Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 118 : God 2

Li Qiye was amused by the princes choice of words: “I know. Emperor Assailants, right? If I remember correctly, from the generation of the abyss founding members, one of the old men is still alive. When did he crawl out of the ground?”

Existences of the Emperor Assailant level were a heavy topic. After emperors shoulder the Heavens Will, they would become unbeatable. Not just anyone was qualified to oppose them in a direct confrontation or be able to withstand their power infused with the Heavens Will.

Even if Emperor Assailants cant defeat an emperor or have a real contentious fight, they could still withstand the heaven-fused attacks from an emperor.

This was the proof of their might. Ordinary Godkings would tremble in fear before an emperor. Once the Heavens Will is activated, they would be suppressed right away, let alone put up a fight.

Anyone would turn solemn when talking about this topic, but not Li Qiye. It seemed as if in his eyes, Emperor Assailants were fleeting clouds and puffs of smoke in the sky — not worth mentioning.

In fact, the experts present were stirred after hearing this. The abyss origin was ancient. There were many legends about their founder as well.

One rumor stated that this founder was the progenitor of the Charming Spirit Race, but many charming spirits denied this claim. They believed that the progenitor was part of an ancient clan of the charming spirits and definitely not the progenitor.

In any case, the founding generation was full of mysteries and myths. They resembled the ancient gods, bearing the start of an entire race. This filled everyone who talked about them with respect.

Thus, Li Qiyes revelation of the last surviving member from that generation made everyone ponder the implications. Those who understood the significance were creeped out.

This was a true undying that had experienced numerous paradigms, a completely dreadful character.

“Li Qiye, you are knowledgeable indeed. If you know this, you should also understand the implications.” The prince replied: “Our ancestor is not the only existence of this level in Heaven Spirit. Keep in mind, as long as we ask for it, at least three or four Emperor Assailants will stand on our side.”

The prince spoke with indisputable confidence. It was clear that he had enough cards on the table to make such a statement.

People shuddered after hearing this. One assailant was already frightening enough. If three or four more came into being, just how terrifying would it be? It would be more than enough to flip over the world. If they were to become Zhentians dao protectors, maybe he would have a chance to grasp the Heavens Will.

“This is called having a strong foundation.” Someone trembled a little and stated: “The battle for the Heavens Will isnt only about the strength of an individual, it also considers backgrounds and resources. If three assailants come out on Zhentians side, it would be very unfavorable for Li Qiye.”

People held their breaths after hearing this. Any person or sect would be afraid after hearing the princes words. This was their real strength.

Li Qiyes advantages were obvious. In terms of personal strength, Zhentian didnt have a sliver of a chance.

However, the situation would be completely reversed if he had the support of these existences.

Everyone knew that due to Li Qiyes clear superiority, many imperial lineages would agree to stand by his side. However, these sects would have to think twice if the princes assertion was true.

Li Qiye suddenly became the underdog. He might be strong, but he wouldnt necessarily be able to stop an Emperor Assailant, let alone three or four more!

Li Qiye responded with a nonchalant smile on his face: “What implications? Theyre only a bunch of old men. If they are smart, they will tuck their tails between their legs. Otherwise, Ill make chamber pots out of their skulls!”

The crowd inhaled in astonishment after hearing this. No one would dare to say this in all of the nine heavens, but Li Qiye casually uttered such words!

These were Emperor Assailants! Anyone would be afraid of such powerful foes and even retreat in an instant. However, Li Qiye has done the opposite and declared his intention of making pots out of them.

Only an Immortal Emperor would make this statement to become enemies with several Emperor Assailants. Alas, Li Qiyes imperious manner showed that he didnt care for them.

“No one in this world can stop his overbearing nature!” In the end, everyone was convinced. This was all they could say about this matter.

“Overreaching fool.” The vice ancestor could no longer restrain himself.

Li Qiye was too lazy to look at him: “If Im an overreaching fool, then what are you? Complete nobodies. If you think you are strong, then come and see if I can kill you all or not!”

“You!” The Conch Overlord was enraged as well.

The prince, on the other hand, remained calm: “Li Qiye, you have a choice right now. Do not pick the wrong one or death will be the only thing that awaits you.”

“I should be the one saying this.” Li Qiye grinned: “I will also give you all a choice. Cripple yourselves and I shall spare your lives. Otherwise, I will take everything from you, leaving only a fate worse than death.”

“It seems that you think you are invincible. No tears will be shed until the coffin is in front of your face.” The princes eyes turned cold: “Ill let you see it!”

“Whoosh!” The moment he finished speaking, the world suddenly lit up with thick and humongous dao lines.

These lines appeared in the sky and instantly intertwined to form a chapter. With loud explosions, dao laws poured down like heavenly waterfalls.

These laws just happened to enter the experts among the four legions. Each of them was connected to a law.

“Boom!” At this time, Zhentian, the prince, the overlord, and the vice ancestors blood energy was connected to all the experts in the legions.

This fusion was incredible. Each cultivator had a different response and level of blood energy. Moreover, their bloods affinity was different as well. It was simply impossible to fuse so many different vitalities together.

However, the group of four has done it. The impossible became possible with their combined effort.

“Rumble!” A supreme formation suddenly appeared beneath the area, paved by countless refined jades. Some were of exceedingly high rank as well. There were God-Monarch, Godking, and even Immortal Emperor level jades.

In a short period of time, the power of these jades engulfed the world. It was as vast as an ocean and drowned everything. The crowd was in dismay over this new aura. The other thought rummaging through their heads was an uncontrollable desire. Even the most extravagant lineage wouldnt be able to spend this much. Those who have never seen this many jades before swallowed their saliva.

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