Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 537: Mysterious Old Pond

The gods under the heaven would be instantly nailed to death by this jade spear. There was no questioning its murderous property.

Even an expert like Jilin Princess or a High God like Shi Hunlin felt their legs weakening while staring at this spear. After seeing the spear, people finally realized where the murderous aura on this battlefield was coming from.

The group took a deep breath. Though this emperor had died for who knows how long now, people still had to look up to him. An instinctive sense of respect would come right away and some would have the urge to prostrate.

“Cycleless Devil Emperor…” Hunlin bowed deeply with great reverence: “An invincible emperor, only to die away from home…”

The rest of the juniors followed suit and bowed emotionally as well. It was shocking for an invincible emperor to die here but the even more astonishing thing was that he still maintained his battle stance.

This pose seemed to be telling the world that he was fighting till the very last second!

There werent that many eleven-will emperors in all of the thirteen continents. Only the top emperors could take someone of this level down. However, his death was certainly proven despite how unbelievable it was.

The princess became sentimental because the strongest in her clan, Nightfall Immortal Monarch also had eleven wills. She was the pride of their clan.

She had never seen Nightfall before but today, the corpse of another eleven-will emperor moved her!

“What the hell killed Cycleless Devil Emperor?” Wu Qi said with trepidation. He found it hard to believe that anyone could take him down.

“A supreme overlord from the old epoch.” Li Qiye said: “It could also be considered the ruler of the Wild Bloods. This battle was incredible and shook the heaven and earth. In the end, the overlord and the emperor took each other down in the last second. The final move of the emperor was to refine his eleven wills into this spear and completely annihilated this overlord, not allowing it to have a reincarnation cycle again.”

The group was stunned to hear this as if they could imagine the wondrous battle again, especially the final move of the devil emperor. They were fixated on the jade spear. In the beginning, they thought that it was an imperial dao weapon. Who would have thought that it was made from eleven wills?

But in turn, this also showed the desperateness of the situation and the might of his foe, necessitating this final choice.

“These Wild Bloods are that strong?” The competitive Wu Fengying was startled as well. So many people wanted to become a powerful emperor, but how many actually made it and gained eleven wills at that?

“This overlord isnt even the strongest one.” Li Qiye said flatly.

“What?!” Wu Qi jumped from fright: “Just what thing is stronger than this one? How much stronger can it be?”

“That depends on which Blood Overlord. If it is the strongest of them all, even a twelve-will emperor would want to stay away!” Li Qiye revealed.

The group was naturally astounded by this sentence. Even Hunlin found it astonishing. In their mind, the top emperors were certainly unbeatable but there were beings that they didnt want to mess with? Just how monstrous were these overlords?

“Well, what are these overlords?” Wu Qi spoke with trepidation: “There are characters even stronger than twelve-will emperors?”

Li Qiye didnt answer; his gaze wandered into the horizon as if he was piercing through time itself.

After a long time, he said slowly after judging the surrounding area: “You all can take a look here. All the Wild Bloods are gone after the battle so there is no danger here. Excavate or whatever and test your luck, see if you can find a thing or two.

“And you, Young Noble?” The princess was surprised.

“Im off to another place.” To which he answered before disappearing into the sky.

“Sigh, this guy, not reliable at all. Leaving us in this place all alone in this central area, what if some monsters come and eat us?” Wu Qi sighed and tried to be funny.

“Pop!” Wu Fengying delivered a slap on the back of his head and glared at him: “Even if you dont open your mouth, no one will think that youre dead.”

“Sis, youre really forgetting about your brother after finding a crush. Youre not anything now but youre already taking his side all the time, what happens once you two are actually married? You wont even look at your little bro at that point.” Wu Qi quietly pouted.

“You! Keep on running your mouth and Ill rip it off!” She shouted with a rosy complexion from both anger and shame.

“Ill stop, Ill stop!” Wu Qis neck tightened from fear and smiled awkwardly.

Shi Hunlin smiled and shook his head after seeing the two siblings: “It is your fortune to be able to follow Young Noble Li. Others dont have this luck. The fact that he even looks out for the two of you might be due to the accumulated karma and blessing of your ancestors.”

“Hehehe, senior, Im curious. Why are you so respectful towards him? Youre still a High God with three totems, a prestigious character no matter where you go. Does he have some big background?” Wu Qi asked.

He was young and carefree so he didnt read deeper into the situation.

“There are countless experts in the world, a minor god like me is nothing, only an ant to a few existences.” Hunlin smiled and said: “But I am not in a position to comment on Young Noble Li. Whats next is up to your own fortune.”

Shi Hunlin didnt wish to talk about a character of this level. Although he didnt know of Li Qiyes identity, Jilin Princess had warned him so he knew that this was a supreme overlord, someone he could only look up to.

“Lets go and test our luck.” The princess smiled and said. She also wanted to change the topic. After all, one shouldnt talk about these overlords. Plus, she wanted to make use of the time and search for their own treasures.

At this moment, they were deep in the wildland. This was either near or the central area. Ordinary experts couldnt reach this place at all. If it wasnt for Li Qiye leading the way, it wouldnt have been a peaceful journey at all.

This place was quite calm because the battle back then was too destructive. All the slumbering Wild Bloods were gone now so it was very safe.

Wu Qi was very excited and searched everywhere. He looked around all the mountains and even pushed up one of them.

“Your Dragon Citadel has plenty of treasures, no need to force it so much.” Shi Hunlin couldnt help but laugh at Wu Qis attempts.

Wu Qi cheerfully smiled back: “Hehehe, senior, you dont get me. The imperial weapons from our sect ultimately belong to our forefathers. Even if I will inherit them one day, it wont be my personal achievement. If I can find something here that can suppress those imperial weapons, it would be a glorious matter, a true feeling of success, and a way to earn real respect.”

“Its nice to be young.” Hunlin cheerfully replied.

Compared to Wu Qi who was trying too hard, Hunlin was leaving it up to fate. He was only casually searching because he knew if there were really treasures in this place, they were waiting for the fated ones. Someone of his level was very aware of karma and fate.

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