Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 221 : Pixiu Treasure Jar 1

When the smoke dispersed, they saw Li Qiye standing there safe and sound. An iron barrier floated above his head with a flowing, metallic shimmer.

It wasnt his own power since it came from the twelve scales. They lit up with flowing colors that eventually turned into this barrier enveloping Li Qiye entirely and stopped the barrage from the eight warships.

The elder was completely caught off guard to see Li Qiye not suffering the slightest damage. The experts on the ships became alarmed and suddenly had an ominous feeling. The elder had the urge to run away. In the beginning, he hoped that the ships could do something. Even if they couldnt kill Li Qiye, subduing him was still fine. Alas, they were completely useless.

Li Qiye glanced at the eight warships and chuckled: “Skyfire Warships from Immortal Emperor Tun Ri. You shouldnt use them on me.”

Having said that, he reached forward and more musical notes of a rapid temperament came about. They echoed across Discover as each individual step was playing their own note as if composing a supreme symphony.

“Clang!” All twelve steps lit up. In a split second, a terrible flame crazily surged like the eruptions of countless volcanoes into the world.

“Boom!” Even Discover vibrated with the scales.

Many figures emerged on each step, large enough to blot out the sky. Everyone looked up in admiration at their sight. They wore the heaven due to their monstrous size and trampled on the earth.

Endless brilliance oozed out of their very being and turned into fire. Even the sun paled in comparison. The scary part was the holy and eternal auras emanating from the figures, indicative of their might.

“Are they gods?” A sense of fear rose among the experts here. No other races had this type of divinity. It was completely different from an Immortal Emperors aura and seemed to be innate since birth.

Its holiness instilled a primal fear. This was a race above all other races with the greatest of bloodlines. No one knew what these huge figures represented but a sense of dread and doom permeated.

“Kill.” Li Qiye gave a flat order. This, in turn, heralded a series of explosions.

The giant figures reached forward and grabbed all eight warships instantly. When they closed their palms, the world seemed to be sealed and there was nowhere to run. The troops could only sit there, awaiting death.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” The caught ships continued to fire at the palms but even their strongest onslaught couldnt pierce through at all.

“Crack!” When the palms began to close, the ships were torn asunder.

“Ah!” Miserable screams resounded. The disciples on the ship wanted to escape but the palms have sealed the area so they were crushed along with the ships.

“Li Qiye, stop!” The elder shouted and soared into the sky with Lin Hao in order to stop him. Even though they knew it was futile, they must exert their meager strength for the sake of the sect.

“Boom!” The moment they got up in the air, they were immediately slammed back down to the ground. A sonorous note then suppressed the two instantly.

“Crack!” Finally, it was over for the eight warships. They turned into eight large iron knots with beautiful colors. Outside of the paint, there was also the color of blood.

“Bang!” The eight iron rubbles fell into the ground and created huge pits. Not one disciple was able to escape to the dismay of the elder sitting down there.

He couldnt stay calm at all. This scene was too much of a blow; it destroyed his mind completely.

For millions of years now, their sect has been invincible and glorious, capable of calling for rains and winds. In their eyes, as long as their sect came out, it would be invincible.

After arriving at the Grand Sea, they were able to take over one sea region despite some opposition. It wasnt a problem with their strength.

Alas, their eight warships have been rendered into scraps by Li Qiye. At the same time, he also crushed their prestige. They have never been utterly defeated and humiliated like this.

The elder simply sat there while feeling his strength leaving him. He had no words to describe his feelings when facing Fiercest.

“Pluff!” Li Qiye attacked again with a soundwave from the twelve scales by gesturing with his finger. Lin Hao was instantly turned into a bloody mist without a chance to scream.

As for his master, the elder sat there in a daze. He was powerless to resist and struggling was futile. He finally felt true despair before Fiercest, unable to stop a single thing.

“Im sparing your life so that you can send a message to your sect. I dont care who the leader is right now, immediately scram from my sight or Ill destroy your sect sooner or later!” Li Qiye coldly glared at the elder.

In the past, the shocked elder would still make some stubborn retorts regardless of how powerful the enemy may be. After all, Soaring Immortal has never been afraid of anyone. But now, he couldnt utter a single comment. Just like that, he finally crawled up and left quietly. He seemed to have grown dozens of years older.

Li Qiye then stared coldly at everyone while being on top of the twelve scales with deity-like existences surrounding him. He was a supreme god, reigning above all else. Everyone present became afraid and lowered their head in order to avoid his gaze.

He simply smiled and turned towards the Yu mansion before sighing quietly. Next, the light on the twelve scales disappeared. The place regained its original form as he started walking down one step at a time.

People quickly made a path for him. From beginning to end, not one person dared to look at him directly.

After coming out, he told the monarch: “Come, its time to visit the Yu Clan.”

Having said that, he started walking away. The monarchs wits returned and hurriedly followed him.

Inside the mansion, Ancestor Yu and the others were aghast. The entire mansion was quiet and confused. Even a Grand Godking like Ancestor Yu felt a cold chill. Li Qiyes strength was one thing but the matter that scared him the most was the guys ability to control the twelve scales. This was because he knew that the twelve scales werent only a place for examination. It was also a very important weapon for his clan.

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