ock over the glass of water to disperse this weird atmosphere, he heard,

“That glass of water was mine.”


Huo Ming Chen paused in shock, and finally his face returned to normal from that awkward timidness and jutted out his chin, scowling,

“What, and I can’t drink from it?”

Speaking exactly like a thug.

Lu Qi did not argue with him.

“You can drink it.”

Lu Qi pushed the cup closer to him.

“If you want to drink it, then drink it.”

It didn’t cost any money after all.

Huo Ming Chen, as a person, has a terrible temper, but he also was easy to coax.
With those words, he was already happy and smirked,

“You have class in the afternoon?”


Hearing that, Huo Ming Chen hurriedly said,

“Then eat quickly.
I want to take you somewhere after you eat.”

“Where to?”

Lu Qi had a feeling in his gut, but he was not quite sure.

“You’ll know once you get there.”

Huo Ming Chen had many properties that were known to his family, but there was one place that he had secretly bought without their knowledge.

In Lu Qi’s previous life, he let Lu Qi live there, as if he was a bird hidden away in a golden cage.
But that was only after they were in the 3rd year of their relationship.

Now though…… it seemed a little too early, so Lu Qi was not sure.

However when Huo Ming Chen drove him to an all too familiar neighborhood, he knew he was at least 80% correct.

“This place is not too far from the university.
From now on, live here on the weekends.”

Huo Ming Chen gave Lu Qi a set of keys, and pushed him into the new dwelling.
Pride filled his voice as he said,

“I designed this house myself.
Just recently finished.”

The interior design did fit Huo Ming Chen’s aesthetics.
Full of cool colors, not very extravagant or gaudy.
Lu Qi stroked across the grey toned wallpaper with his fingers, taking it all in one inch at a time.
The memories that were suppressed deep inside came surging out, and he couldn’t stop it.

He was walking in a place with history that only he knew.
He knew more about this house than Huo Ming Chen.

“It’s really beautiful.”

Lu Qi sincerely praised.


Huo Ming Chen looked at him, biting his lips in an attempt to stop the smile that automatically tried to show up.
He was thinking that Lu Qi’s tastes aligned with his so well, and so he said with ease,

“If you like it, then it’s yours.”

This kind of house is like a property of gold.
Commoners could save up for half a lifetime, and they still would not be able to buy it.
Of course, the price was not the main focus, instead the design was.
He could easily gift it, not because he was generous, but because he was starting to really value Lu Qi.

System: Cough cough cough.

Lu Qi could only forcefully muster a smile.

“I only need you.
What do I need a house for?”

#Please discuss all those years I missed the mountains of gold and silver presented to me#

Right after he said that, he was suddenly pinned against the wall by Huo Ming Chen.
Huo Ming Chen was at least half a head shorter than him, but his dominating presence could not be dismissed.

“So you are the suppressed type of guy that looks aloof and apathetic, but inside you can be wild, boiling with passion.
Letting out provocative or sweet words out like they are nothing, huh.”

Lu Qi was perplexed.
This was the first time anyone said that to him.
He ducked his head, and rested his arm around the back of Huo Ming Chen’s head.
Voice low and husky, with a possessive gaze,

“Only to you.
Isn’t that good?”

Of course it was good.
It was so good that it made Huo Ming Chen’s knees weak.
He grabbed onto Lu Qi’s shirt collar, practically hanging himself on Lu Qi.
He rasped out,

“Stay here tonight.”

The meaning was very clear.
They have already come this far out from the university, did he not plan to sleep with him before leaving???

Lu Qi: ……

This was the first time Lu Qi found that Huo Ming Chen was such a clingy lover.
He flipped them around, and pushed Huo Ming Chen up against the wall to kiss him.
Kissing him until Huo Ming Chen was dazed.
One button at a time was opened up, revealing an alluring Adam’s apple.
Lu Qi even took the time to leisurely ask,

“If I am the suppressed type, what are you?”

Huo Ming Chen bit Lu Qi’s neck, leaving a hickey behind, smiling savagely,

“I can be a seductive type…… only to you.”

The sea can be very calm, but once the wind starts to blow, it can be riled up and up.
Huo Ming Chen felt like he was a tiny boat in the water, sailing along the turbulent sea.
One wave knocking him back at a time.
His boat was about to capsize.

Because of their vigorous activity, Lu Qi was dripping with sweat.
He brushed aside his wet hair, showing off a gorgeous and stunning youthful face.
It was paired with a contrasting characteristic of solemnness that made Huo Ming Chen‘s legs quiver.
He couldn’t help himself and wrapped his arms around Lu Qi’s waist and said,

“Your physique’s not bad.
And here I thought you would have a hard time fighting someone.”

Lu Qi was muscular, but his body was not the type that showed it.
It was easy to miss, especially since his clothes make him look quite thin.

“I still have enough strength to take care of you.”

Lu Qi lifted Huo Ming Chen up and headed towards the shower.
Hot water blasted down their bodies, and the bathroom slowly fogged up.
He couldn’t see very well in the fog, but he could feel the presence of another human being in his embrace.

This was the first time in his life that he felt he was dreaming in reality.

The author has something to say:
Lu Qi: How much did I miss out on in my previous life?
System: I can’t hear you I can’t hear you I can’t hear you

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