the transaction, he used the flame from the green lantern to refine this scrap iron into twelve metallic men. Afterward, he placed them into the kingdom of blood and cultivated them using the blood energy and worldly essence within. At the same time, he added the twelve Immortal Physiques to them. Each figure corresponded to one of the twelve physiques.

During the sacrificial ceremony, he used his own vitality to empower the iron men. From a certain perspective, they were his weapons based on his physiques. Thus, whatever level his physique was at, the twelve iron men would be at the same level, so they were also at half completion like him.

For these avatar-esque creations, Li Qiye named them the twelve gods and devils. Six were made from imperial intents while the other from devil intents.

They had the following names: Diamond God, Sacred Spring God, Eternal God, Extreme Yang God, Soaring God, Void Imperfection God, Furious Devil, Solar Devil, Heaven Devourer Devil, Void Devil, Hell Suppression Devil, and Sky Destroyer Devil.

These physique weapons were made from the scraps of the Myriad Thoughts Pot as well as the blood energy of Immortal Emperors and the Blood Progenitor. They were already incredible even before taking the Immortal Physiques into account. Therefore, at half completion, their might was incredible.

“Buzz!” A third sun rose from the Yang Gods palm and immediately melted the ice world.

With metallic clanks, the refined sunfire turned into laws that nailed themselves into Terra to trap him.

Terra was much weaker compared to the Yang God, so he had no way of resisting this imprisonment. This made the crowd think hard. Terra was a paragon at best, so they found it strange that he would act so arrogant with so little power. He even dared to challenge Ruyan and the others. Where was his courage coming from?

“Whoosh!” The sunfire had engulfed Terras entire body. He was screaming and burning as he was unable to withstand this pain.

Suddenly, a miracle happened. His body turned to wood after a green brilliance engulfed him. He had become a man made out of wood. This green light was stopping the flame as if it had a majestic vitality.

“Atavism!” The treants here knew what was going on right away.

“Buzz!” Two more suns emerged from the Yang Gods finger. There was a total of five suns pouring down their endless flames in order to refine Terra in a crazed manner.

With more sizzles, the green light was destroyed. The overbearing sunfire began to work on Terras body once more.

No one knew what tribe Terra was from to allow him to withstand fire this well. Despite the intensity of the flames, it took some time before it completely charred him.

Alas, green leaves grew from his body and the blackened body was full of life again. It was as if he had just been reborn.

“Li, you cant burn me to death!” Terra complacently shouted while being shrouded in the sunfire.

Li Qiye didnt seem to care. He smiled and said: “Dont worry, Im very patient. Killing a puppet like you couldnt be simpler, I just want to force out your old geezer.”

“Buzz!” Five more suns emerged from the Yang Gods other hand. At this moment, a total of ten suns were assaulting Terra.

“Ah!” His pitiful cries echoed across the region, making others shudder in fear.

In a short period of time, he was burned to charcoal while writhing in agony. He struggled but couldnt escape due to being trapped by the laws made out of fire. Alas, the endless life force came again alongside the green brilliance. His body was revived by the great vitality.

This time, he could withstand the burning flames and became even more proud. He blurted with a hysterical laughter: “Haha! Li, you cant burn me to death even with ten thousand suns. You better start praying, when I escape, I will crush you like an ant with a single finger!”

Everyone was creeped out while watching this bizarre spectacle. Some even felt that Terra was being killed and resurrected multiple times. No one understood where this boundless vitality was coming from to bring him back to life whenever he was on the verge of death.

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