Those with clear eyes would see that this family got along.
When Fu Xiu Nian and Chen Xiao Meng both looked towards Chen Yi with their faces looking like they were going through the worst suffering of their lives, the viewers’ faces unconsciously lightened up, bringing a bit of a smile onto their faces.
When they heard them roast back at each other, it was an even more merrier time.

>> Puha hahahaha how terrible is Chen Yi’s food? The moment his sister walks through the door, she automatically orders takeout.
What a pair of siblings, how real!

>> Feeling as if they are an old couple.
No deliberate PDAs, just the calm, warm kind, what can I do.

>> His sister didn’t eat any food, sure fine.
Now she’s got to be stuffed in the face with dogfood too.
Too sweet!!! Xiu Xiu is gentle and so meek but Yi Ge is so tender and precious towards him.
When he found out that Xiu Xiu was having a hard time cooking, he automatically suggested taking turns in the future.

And then the next couple of scenes were pretty much the same as the other couple before them, of Xiao Kai Chun and Yang Fei.
The film crew gave them the same hundred yuan bill and two attraction tickets.
Although they were the same events, the two pairs of couples were as different as heaven and hell.
Chen Yi very clearly showed everyone how to be shrewd and smart.

Normally you spend money at an attraction park, and everyone thought they would have to count their pennies to last through the day.
Yet when Chen Yi rode on that bike to earn money the viewers’ jaws were already dropping off, internally thinking, What the fuck, you can do this?!

In reality, Chen Yi was very good to Fu Xiu Nian, but that wasn’t on full display.
His kindness and love was in the details.
Some sharp eyed fans found that when they were eating ramen, he gave Fu Xiu Nian the more expensive black pepper sausage and he ate the normal kind.
He had even bought Fu Xiu Nian a yogurt drink just for him.
Even when Fu Xiu Nian wanted to play hoops, he directly gave him a hundred yuan to let him play until he got sick of it.

>> Sweet, so sweet my teeth are going to fall out.
Wu Wu Wu, I want this kind of boyfriend too.
Normally bullies you but is really good to you discreetly.
Yi-Ge as a boyfriend, your level is maxed out!!

>> In love, I’m in love.
It must be so fortunate to be with Yi-Ge, this kind of man.
Responsible and owns up to things, doesn’t let his partner suffer, how much better is he than Xiao Kai Chun.
Xiu Xiu is also willing to pour out his love and do anything but Yi-Ge is also willing to treasure and cherish him.
Yi-Ge the girl’s world has arrived!!

Chen Yi reached out to hug Fu Xiu Nian from behind, teaching him move by move how to throw the hoop.
His cold face was handsome and sexy, his voice was arousing, dousing too many people with sugar.
And so when the game stall owner started to cheat his way out of their earnings, the fans were about to blow up in anger.

What the fuck this is my CP winning a love token for their relationship.
You dare to underscore them?! You bastard, give me your life! (holds up an 18ft sword)

If it were any other person, perhaps they might have just swallowed this loss.
But when fans heard the conversation between Chen Yi and Fu Xiu Nian, they felt it wasn’t that simple.

Fu Xiu Nian: “Don’t care about him.
If a dog bites you, are you going to bite it back?” 

Chen Yi: “Bite? I can’t bite him to death.”

Chen Yi the back talker.
This was something everyone knew about.
The majority of the viewers thought that he was just going to have a word battle with the stall owner, but instead Chen Yi only started counting the hoops he had left, and then his wrist moved with strength, landing the hoop right on the last item, smooth and fast.

Before the audience could even say “Wow”, another hoop was thrown and also landed perfectly onto an item.
While others may have needed a few more glances to correct their aim, Chen Yi was throwing as easily and simply as chopping chives.
When the last item was hooped up, the viewers’ faces were like the owner’s, just as numb.

>> Wow, what a society man my Yi-Ge is.
I won’t say much to hurt, but stall owner, oh stall owner, why did you start this mess with this kind of man……

>> Please excuse this lowly educated human, but wow what the fuck.
Yi-Ge is amazing.
Thankfully he did not have a sword in his hand as otherwise he would have chopped the stall owner into pieces.

>> What a risk to open up a stall.
Hide when you see this kind of man.

The scene where a fan recognized them was not cut out and when she was jumping in excitement at having met Fu Xiu Nian and Chen Yi, her eyes were shining, glistening with joy.
The fans as viewers felt as if they saw a copy of themselves and they were all wu wu wu, jealous and envious but not resentful.

The night was falling and Chen Yi directly dropped a load of money to buy a skewer of grilled meat, which as everyone knew, attraction park food prices were not cheap.
Compared to the poor previous group who could only eat the wind for their meals, they were too blessed to be able to chow down on meat.

Viewers: Sisters, did you see.
If you find a partner see how important it is to find someone so dependable! Underline and bold on IMPORTANT!

