Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 385: Collecting Tree Resin

place.” The worker proudly said while pointing at the dragon bones in the middle: “Take that Frost Golden Dragon, for example, it might not be a true dragon but it does have a strand of that bloodline. Its an old dragon at grand completion; we found it very deep in the northern frigid sea. The heaven and earth harmonization has occurred on its spine to create a priceless dao fetus. Of course, the bones themselves are precious as well. Usually, money isnt the issue when trying to find one of this level but our shop specializes in collecting dao materials. It doesnt matter what the guests want, we can satisfy their wishes. This is our stores unquestionable ability.”

This worker went on and on about his shop. Of course, it wasnt all bragging since the shop was indeed capable of doing so, just that his diction was slightly exaggerated.

Li Qiye only smiled and continued to stare at the spine of the dragon.

One needed to cut the material out first in order to see if it was good or bad. Even one from a true dragon was not necessarily precious, just that the chance for a good one was greater.

“Let us go look at the White Adornments.” Li Qiye withdrew his gaze and told the worker.

“Please, this way.” The worker instantly showed Li Qiye the way and didnt look down on Li Qiye just because the guy wanted to see White Adornments.

There were levels to dao fetuses. The higher level would create stronger weapons. Thus, those who could afford it would all pick the higher level ones.

Dao fetuses are distinguished in the following order: White Adornment, Violet Force, Golden Inlaid, Orange Martial, and Heaven Bestowment.

Experienced stone appraisers could look at a materials composition, form, place of origin, and background to determine the dao fetus inside to a certain degree of accuracy. Thats why each sect would have specialized appraisers to pick out the materials. They enjoyed a relatively high position with their ability.

White Adornment was the lowest level and the most common. It came in all shapes and forms so this was the easiest choice for many cultivators.

It was also the cheapest so cultivators from the weaker sects picked it. Of course, certain masters and big shots would do so too.

They were located in an inconspicuous corner and piled up randomly like a mound.

These dao materials were priced according to their size. The larger, the more expensive. Nevertheless, this didnt mean that the dao fetus inside would be proportional to its materials size.

They were listed as White Adornment by the shops appraisers who were very experienced and discerning. These appraisers rarely made mistake so the materials here were certainly at the White Adornment level.

Alas, even the heaven falls asleep sometimes. These experienced appraisers could also make mistake. Because of this, materials that were determined as White Adornment could reveal fetuses at the Orange Martial or even Heaven Bestowment level!

This was the reason why some keen cultivators would come to this section to pick the White Adornments. If they were fortunate enough, some treasures could be found here.

When Li Qiye got here, many cultivators were already picking their stuff, with the majority being weaker cultivators since this was all they could afford.

Though the shop was usually full of customers, a mortal accompanied by three cultivators was still a rare sight. A few cultivators eyes darted at them.

The worker quietly stood to the side and waited for Li Qiye to make a choice. Normally, workers wouldnt come to this section to help so Li Qiyes situation was very special.

He stood before the pile and began his observation.

“Pick a small one; theyre all White Adornments anyway. A smaller one will be cheaper.” A cultivator kindly advised.

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