Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 372: Realm God Sweeping Through the Brilliance Ancient Kingdom

“All of what?” Li Qiye simply chuckled.

“The legends about Immortal Emperor Wan Shis romantic affairs everywhere, seducing the women from the three races.” Tieshu Weng smiled wryly. It was a bit awkward talking about this matter. Plus, it was always worrisome talking about the emperors.

He looked around and saw no one. His gossipy side took charge again as he whispered: “As you said earlier, the thing about War-Monarch Heaven Emperors sister-in-law.”

“Its no secret.” Li Qiye was amused at the old mans nervous yet excited appearance: “Immortal Emperor Wan Shi simply seduced the emperors sister-in-law and enraged him. Its not the first time an Immortal Emperor has done something like this but Immortal Emperor Wan Shi was indeed one of the biggest perpetrators. He didnt just have romantic conquests, he seduced virtuous women and daughters from the three races, sect masters wives and queens, even wives and daughters of High Gods. Too many to count even.”

“Even the High Gods wives and daughters?!” Weng was astounded to hear this and understood why there were so many rumors about this emperor in the thirteen continents.

“This emperor has always despised worldly conventions. This wasnt a big deal for him.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Thats incredible. No wonder why people say his bloodlines run strong among the three races.” Weng murmured and even felt a sense of pride: “Thats an Immortal Emperor for you, charismatic and charming. The most impressive part is he had so much success with romance in a time when the hundred races were considered inferior.”

Even though Weng wasnt a golem, he still respected the emperor from the hundred races. In the past, the hundred races used to be enslaved by the three races. From this stemmed great conflicts and animosity.

But even under such circumstances, the emperor was still able to seduce so many noble women from the three races. This, more or less, was a source of pride for the members of the hundred races. They felt elated with schadenfreude.

“You are underestimating the emperor.” Li Qiye disagreed: “You think he went around seducing women just because of love or lust? Thats too shallow of a perspective. Emperors have no need for that to show off their charisma or resort to physical pleasures for satisfaction.”

“Please elaborate.” Weng smiled wryly and said: “I am foolish and not aware of the emperors real intent?”

“There were two main reasons outside of just causing chaos. First, leaving his offsprings and their powerful bloodline to live among the three races. This would strengthen the golem race. Second, it was to stain the bloodlines of the three races. His imperial bloodline on top of being the first emperor of the golems meant that it was extremely mighty. His blood would overwhelm the three races bloodlines. This is the reason why his bloodline is still part of their lineages after so many years have passed.”

He paused for a bit before continuing: “His exploits werent for romance, only for the golems. Otherwise, why would so many Grand Emperors chase after him back then? Do you think they cared about something as trivial as romantic scandals and affairs? That they would risk being exposed to Heavenly Executions just to chase him? No, emperors did not care at all about this type of matter. However, Immortal Emperor Wan Shis bloodline was too powerful. It would take roots among the three races so the Grand Emperors didnt want to see the golems grow stronger. Thats why they started their hunt.”

He couldnt help but smile while recalling this matter. It was a very lively scene back then when the emperor was being chased everywhere.

“Thats quite respectable, regular people like us cant compare to his vision.” Weng said with admiration.

The romantic exploits of the emperor were passed down to future generations. However, many would stop at the surface level; few were aware of the emperors real intent.

Just think about it, the emperor ascended during a time when the hundred races were subservient to the Divine, Devil, and Heaven Races. Nevertheless, he chose to root his powerful bloodline among their ranks. What could this be but another method of strengthening the golem race?

“Emperors have their own brilliant ideas.” Li Qiye said: “This applies to all of them, not just Immortal Emperors. Their vision made them work harder for the sake of their race.”

Weng nodded in agreement. Of course, these existences were unreachable for him. Even after working for a lifetime, he might not be able to see any of them. The best he could do was listen to their legends.

Two days later, Weng finished all the preparations for the examination at Ji Lin. Thus, they embarked for Jilin City. He brought along his two disciples, He Chen and Shen Xiaoshan.

Xiaoshan naturally would tag along because she was waiting on Li Qiye at the moment. As for He Chen, Weng wanted him to broaden his horizon with this trip.

“Sir, I have to go meet the higher-up to talk about this matter so I cant go with you, please excuse me.” Weng told Li Qiye: “This is my Junior Brother, hell be in charge when Im not around. Just tell him if you need anything.”

He introduced his Junior Brother, Shi Sou, to Li Qiye. The guy was a prudent person and not one to waste words. After the initial greetings, he stood quietly to the side.

Even He Chen who was annoyed with Li Qiye felt excitement for the trip. He had visited Jilin before with his master. However, it was a rushed endeavor. Someone from a tiny sect like him visiting Jilin was like a farmer boy entering a metropolis.

Jilin City was the headquarter of the clan. There were seven hundred lineages and three hundred countries under the clans jurisdiction. A small sect like Sago Palm wasnt even counted in this mix. However, the clan didnt interfere at all with these sects administration. Thus, they were only under the banner of the clan in-name-only.

The truth was that only Jilin City was truly under the clans control, the only place where they governed. It had absolute influence and authority in this place. Any visiting sect and lineage would need to show the clan some face in this city.

The Jilin Clan had three Immortal Monarchs and mainly consisted of humans. It was created by Immortal Monarch Jilin and was very young compared to the imperial lineages of the three races. Nevertheless, this didnt deter its influence at Pure.

More importantly, two of the Immortal Monarchs from the clan were rumored to still be alive, albeit in a state of seclusion. Only Nightfall Immortal Monarch was away since she had participated in the sixth expedition.

These two monarchs were the reason why the Jilin was virtually untouchable in Pure. Of course, Nightfall Immortal Monarch contributed to this as well. Back then, she had eleven palaces and eleven wills, a being so close to the highest level. All of the other emperors in her generation were no match for her. Her strength, to a certain extent, increased the influence and prestige of her clan.

1. I skipped the next several lines, it is nearly the exact repetition of Li Qiyes explanation in narrative form. This does happen a lot in ED and other CN novels, but I usually try to rephrase it instead of omission. However, the more I think about it, a real editing process would completely remove egregious offenders. Im very careful and deliberate about omission. It is not to save time; I have just wasted more time thinking about whether to rephrase or to leave them out versus just typing them. For the sake of the inquisitive readers, Ill type them out here so that you guys know what Im talking about without having to go to the raw – “In fact, characters at the level of Grand Emperor didnt care about scandals and affairs. Plus, coming out would expose them to Heavenly Executions. However, Immortal Emperor Wan Shis bloodline was too powerful and would directly stain the bloodlines of their three races. If they had let him continued, his bloodline would have flourished everywhere. Thats why the Grand Emperors from the three races decided to interfere and hunt Immortal Emperor Wan Shi.” I didnt see any new information being added in the narrative. In the past, I would usually just type it out and move on but my style has changed a bit since then. This should, ultimately, be a better reading experience for the western readers. Once again, Im very hesitant about omitting text and will continue to do so in the future.Previous ChapterNext Chapte

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