The scenic night view wasn’t that quiet and cold.
With the lanterns and the lake reflecting the little dotted lights, when Fu Xiu Nian had that feeling of nostalgia, fans who had been following along on their journey had the same feeling. 

Time was like this.
When you were in the midst of the experience, you wouldn’t have realized it, but when you turned back, you would have found yourself surprised at how very very far you have already walked.

The backdrop was a bright shining field of fireworks, and this scenic view was most definitely romantic to the max.
When Chen Yi smiled and brought out that candy bouquet to present to Fu Xiu Nian, his sharp eyes had seemed to have been blown tender by the lakeside night wind.

Fu Xiu Nian’s eyes were glistening and perhaps that was the reflection of the fireworks in the sky, or maybe it was the tears in his eyes.

Fans suddenly recalled that summer night one year ago, when the two of them stood there in the courtyard doorway, absorbing all that wind, and with the trees swaying in the background, Fu Xiu Nian had given Chen Yi the gift of a candy.

It’s been said that life was a cycle.
When humans die, they become dust and after millions and billions of years, they will form back again in the universe.
In the billions of people alive on this earth, to be able to meet with someone you love wholeheartedly in this life, how lucky were you……

When fans saw them smiling and embracing each other, they teared up.
And then when Chen Yi started counting with his fingers and found that they still had 200 yuan, that moving moment of heartwarming feelings suddenly turned into an unbelievable amount of giving up and accepting that he was just that great.

>> I’m not going to say anything, really really.
My knees are just chopped off now, so how do I send them to Chen Yi?

>> Business genius!! What the motherfucking- I would bow down to him.
Xiao Kai Chun and Yang Fei had walked until they were almost crippled, starving until their eyes could turn green, and Chen Yi’s earnings are more than my one day of work.
What the motherfucking fuck! That’s amazing!!

>> This is just saying again, how really really important it is to find a dependable partner! Kneeling down!

Even though the third couple had not appeared yet, the viewers could already tell that there would not be a pair that could beat this couple’s sweetness.
They watched Chen Yi and Fu Xiu Nian ride the car to go home, and as the two of them bickered, there was a heartwarming feeling welling up from the little details of their love, how stable, how quiet but strong, how calming.

When they reached home, the viewers laughed and laughed again at Chen Xiao Meng being angered by the chubby kid.
Spoiled brats definitely had a strong method of wearing you down, and her angelic image finally could not be kept up.

When the program was near its end, and they were in the bedroom, completing their final thoughts, the words of Chen Yi made people think a lot.
Looks will follow the passage of time and fade away, but the aspects of a good personality would not.
After many tests and hurdles, through time, it will be like pearls in the sand, burning brighter than ever.

There were some things, time could take away.

Fans were willing to expend their energy and efforts for their idols, so Chen Yi was also willing to work harder to become better for them.
He wished, that in this meaningful age, they didn’t like someone for no reason, didn’t like someone only to be lied to.
With the passage of time, hopefully they would be able to learn something from him.

Then when the fans grow old one day, and they don’t chase after idols anymore, as they watch their grandchildren toddling away, and they watch a new set of idols coming onto the entertainment scene, perhaps they would recall the idols they had once liked before.

Looks, probably would not be remembered clearly, but he must have been hot, handsome.
And he’s very very good, strong, persevering, and kind.
Although his face wouldn’t be remembered but they would have remembered that they worked hard for him, worked hard to become someone as excellent as he was.

That was enough……

Many fans who were easily moved couldn’t hold in their tears.
They saw Chen Yi’s hardworking efforts, and the year that he worked so hard on his acting.
All for his fans, stepping slowly but surely to become better, trying to become a better role model.

Fu Xiu Nian was being interviewed in the living room, but perhaps because of his chubby nephew’s cries, it was stopped in the middle.
Fans were on one hand crying and looking at the monitor, hoping to catch everything, and on the other, watching Fu Xiu Nian appear on the screen, his handsome face comforting their slightly hurt feelings, and taking away some of the attention.

>> The brothers’ auras are so different.
They don’t look very much alike, but if you look closer, you could see some similarities.

>> His younger brother looks like a smart businessman.
Full suit ensemble, and I even spotted some bodyguards behind him.

>> Wow his younger brother has that boss feeling.
A few days ago << The Wealth of the World >> had their weekly report and wasn’t it on the Fu Corporation’s CEO…Those two look too similar hahahaha

The moment this comment appeared on screen, those viewers who saw it fell into a deep silence.
And the one who posted seemed to have realized after posting that Fu Xiu Nian’s brother should also have the surname Fu.
Three seconds later, their fingers trembled as they posted another comment……

>> Can’t be right.
There are too many people with the same name in this world.
There are so many who have the surname Ma, so many with Li, so there must be a lot with Fu…….

>> But same name and looks about the same……?

The chubby kid just said it too.
His father was called Fu Si Ping.

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