Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 153 : Ancient Sky City 1

“Boom!” A green light illuminated all of Heaven Spirit. The entire world was drowned in a blink.

At this time, the withered tree was nowhere to be found. Only a verdant version emerged before the world and covered everything.

Just one leaf alone was monstrous in size. The new tree couldnt be measured by any conventional means since it was several times larger than the dead version. Moreover, the branches were much more numerous with countless leaves growing from them. Each leaf was already unimaginably large, the size of a mountain or a plain.

At this time, this boundless vitality pervaded Heaven Spirit and bathed its inhabitants. Everyone felt relaxed as if they were several thousand years younger.

“Is it obtaining immortality?” Everyone became emotional while immersed in this life force.

This was the tree returning to its peak form with the Death Chapter, not a type of rebirth. It was simply harkening back to its past life.

“Time to end this.” Li Qiyes voice echoed across the world.

“Rumble!” Gigantic dragons rushed out from the Spirit Abyss right away and made their appearance clear by howling.

“Boom!” They began to tear the abyss apart and pulled out the deepest location from this sect.

“Bang!” This location filled with darkness was crushed into nothingness. All protection and seals were insignificant before these dragons.

“Those arent dragons!” Upon a closer inspection, the masters would see that they were thick branches coming out of the earth.

“Whoosh!” A branch came down from the sky towards the primordial weapon floating above the abyss. This was an artifact engulfed in primordial chaos. Nevertheless, it still couldnt escape from the trees suppression. The branch instantly coiled around this weapon and dragged it away from the abyss.

After it was taken away, a series of explosions happened. The abyss began to crumble into pieces.

“Kill!” Many ancestors and experts saw the artifact being dragged away. They wildly howled and rushed towards the branch in order to take it back for it was everything to their sect.

“Pluff!” Other branches shot down like arrows. The result was obvious. All of these ancestors and disciples were instantly killed including those who didnt participate. They were skewered by the branches together into a string.

In a short period, the dead disciples were still confused. They didnt even last one move before these branches.

“Oh god!” The young and old at the abyss were scared out of their mind while running out of the abyss.

However, Li Qiye didnt bother looking at these defenseless people and didnt try to kill him. He intended on sparing the young and old or they wouldnt have made it outside.

“No!” The abyss was annihilated so quickly. Effort accumulated from many generations turned into ashes in the blink of an eye. This made Stygian scream and rushed out from the terra.

However, it was too late. Another branch descended and nailed him to death in the sky. His blood dripped down one drop at a time to the ocean and slowly disappeared. It was an indignant death.

Their abyss has experienced countless generations using the advantage of Godhalt. Alas, it was all gone now.

All eyes were wide open to see the Stygian Monarch being crucified up above.

“Boom!” More detonations resounded with branches coming down and piercing through the Dream Empyrean.

“Noooo!” The disciples there were massacred in the same manner. The young and old were spared but anyone else who has cultivated was killed!

“Bang! Bang! Bang!” The Dream Empyrean was torn asunder. The branches then dragged the antique item away as well as the sects treasury.

“Die!” Shen Mengtian inside the Ancestral Terra cried out and soared to the sky to kill these branches. That was the only thing on his mind.

“Boom!” His resistance was futile since he was also nailed to the sky by one of the branches just like Stygian.

“Rustle!” A thick branch coiled towards the direction of the fleeing Roaring Conch and instantly stopped it from moving.

“Do not resist, abandon ship!” Ling Fengyun was horrified as well. He used his top speed to rush towards the conch and yelled sternly.

“But…” A few ancestors hesitated. How could they give up their home so easily?

“Pluff!” Screams came about. All of the ancestors and experts who either hesitated or resisted were skewered.

Even Ling Fengyun couldnt save them. He could only watch these resisting members die.

“We might have an agreement but there is no mercy for those who do not obey.” Li Qiyes voice loomed in the sky.

“Leave.” Ling Fengyun couldnt change the situation. He swept his sleeve and brought all the lucky survivors out of the Roaring Conch. This was a supreme technique that could instantly send them to safety.

“Theres no turning the tide. This isnt something you can resist. Now, be a normal person and find peace for the rest of your lives.” Fengyun gently sighed and left the refugees since his fate was up to Li Qiye now.

The branch pulled the Roaring Conch back. This gigantic ship was now in Li Qiyes possession.

In the blink of an eye, three great lineages have been eliminated from history. However, the Roaring Conch had a much better result compared to the Spirit Abyss and the Dream Empyrean. Though Li Qiye spared the weak, all of the other disciples and ancestors were massacred completely. However, only a few experts from the Roaring Conch were killed. More than ninety percent of its disciples managed to stay alive.

This was due to Ling Fengyuns wise decision. If he didnt surrender and chose to fight like his peers, the Conch would have ended in the same way as the other two sects.

Alas, the ship itself was no more so they have lost their ancestral ground and resources. Furthermore, like Fengyun has said, they needed to live a quiet life from now on since they have lost the chance to rise to domination in the future.

This slightly acceptable outcome was given to them by Ling Fenyun. Otherwise, they would have opposed him and that would end with their destruction!

In a short time, all of Heaven Spirit became quiet. Not to mention ordinary ancestors, even Godkings pissed their pants. Their legs grew weak as they stared at the gigantic tree.

“Time to finish this.” Li Qiye chuckled while everyone else held their breath. After the destruction of these three sects, it was the Ancestral Terras turn.

“Ha! Ill take you on!” Dualchild laughed and left the Ancestral Terra. He understood that the three ancestral trees wont be able to protect even themselves so he might as well die an early death instead of prolonging this.

“You shall get one move.” Li Qiye answered: “When my tree is at its peak, even your father would have to take the long way around, let alone you.”

This verdant tree had an unbelievable power at its highest state. Even emperors would be apprehensive about fighting it.

“One move it is, I wont be begging for mercy.” Dualchild crazily roared: “Die!”

He poured the rest of his vitality and longevity blood onto the true treasure.

“Boom!” A Heavenly Annihilation came out. It shattered the sky vault and severed many branches with an unfathomable might.

Alas, this annihilation still couldnt oppose the green tree. It instantly shattered this move and crucified Dualchild as well.

However, unlike Shen Mengtian and Stygian, Dualchild died with his eyes closed.

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