Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 326: Stealing Emperor Weapons

Cleansing Incense received many guests during the last several days. Old Xian and ancestors from the War God Temple, Bloodbull Godfiend, and masters from the Blood Race all came to say goodbye. After this trip, they wouldnt be able to see their forefathers again.

Both Old Xian and the godfiend were leaving with Li Qiye. The godfiend wasnt alone since the four Primal Skymatrons came with him to come to the tenth world as well.

There was a reason for them to come, relating to the origin of their Blood Race and who their progenitor was.

As time passed, more guests arrived at the sect. Visual phenomena continued to appear as if all the experts in the world were visiting.

Such a scene left many great powers envious. In the past, only an emperor would enjoy this grand treatment but now, Fiercest was experiencing it even though he wasnt an emperor just yet. Of course, in Mortal Emperor, the two entities were virtually the same in everyones eyes already.

Madam Zi Yan and Yuan Caihe have arrived. Caihe brought a plethora of spirit herbs and grasses. Of course, Li Qiye returned the favor by giving her some of his own while imparting his lifelong alchemy skill to her. In the future, the war in the tenth world will be rough and they would need an Alchemy Emperor. Of course, she wasnt one just yet but this was inevitable.

Li Qiye began a meeting with the godfiend, Old Xian, and South Emperor.

“I will require your assistance this trip since I will be going on a different path.” Li Qiye told the group after sitting down.

“Your Excellency, you wish to go alone?” The godfiend was surprised.

Li Qiye nodded: “Right, I have too many enemies up there. If you all follow me, you will be caught up in the crossfire and be hunted by a large group. If we split up instead, I can draw the majority of the enemies away. The juniors will need your protection. Your path wont be easy either but I trust in your power.”

“The ascension participants will be subjected to the suppression of the heaven and earth. We dont have the Heavens Will so this suppression might be even stronger.” Old Xian expressed his concern.

Li Qiye agreed: “Thats true since not just anyone could come to the tenth. Dont worry about this, I will force a path open and the suppression wont be anything. Ill flatten the way for your group, just worry about the hunt up there. That will be your biggest obstacle.”

The older two became tense but South Emperor laughed instead: “Fine, let us witness the might of the emperors and gods up there then. Itll come either way.”

He was young and vigorous compared to the other two. Of course, his exceptional talents were not something Old Xian and the godfiend could match.

“You three will be supporting the main combatants at the vanguard.” Li Qiye said: “Someone else will do it because you will be facing existences at the emperor level. The risk of dying is too high for you three.”

Li Qiye was going to let the golden dragon and tyrant tiger under Hidden-Dragon Mountains lead the way. Only characters like them could truly face the enemies who had the power of the Heavens Will.

The three had no objection and werent offended. After all, they couldnt be arrogant against foes wielding the Heavens Will and could only try their best.

“However, your responsibilities are still heavy, everyones safety.” Li Qiye emphasized.

“Your Excellency, we will do our best to not let you down.” The group solemnly said.

“Hmmm, I know that you can do so.” Li Qiye nodded: “Old Xian, your High Heaven Manual has unfathomable power. After cultivating for so long, you should be one with it and should be able to fight against them without losing too badly, just not a particularly powerful one.”

“I hope so.” Old Xian nodded. The manual mentioned here was the thing Li Qiye wanted to borrow from their War God Temple.

“Bloodbulls weapon might be a bit inferior, but not by much. It has been in your possession for so long, Im sure you can exert its power.” Li Qiye told the godfiend.

“Its nothing compared to our progenitors mastery.” The godfiend humbly answered.

“There is only one Blood Progenitor in this world, he can take on anyone up there. Its understandable that youre not on his level right now.” Li Qiye smiled.

He took another glance at the group and said: “Outside of this, I have another request.”

“Sacred Teacher, what would you like us to do? Just say the words.” South Emperor smiled.

Li Qiye spoke: “Very simple but it wont be easy to carry out. I need all of you to work together to kill me, actually kill me!”

“Kill you?!” The three were shocked and glanced at each other in confusion. They thought they have misheard him.

“Uh, Your Excellency, you want us to kill you?” Even the experienced godfiend had a strange expression on his face.

“Yes, kill me.” Li Qiye confirmed.

“Its not easy, Sacred Teacher.” South Emperor smiled wryly while shaking his head: “Not to mention that youre unkillable under your thirteen palaces, we might be crushed before your four physiques.”

“Thats why I created a painless way to die without hurting my dao foundation. It is very suitable for this situation.” Li Qiye smirked.

The three exchanged glance again. In history, Li Qiye might be the only one who had created a method to die. No one would really believe this story if it was to spread out.

On the next days, Li Qiye was quite busy. They needed meticulous preparation before going to the tenth world. Li Qiye didnt only create a huge ship but also let experts like the godfiend, Old Xian, and Allpine Treefather fight each other. This was so that they could get used to each other and foster better teamwork. This would, in turn, give them a higher chance of survival up there.

Of course, he also began the process of killing himself. He didnt only want to go to the tenth world but also used this opportunity to deliver a great blow to those up there.

He was aware that when he caused a big stir while going up, the emperors and gods up there would know that the Dark Crow was about to come again and not alone this time.

So many people hated him up there and wanted nothing more than to flay him. Thus, the moment they found out about his ascension, they would crazily hunt him in a relentless manner.

This was a rare opportunity for him since it wasnt easy to have so many emperors and gods gather together. If Li Qiye didnt dig a hole for them, he would feel sorry that all of them have come such a long way to see him. Thus, he was planning to let them pay a great price and wishing to bathe in their blood. This was a way for him to establish his prestige once more and using them to tell the other overlords in the tenth world that the Dark Crow has returned.

He wanted to make his intention and determination of sweeping everything in his path as clear as possible to the lords above, to let them know of the terrible end awaiting those who stood in his way.

He certainly knew that these overlords wouldnt compromise so easily, especially someone like the old geezer with the last name Qian. This old man would definitely want to take him on to the death.

Of course, this didnt really matter to him. This trip was his triumphant return and his victory was assured, even if he must make mountains of bones and rivers of blood. No one could stop his million years of planning! In short, he must be successful in this generation.

He wouldnt show mercy to Old Qian and would even massacre the guys clan. He wouldnt show mercy just because of Qian Suyun.

It was either success or die trying for him in this generation. He would never let that event in the future happen!

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