Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 309: Small Trouble At The Marriage Proposal

Li Qiye immediately headed for Ancient Sky City. It wasnt for himself but an agreement was necessary for the nine worlds.

It was a completely different mood and feeling on this second visit. Last time, he came together with Li Shuangyans group. Now, he was all alone.

He gazed at the entire burial ground and wondered if its existence was good or bad for the nine worlds. However, the Ancient Ming remained the greatest threat.

He went to Old Ghosts shop right away. It was still the same as before as if it would never change through the river of time. Nothing could ever destroy this tiny shop.

Old Ghost was still hiding inside but he immediately opened his eyes once Li Qiye entered. His eyes with more white than black seemed to be revolving like the yin and yang, capable of refining the nine worlds.

He ignored the terrible gaze fixated on him. The truth was that after reaching grand completion with four physiques, he could sweep through all enemies without relying on schemes and methods!

He sat coolly in front of the old man and stared at him.

“Im old and have forgotten about many things.” The old man said feebly: “Including a particular legend, of course. However, this legend is sitting in front of me.”

“I dont blame you for not remembering.” Li Qiye chuckled: “You are only an avatar. Time will wash away your memories and will. But certain things cant be forgotten. They have been engraved into the depth of your soul!”

“Yes, forgetting is not necessarily a bad thing.” The old man murmured. His eyes became dazed as if it was completely empty.

“I want to meet you.” After a long silence, Li Qiye requested.

“Im right before you, I am me.” The old man spoke powerlessly.

“No, not you, not the one before me.” Li Qiye shook his head: “You are only an avatar to avoid the high heaven. I want to meet the you hiding in the burial ground, evading the tribulation from the villainous heaven, the you that can form a blood pact with me!”

The old mans eyes lit up as if they were two suns. This scorching power could pierce through everything in the world.

Li Qiye was unmoved before this gaze and sat there calmly, waiting for a response.

Eventually, the gaze disappeared. His eyes became muddled like before and shook his head: “The grand dao is not easy but hiding away is even harder. There is too much chaos around, messing with the mundane world will invite the attention of the high heaven towards our burial ground. Otherwise, we wouldnt be so reclusive. If you really want to meet, come with the nether boat and leave it up to fate.”

“This is not up to you, we must meet.” Li Qiye smiled and said: “I dont care for your reasons and I dont have time to board the boats. Thats why I need you to understand my intent. Whether you are willing or not, you must meet me!”

“Our burial ground isnt the place for you to act imperiously. Outside of the high heaven, were not afraid of anything.” The old man answered slowly and solemnly. Each of his words was full of power.

“Im aware.” Li Qiye replied: “Even though each epoch has a different comprehension of the nine grand scriptures, and the nine scriptures themselves have different meanings in each epoch having to do with their resonation with the origin of the grand dao, but go ahead, use the perspective of our era to take a look, see how powerful my four grand completion physiques are, is it capable of tearing your Heavenly Corpse Burial Ground apart? You might not remember some of the legends since you are old and your memories rotten, but you should know that I possess other means with comparable power to the four physiques!”

He paused here and stared at the ghost: “Do you want me to kill my way in or get someone to invite me in? Your choice.” Having said that, he turned and left the shop.

The old man sat there for a long time in silence. It was as if time had stopped. Even millions of years later, he would still have the same posture.

After leaving the shop, Li Qiye entered the burial ground itself. It was still the same as before and engulfed in the same corpse energy. Earth corpses were everywhere.

He instantly unleashed his four physiques with their spewing immortal radiance. He suppressed the entire area with an unstoppable prestige while holding nothing back.

It was akin to an Immortal Emperor visiting. The ruler of the world has arrived. Gods, devils, and all fiends must retreat or prostrate.

All the earth corpses instantly kneeled on the ground, not daring to lift their head. The four physiques have completely suppressed them!

“Fiercest!” The cultivators here were stunned to see Li Qiye. Ancestors and kings were obediently dropping to the ground. This power made all resistance futile.

After exuding his power, he quickened his pace to the horror of the spectators. They thought that he was about to declare war against the burial ground.

“Fiercest wants to challenge and capture the Heavenly Corpse Burial Ground before becoming an emperor? It would really be an unprecedented achievement. ” An ancestor murmured.

Not too many people would dare to fight against a burial ground. Only emperors after obtaining the Heaven ’s Will were qualified to do so. Otherwise, it didn ’t matter how brilliant they were before the ascension, they wouldn ’t dare to attempt this reckless task.

Li Qiye crossed through the dragon veins and locations with sleeping Earth Immortals. The ones sleeping here were all amazing talents such as the Martial God and Lion Monarch.

When Li Qiye forced his way in, both Treasure Lords and Earth Immortals were quiet. They didn ’t dare to act out despite being woken up.

Though they were exceedingly powerful when they were alive, they felt that they would be crushed instantly by this intruder.

He stopped at the Heaven Reaching Peak and glanced at the coffin hanging on the steep wall. The coffin opened and a middle-aged man sat up.

The man had an armor that was penetrated completely through his chest. Even though so much time had passed, this wound still couldn ’t close. He was a tall and handsome man with sharp eyebrows. One could tell that he was a dashing charmer during his youth.

This was the person who helped Li Qiye ’s group back then when the Lion Monarch and the Martial God chased after them.

After seeing him, Li Qiye took one step to reach the area and sat down next to him, revealing a faint smile.

”The lords and Earth Immortals always talk about the legends of His Excellency, the Dark Crow. Who would have thought that you would personally come into being in this generation. ” The middle-aged man said with a tinge of emotion.

”The world is always unpredictable like that. ” Li Qiye chuckled: ”Since I ’m here, I shall make this generation special. ”

The middle-aged man carefully thought about his next question: ”What is the purpose of your visit, Your Excellency? Is it to meet the lord of this place? ”

”Yes. ” Li Qiye nodded: ”I need to talk to the burial ground. ”

The middle-aged man believed that only Li Qiye could negotiate on even grounds with this burial ground. Not to mention his past identity, just his four physiques alone now were enough to shake the entire place.

He simply sighed, not wishing to state what was on his mind.

Li Qiye noticed and said: ”I know you want to live again for a generation. Alas, it is too late. If I were to wish it so, I could discuss this with the burial ground. But as you are now, you are not worth my effort. ”

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