Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 100: Evil Infested Ridge 2

Reincarnation Valley was deep inside the ridge. This particular valley was lush and surrounded by rivers running around the green and rolling mountains.

It wasnt overly large and secluded, but it did have an oppressive energy. This land would give birth to wondrous creatures, possibly even a deity.

“It wasnt like this the last time I came.” Su Yonghuang was surprised to see this scene even before entering the valley.

Li Qiye chuckled and revealed: “Its not too surprising since the great momentum hid it before. Right now, you are seeing the true entrance.”

“What is this grand momentum?” Yonghuang was puzzled about this matter. Before, due to Li Qiyes warning, she didnt dare to venture further and left after finding her ancestors remains.

Nevertheless, she still felt this majestic momentum. Once inside, she felt as if she was immersed in a boundless world. Everything became insignificant in comparison.

“This momentum has converged around the nine leaves because they have almost matured.” Li Qiye chuckled: “If this wasnt the case, it would be easier said than done to find this place. Some sea gods have come in person in the past, but they couldnt do anything because of it. If it wasnt for the map left behind by Immortal Emperor Bu Si, you wouldnt have been able to find this place either.” He glanced at her after saying this.

She finally understood how precious the map she had was at this moment. Half of this diagram was left by her ancestor while the other was traded from the Minor Zen School. It came from a female disciple of the Undying Gate that married into their sect.

Li Qiye glanced at the geography ahead: “In the past, the emperor left behind this map as a backup plan. Alas, the gate had fallen and couldnt make use of it.

She asked: “If he knew about this place and have visited it in the past, why didnt he take the Reincarnation Nine-Leaves away?”

Li Qiye gently shook his head: “He didnt exactly come here for the grass. At the very least, he didnt want to eat it to enter the reincarnation cycle to live for another generation. Someone at his level wouldnt bet on such a low chance. Outside of researching the grass, he came for something else, not just to take it away.”

He paused for a moment before continuing: “Plus, with the grand momentum here, its no simple task to take it away. A forceful attempt at taking something away from the power of the ridge would make it wither right away, not to mention that even an emperor would find it difficult to attack this place. Even if they were capable, they might not want to pay the price!”

“Even emperors cant take it down?” Su Yonghuang was shocked to hear this. During their respective eras, emperors were invincible existences.

Li Qiye replied: “If one were to attack with wanton regard for the price, they could still succeed. Alas, the price would be unimaginable.”

She asked with astonishment: “What kind of place is this then? Do all immortal medicines have this type of grand momentum to protect them?”

“It is undeniable that an immortal medicine of the Reincarnation Nine-Leaves level would be protected by the world itself.” Li Qiye gazed at the valley and replied: “However, it is not the case here. To a smaller extent, the momentum is man-made, but due to the location blessed by the high heavens, you can also say that this momentum is a natural phenomenon.”

“Are you saying that these leaves have a master or had a master before?” She could read what he was implying.

Li Qiye glanced at her and said: “You are very discerning, truly a good seed to be a disciple.”

“Stop trying to insinuate anything and obediently call me master instead.” She gritted her teeth and angrily glared at him.

Her words didnt carry much confidence because a master like her had no semblance of one while Li Qiye didnt look like a disciple at all. As the master, she had nothing to teach him, but he instead had taught her many things. Their roles were completely reversed.

Li Qiye smiled and said: “You are right in some ways. The nine leaves can be considered to have a master already, but not in my eyes.”

“What kind of existence is its master?” She became curious. In this location, there was a momentum untouchable by even emperors. Its master must have been quite mighty and frightening.

“A dead person.” Li Qiye chuckled in response: “Just think about it, what type of people require this item? Of course, even for them, this is only a backup plan. No one would use it unless there was no other way. People of this level wouldnt gamble on a twenty percent chance.”

“If it has a master already, if you try and take it away, arent you…” She became worried. It was a reasonable doubt. After all, a master of this item was surely a terrorizing existence.

“So what?” He interrupted her and laughed: “If I need something, it is the same regardless of whether it has a master or not, its completely up for grabs!”

Yonghuang was speechless. He said these high-handed words so casually. It was simply unreasonable, but that was not his nature; this was someone who spoke with his fist.

The two talked along the way and made it to the entrance of the valley. There were many cultivators and experts standing here.

Some released their blood energies and didnt hesitate to show their strength publicly. Others hid their auras and identities. The few true masters were hiding in the shadows while gazing at everything.

Because of this, no one knew who the strongest at the valley was. Some even believed that Emperor Assailants have made it here. However, these characters would just quietly stay in the background.

“Fierce is here.” People quickly made way for the duo after seeing them and didnt dare to block their path.

However, some also felt relieved after seeing that it was only Li Qiye and Su Yonghuang. Fiercest was strong indeed and enough to make others tremble timidly. However, if the Lunargrasp Fairy and the True Martial Goddess were here as well, no one could contest him for the medicine!

The younger generation was fine with it, but for the dying crowd, they must have this medicine. Even if they were to face Li Qiye or Meng Zhentian, they would still risk it all and try to fight for the medicine. After all, nothing was more important and precious than living on.

Because of this, the absence of the other two women was a welcomed sight. At the very least, they still had a chance against Li Qiye instead of none.

Someone couldnt help but mutter with dissatisfaction: “Hes so young, why would he want an immortal medicine?”

Of course, these were the old men. After all, they were rightfully annoyed that these young ones in their prime came here to compete with them.

“He might not need to use it, but he can let others have it. If he has it in his possession, he could definitely invite an Emperor Assailant! Plus, which cultivator dares to say hell live forever?” Another old man laughed and didnt mind a young person like Li Qiye coming to join the fun.

People quickly stared at Li Qiye. The competition had yet to begin, yet a few have already considered him to be an enemy.

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