Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 389: Lady in Blues Departure

Li Qiye resembled a skillful butcher with his effortless knife technique to the astonishment of the crowd. Even non-experts could tell that Li Qiye was an amazing appraiser. His surgical precision alone could put anyone from the same generation to shame.

Appraisers from the Stone Workshop and the genius appraiser, Li Langxuan, became serious after seeing him at work. They knew that they have met a fellow master.

On the other hand, the princes expression became worse. He assumed that Li Qiye was a novice, not a master of this level.

“Ive never seen a mortal appraiser before.” The majority of cultivators here was in awe.

This was something they have never seen before since it wasnt so easy becoming an appraiser. Normally, cultivators eventually became appraisers after gaining enough experience and understanding of dao materials and fetuses. Of course, the appraisers here were even more shocked. This mortal was a brilliant appraiser.

Li Langxuan felt that this mortal has reached a frightening level of mastery while watching his cutting technique. The crowd held their breath as Li Qiye sliced out another thin layer.

They were aware that the Jilin Clan was absolutely capable of starting a workshop in this place; otherwise, financial ruin was imminent. Thus, the appraisers here were exceptional compared to the rest.

A dao material graded at the White Adornment level should normally produce a White Adornment fetus. Only a negligible number of materials could be mistakenly judged by them.

Li Qiye finally removed the outer layer to reveal the complete fetus. The cutting process was a true test for an appraiser. Any carelessness could damage the fetus inside.

“Its out!” Everyone opened their eyes wider in order to look at the fetus in his palm.

It was a tiny saber that was made from laws woven together. The laws were full of primordial chaos energy as if the saber itself was creating them.

Golden strings appeared within this fetus together with the laws so they emitted a golden glow.

“Its a saber fetus of the Golden Inlaid grade!” A cultivator shouted.

The grade of a dao fetus was the following, from worst to best: White Adornment, Violet Force, Golden Inlaid, Orange Martial, and Heaven Bestowment.

Thus, it was quite shocking for Li Qiye to cut a Golden Inlaid fetus out of a White Adornment material. The appraisers that could work here were masters of their craft but they have made a mistake with this particular material.

“I want this pile of White Adornments!” A sect master reacted quickly and immediately told a worker in order to buy everything in this corner.

The slower crowd felt a tinge of regrets for not being as fast.

Even though buying so many White Adornments was a foolish action, if he could be lucky as Li Qiye to get a Golden Inlaid fetus, he would make up his investment and more.

A friend told an appraiser from the workshop: “Even the masters can get it wrong sometimes.”

“Thats why material gambling is fun.” The appraiser smiled back: “This gentleman is quite discerning and has gotten a nice treasure. Well done, well done.”

Li Qiye smiled back at the praise before staring at the prince with one eye: “You have lost.”

“Hmph, only a little bit of money, no problem.” The prince snorted in response. He was indeed telling the truth since the money wasnt an issue. The problem was his failure in cutting off this mortals arms.

“It is a small sum indeed, not worth mentioning at all. These pieces of trash will only stain my clothes.” Li Qiye smiled and threw the two dao weapons as well as the 10,000 chaos stones to He Chen and Shi Sou.

The two of them were frozen and thought they were in a dream as they held onto the items. These things alone were worth more than their entire sect. But now, Li Qiye casually gave it to them without any hesitation. They could work a lifetime and not accumulate this level of resources.

Even some cultivators here were astounded. This might not be a big amount to some of the big shots here, but it was still a very lavish course of action. Even a king might not be so wasteful.

“No wonder why those cultivators choose to follow a mortal.” A cultivator murmured. Even they would follow such a generous mortal master.

This only further infuriated the prince after already losing the bet. He shouted: “Want to go again?!”

His blood was boiling and clouding his judgment. Today, he must sever this mortals arms before everyone or he would never regain his face again.

Li Qiye glanced at him with disdain and said: “Again? Thats fine, you still want my arms? But now, Ill name the price. Dont worry, Ill be considerate since youre so poor. Okay, 10,000,000 Dao Saint Chaos Stones.”

“You!” The prince scowled coldly: “You think too highly of yourself! You think your mortal arms are worth 10,000,000 Dao Saint Chaos Stones?!”

Keep in mind that the realm of Dao Saint was only below Dao Celestial and Grand Emperor. The prince simply couldnt take out this sky-high number of stones. Even countries couldnt do so, let alone one person.

“Youre definitely not worth that much.” Li Qiye smiled and said: “If you cant afford it, then dont go around betting. Or, you could bet your arms.”

The prince was trembling with rage. A crown prince like him would never bet his own arms to bet against a mortal. This was a matter of status. Money was a different issue.

“Hmph, dont think youre a big deal, mortal. Ill even go 1,000,000 Dao Sovereign Chaos Stones for your arms, how about that?!” The prince shouted back.

“Dao Sovereign Chaos Stones? Forget it, too little. Remember, Im a peerless master appraiser, so many imperial lineages would want me to join them. But oh well, Ill lower my standards, 1,000,000 Dao Sage Chaos Stones then. If a crown prince like you cant even afford this much, then stop leaving your house and further embarrassing yourself. Its like a beggar wanting to gamble!” Li Qiye mocked.

Since the prince wanted his life, Li Qiye didnt mind toying with him for a bit!

It was debatable whether his arms were worth 10,000,000 Dao Saint Chaos Stones, the answer would differ depending on who you ask. However, he was correct about imperial lineages wanting a skillful master like him to join them.

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