Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 341: Climbing the World Tree

Li Qiye gently sighed while looking at the sky filled with bloody mists. He said flatly: “The path towards Immortal Emperor has always been merciless, paved with skeletons. An emperor requires their adversaries bones to pave the way. I was merciful yet why must all of you force me to ascend this way?”

Despite the dull tone from him, it still silenced the experts in the nine worlds. Everyone was aware of the cruel competition towards the throne. However, without having a personal experience, people didnt hold it in mind.

But when they saw Li Qiye destroying one hundred thousand men with just one fist, a realization of its cruel nature began. The popular description was not empty words but reality.

Thus, some people shuddered in fear. They swore to never let their descendants walk on the imperial path. One emperor, countless bones.

No one would blame him for being merciless. If he didnt kill them, they would still try to kill him. It was that simple and brutal.

Though Li Qiye wanted to leave some talents and sparks to the nine worlds, the alliance kept on challenging him. Thus, he had no reason to be merciful. It was not in his nature to do so.

Li Qiye then stared at the Unidao True God and his junior at his side and said emotionlessly: “Go back. I shall let you go out of consideration for your father.”

The god was pale despite possessing an amazing bloodline and power. He quivered and couldnt restrain the fear inside his heart. He felt so insignificant before the Prime Emperor. Just one finger alone could pulverize him.

His disciple couldnt stand straight at all. He has considered himself a genius all this time but he didnt have the courage to look at the emperor. If it wasnt for the true god supporting him, he would be paralyzed on the ground right now.

“Thank you for showing mercy, Your Highness.” The frightened true god prostrated towards Li Qiye before taking his disciple away.

His action, without a doubt, meant that he had accepted Li Qiyes position and title!

“Your Highness!” The spectators got on the ground and shouted in unison. Their cries echoed all over Mortal Emperor and triggered more kneeling and praise.

In this split second, Li Qiyes status has been confirmed even before his official ascension and shouldering of the Heavens Will!

This was an unprecedented miracle. No one had been accepted so readily by all experts before the official coronation.

There was no need for the Heavens Will. In the eyes of the people here, the Prime Emperor had proven his invincibility!

“Rise.” Li Qiye took in everything around him and said slowly. His quiet voice permeated all corners in the nine worlds. His imperial aura filled every inch of the lands. All cultivators were willing to submit to the Prime Emperors authority!

They finally stood up and looked at the emperor with awe and respect.

Li Qiye withdrew his gaze and looked at the Heavens Will in the sky. He said: “Its time to leave.”

With that, his forehead lit up. One could see three golden, silver, and iron strands of light twisting together. The light of the Heavens Will was only one step of a long path compared to them.

“The end of the world is waiting to be vanquished by us!” He declared.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” Three maelstroms instantly pierced through all space and appeared above Li Qiye.

“Rumble!” The nine worlds quaked in response. All living beings were startled by the explosions.

Three maelstroms were hovering above his head now with their respective color – gold, silver, and iron. They were found by him in the past. The golden maelstrom came from the source of the three great veins in Stone Medicine. The silver one was located in the Ancestral Domain of Sacred Nether and the iron one was lost in the Bonesea.

Few people in history knew about them because they have never appeared at the same time. It was difficult to comprehend them, even an emperor would need a long period of time. More importantly, luck was essential in doing so.

They were related to the greatest mystery of the ages. The master in the Immortal Demon Grotto searched for it back then. In the beginning, he didnt have a great understanding of the maelstroms. He only knew bits and pieces from the lost epochs, only about their existence.

Later on, his Dark Crow dug deeper and he understood them more. By the time the Dark Crow escaped from the grasp of the grotto, Li Qiye had greater knowledge than the grotto.

It wasnt until he obtained the silver light that he truly understood it. This was the reason why he wanted to go to Stone Medicine and Heaven Spirit.

When these three maelstroms were rotating, the entire nine worlds were shaking as if the three could devour and grind everything to dust.

The maelstroms were small relative to the nine worlds but they contained a power a hundredfold stronger to the horror of all creatures. Everyone was afraid that they would suck the nine worlds in. From then on, nothing would exist.

“Buzz.” The three lights turned into three extremely tiny laws after a dazzling process. These hair-like laws were exquisite and looped around each other.

“Boom!” The three big maelstroms changed. They turned into three grand dao that have never been seen before.

In a short time, the three grand dao imitated the three tiny laws and twisted together without stopping. With their rotation, everything in the world became eternal as well. The explosions finally stopped and the world became quiet.

These grand dao were inscrutable. They seemed to have been born in the primordial essence, even older than the heaven and earth. All the laws and dao of the epochs were derived from them.

No one could understand them and felt that in this particular conjoined state, the world was born for their sake. Li Qiye smiled satisfyingly after seeing this.

If it wasnt for his search under the grottos command, he wouldnt have figured out their mystery. During his search, he read through countless scrolls in the nine worlds and even went to the tenth.

There was virtually nothing written about them, only a few lines on ancient murals. After the long years, Li Qiye had certain guesses and today, he was finally successful.

Their origin and usage couldnt be described with words. This was the reason why after losing, the grotto tried hard to find the maelstroms. In the masters eyes, this was his only chance to rise again. Those who truly understood the maelstroms would go crazy, including emperors!

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