoothly for the emperor since he was unstoppable even before shouldering the Heavens Will. Opponents were easily defeated, those from the same generations couldnt compete at all. As for the older experts, he only needed to cultivate for ten days or so before immediately catching up and beating them. Due to his talents and easy path, he became imperious and looked at the world in disdain. His attitude has always been the same, as you can see earlier, arrogant and blatant.” Hunlin shook his head in disapproval.

“Well, can you really blame him? Anyone would act arrogant like that if they were in his shoes. Same for me too.” Wu Qi stated.

“Yes, an easy life is not always a good thing.” Hunlin nodded: “At the age of thirty on the verge of shouldering the Heavens Will, he did have a particular rival but he annihilated this genius and also the guys sect, completely fearless at this moment. In his craziness, he raped a lucky survivor, a human girl, from the sect…”

Hunlin paused for a moment before continuing: “On the second day, he went to obtain the Heavens Wills. This is actually a very tiny, tiny matter but no one expected that this girl had the bloodline of Mortal Reversion Ancient God. She then went to find the Ancient God.”

“Mortal Reversion Ancient God…” Wu Qi said: “From our hundred races, the fourth person in the world to have twelve totems, the pride of the demon race.”

“Yes.” Shi Hunlin confirmed: “Even though her bloodline was very distant from the Ancient God, separated by countless generations, but the Ancient God became furious after finding out and ordered for Wildlads head. Meanwhile, the young emperor had only gotten one Heavens Will. Everyone believed that he could get four this time but the generals under the Ancient God interrupted so he had to give up.”

1. Characters for crazy/arrogant/wild and the one for Young Master. This is a very common title for modern CN novel. For example, Unbeatable ”Wildlad ” or something like that. Lad keeps it short; I tried Wildchild too but that one looks weird. Wildmaster is weird too, missing the age aspect Previous ChapterNext Chapte

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