Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 152 : Underworld Boat Coming into Being 2

“Brother Bamboo, dont worry, hes only bluffing. He used all of his methods just now and still failed to break the protection from the three ancestral trees. I think he has given up.” Dualchild comforted the worrying fella.

Creek Bamboo stared at the three ancestral marks floating above. He couldnt anything but sigh. There was no other way for him since it was a battle to the death. The only thing he could do was to pray for the ancestral trees to suppress Li Qiye if there was a chance. Otherwise, the threat would always loom and hell come back eventually.

In fact, Shen Mengtian and Dualchild had a heavy heart as well. Li Qiyes power far exceeded their imagination. In the beginning, they thought that they could kill him by working together. Who would have thought that he would be pursuing them like dogs?

After fleeing back to the ancestral terra, they wanted to see the ancestral trees killing Li Qiye. Alas, the result frightened them as well. Even these trees couldnt do anything to him.

Despite putting on a relaxed expression as if they have won the battle today, they were feeling very uncomfortable. They could live for now but the feud had been made. Given Li Qiyes current unstoppable momentum, he would surely become emperor in the future.

Once he ascended to the throne, he would make his way back here. At that point, their Dream Empyrean and Spirit Abyss could only wait for him to destroy them.

They felt very regretful at this moment for being overconfident in the beginning. They wanted to do everything possible to capture Li Qiye for the Reincarnation Nine-Leaves and the method to cultivate thirteen palaces. This was even an attempt to kill a future Immortal Emperor.

Nevertheless, they underestimated his strength. With one misstep, they had lost everything.

There was no medicine to cure regrets in this world. This feeling right now couldnt change the current situation.

A serenity entered the world after Li Qiye left. Even though he failed to destroy the terra, this battle had still shocked everyone in Heaven Spirit. Even three ancestral trees working together had to exchange their lifespan to stop Li Qiye. What a frightening result.

Moreover, he was completely untouched and left so easily. Just think about it? Who could be his match now given his current power?

“It looks like he was only warming up and messing around prior to this. He never used his full power or resorted to all of his methods before.” Experts who had seen him fight against Meng Zhentian commented softly.

This was the moment when previous spectators realized that from beginning to end, Li Qiye never considered someone like Meng Zhentian as his match. It was all a game to him. Fighting and killing Zhentian was only a warm-up.

They understood that if Li Qiye treated him as an opponent from the start, the moment he went all out, Zhentian wouldnt even have the chance to retaliate. He would be decapitated just like Dried Tree Divine Ancestor with just one move!

“Did Li Qiye give up?” An expert standing before a mirror wondered.

“No, this is only the beginning. The terra shall end after today.” His fellow disciple standing next to him answer with a serious tone.

“Junior Brother, why do you say so?” The experts didnt understand: “I dont think Li Qiye can take down three ancestral trees.”

“Thats because you dont know him.” The person replied: “I have been observing him for a long time ever since the massacre at the Peacock Land then the Dongting Lake and Regal Valley… All along, he has been staying true to his words. If he says hes going to murder your family, no one will be able to stop him. Hes not the type to attempt anything uncertain so the terra is done for!”

The Senior Brother was stricken with fear after hearing this. Being an enemy with Li Qiye was definitely anyones nightmare. Death was inevitable regardless of how powerful they might be.

Everyone held their breath waiting for Li Qiye to take action. However, time passed by and there was no sign of him. Most thought that he has given up.

In fact, even the disciples from the terra became relieved. Their ancestral trees have finally stopped Li Qiye so they cheered. The storm has been weathered.

“Playtimes over.” Alas, their celebration was quickly interrupted by Li Qiyes voice echoing across Heaven Spirit.

He emerged again above the Divine Tree Ridge and everyone could hear his declaration: “Its time for my massacre!”

“Poof!” Li Qiye opened his Death Chapter. It opened wide and blotted out the entire tree ridge before entering its ground.

“Rumble!” In a short time, countless runes emerged around Godhalt. They came together to form an even bigger chapter over the entire continent.

These were the marks from the Death Chapter left deep underground by Li Qiye when he was walking across this continent.

“Poof!” A death energy surged like an unstoppable flood. It poured out and drowned the Divine Tree Ridge. Li Qiye used this vast energy to revive the dead in this area.

“What is he doing?!” Stygian back at the terra had a terrible premonition.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” A burst of explosions resounded like an earthquake vibrating across Heaven Spirit. The worst part was the stars falling down in the sky, leaving trails of blaze behind them.

In a short time, a new calamity has arrived. Even the sun in the sky was affected and seemed to be on the verge of dropping down.

“Boom!” All of Heaven Spirit turned dark. It wasnt because something was swallowing the sunlight but rather the sun itself was being blotted out.

Everyones mouth was wide opened and they couldnt close it at all. Their soul left their body completely. Both ants and invincible existences were pissing in their pants.

After a long time, one master finally murmured: “What, what is that thing!?”

“Thats… the Divine Tree Ridge!” Another master answered him after taking a deep breath.

An incredible event has happened. The ridge that was lying across Godhalt was now towering above the continent.

In the past, when looking down from above, the ridge spanning for endless miles looked like a tree that has fallen on Godhalt. At this moment, it looked like a dried tree standing on top of Godhalt. Meanwhile, the Undying Gate was located right at the base and roots of this tree.

What used to be mountain ranges before were now branches on top of this tree. Just think about it, these awesome and behemoth spectacles were mere branches. Just how shocking was this?

Despite the majority of the tree being barren, it still covered more than half of Heaven Spirit.

“What the hell…” Cultivators stared at the sky in a daze.

Just imagine long and thick branches from Godhalt crossing through the large oceans. The size of this tree was beyond measure.

“Then, then the legend is true? The Divine Tree Ridge is a giant tree that fell on Godhalt. A real monster of an existence!” Even the masters were astounded and became pale with fright.

No one believed this legend because they werent willing to believe that there was such a large tree in this world.

“Boom!” The entire world seemed to have exploded with this deafening blast.

At this moment, the dead tree suddenly exuded a boundless green expanse like an ocean spewing out!

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