Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 260: Crossdressing Bing Yuxia

The girl in the yellow cloth simply snorted at his comment. He didnt mind at all and took the bottle from the water before inserting the cloth inside.

A sizzling sound immediately came about as if something was melting inside with smoke coming out. It looked as if this smoke was poisonous

Li Qiye chuckled at this sight: “Such a frightening curse. After so much time within the seal and the earthen jar, the remnant curse is still so terrible.”

Li Qiye put away the bottle and looked at the puddle then smiled: “Trash they might be but cant waste them, can still be of use.”

Though the essences in the crystal liquid have been sucked dry, it was still a very rare immortal grade material. People from this world simply couldnt take them at all. The other reason was the ten thousand years it took for just a single drop of liquid to form.

Li Qiye was calling it trash but it was still very precious to other people.

“Coincidentally enough, I have something requiring purification.” He opened his fate palace and took something from his alchemy garden.

A yang vine was released and it cheered right away. It became too excited after seeing the puddle of crystal water and immediately jumped inside.

This so-called “trash” water was incomparable with regards to its cleansing property. Other immortal liquids had no chance against it.

The vine crazily absorbed the water with loud sucking noises. It was shiny with each branch and leaf seemingly cast from gold. There was a red glimmer flowing through its body just like a flame, capable of incinerating everything.

It was a very rare immortal vine and indeed contained a terrible refined fire within. This powerful fire had the name, Puresun Flame.

A gourd was growing on this particular vine. It was ripe but it still hasnt fallen just yet. After the long years, one could hear thunders within this gourd. It contained an ancient power.

It was mature yet it still wasnt time for it to leave the vine since it wasnt perfect. In fact, Li Qiye had expended great effort and a lot of amazing liquids for this gourd. Both Li Qiye and the vine had high hope for this gourd but it was still lacking just a little bit.

The vine continued to absorb the liquid and finished the puddle in just a short time. It looked quite satisfied at this moment. Smoke and evaporation occurred all around the vine. Hot water vapor took over the area.

A faint green flame jumped within the vine. So it turned out that this vine used its flame to refine the crystal water in order to take out all of the essences.

Finally, one could see tiny water drops flowing towards the gourd. A faint layer of liquid covered the gourd and slowly seeped inside.

A long time after, something was flowing out of the gourd. It was crimson and looked just like gold slags left behind after a gold-smelting process.

This was the reason why the gourd didnt drop just yet. It was still impure with these dregs affecting its grade. Even though it was very little, it had a great effect on the entire thing. After removing it, the gourd would be an entire grade higher.

Finally, under the purifying property of the crystal water, the gourd lost all of its impurities.

Next, with a slight explosion and cracking sounds, lightning rushed from the gourd and turned into two wings. The gourd seemed to be wanting to fly away.

“Badump!” An immense heartbeat resounded, the signal of maturity. The gourd dropped from the vine and wanted to fly away. However, how could Li Qiye let this happen? He grabbed it in just a split second.

It was flashing in his palm like a golden gourd while emitting thunderous noises that were long lasting and powerful. It seemed as if this gourd was containing an expanse of primordial chaos, ready to turn into a new world.

Even the ignorant would know that this was an amazing item while holding it in their hand.

“Good stuff.” Li Qiye commented: “Truly an unpolished piece of jade. I will take my time sculpting it so that it will be brilliant in the future.”

This gourd was unique and after refinement, it would become an incredibly powerful treasure.


The Grand Sea was very quiet but this was the calm before the storm. This oppressive atmosphere took peoples breath away. The big shots from the last generation were especially sensitive about this incoming turmoil.

Few people dared to talk about how Li Qiye blew Aotian flying in public. There were only a few discussions in secret.

Despite his defeat, Soaring Immortal was still a heavy boulder looming over everyones shoulder. In recent days, more disciples and experts from the sect were teleported to this region. The atmosphere became tense with the emergence of warships, divine peaks, and temples in the sky.

In just a short time, Soaring Immortal seemed to be mobilizing all of their legions in order to go all out. Everyone understood that the storm was coming after seeing so many experts arriving.

Any lineage would tremble in fear when a sect with five emperors was about to start a war in the Grand Sea. Perhaps this would cause a monumental change and many sects would be erased in the process.

“I hope Fiercest will be unstoppable and sweep through everything.” Many ancestors from the great powers began to pray.

Even though Fiercest was not a nice guy, people understood that he had no interest in the Grand Sea. This wasnt the case for Soaring Immortal since they took camp here and created a foundation. With this, they could mobilize at any moment. The sea monsters and the demons were prime examples.

Of course, none of them dared to speak up or oppose Soaring Immortal. No one wanted to be the first to step up because the first would surely be destroyed. Thus, they all tucked their tail between their legs. Thats why the ancestors placed their hope on Fiercest instead but they werent confident at all.

Fiercest was indeed insane but sweeping through Soaring Immortal was easier said than done. A sect with five emperors had ample resources after standing strong for many generations. No one could touch it outside of Immortal Emperors.

The experts from Soaring Immortal coming to the Grand Sea began to gather outside of the Pearl Archipelago. They seemed to be forming a formation to siege Pearl City.

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