what kind of DNA flows in their family for them to be this good looking? 360 degrees with no bad angles, no filters, no photoshop and they are to be this hot?

Chen Xiao Meng’s popularity for her beauty had not faded from the internet yet and now it was going up again.
Some handles that wanted to leech onto the fame also started their own topics on this, and those netizens that Chen Yi proclaimed were even stronger than the Eastern Bureau spies were starting their research and examinations again.

>> AHHHHHH AHHHHHH AHHHHH Is that not the C University that I attend in the background behind his sister?! She wouldn’t be my senior or junior would she!! I suffered so much to get admitted in here, so her marks must be so good!!!

>> Yo, the guy before me, perhaps they wanted a picture in front of a good reputable school.
What are you blindly excited for huh.

>> No, she is a graduate of C University, same major as me.
I think she was called Chen Xiao Meng, with the title of the most attractive on campus.
But I heard that she was later involved in quite a serious car accident and thus cut off communication from everyone.
I thought she even passed away emmm

>> Ah? No wonder why she was on crutches.
And her photos show her so much thinner than the previous ones.
How pitiful

The more the netizens started to dig, the more they realized that Chen Xiao Meng had originally stayed in the ICU because of her accident for more than half a year, and her life had been stolen back from the heavens by an inch.
Even though she seemed to have healed, her leg muscles looked to have shrunk and walking was still a big issue.
And throughout all these years, Chen Yi has always been taking care of her.

Some netizens with the same kind of story were bawling out of their eyes at the similarity.

>> My grandma at first had stayed in the hospital because of a car accident and our family was in so much debt because of that.
There was no possibility of healing and how much did I crave for death then.
Chen Yi’s a good man, to have never given up on his sister.

Some antis immediately pushed back:

>> Celebrities and us normal humans are not the same.
How much money would he need to spend huh.
To them, it’s just short change.
Don’t pour your heart out so blindly.

>> Excuse me, you can count on your fingers can you not? Before Chen Xiao Meng was in the car accident, Chen Yi was still an invisible newbie at GE, and he wasn’t even known yet.
How much money could he have? ICU requires at least one thousand yuan a day.
For Chen Xiao Meng to have stayed there for more than half a year, whose family would not have become bankrupt? This doesn’t even count the costs after the stay.
Perhaps he became infamous for his sister.

>> I think you might be onto the truth.
Chen Xiao Meng is of the XXth graduation class.
At that time, Chen Yi had not even signed on to GE for more than a couple of years and he had no widespread name or even be known at all.
It seems like it was only after his sister got into the car accident did he start to become known for his notoriety all over the internet.

Things seemed to be slowly shifting on the internet and Chen Yi had the rare patience to read through all the discussions.
At long last however, he finally shut off his phone and went to Chen Xiao Meng’s room to take a look.
But he only found her sitting in front of her computer, looking like she was learning something about video editing, and he went into the kitchen to bring her a plate of watermelon slices.

Seeing this, Chen Xiao Meng was smiling to the point where her eyes curved up, 

“Thank you brother.
Why are you so nice today?”

Chen Yi said, 

“Even better in the future.”

He seemed to want to say something else, but those words never came out.
He only ruffled Chen Xiao Meng’s hair and then walked out the door.

Fu Xiu Nian had also seen the trending tags today, but he had remembered Chen Yi had told him not long ago that he had a sister.
And so he didn’t really think much of it, but as he had continually dialed him more than ten times and no one picked up, a seed of suspicion and doubt couldn’t help but form inside him……

With the tools he had, if Fu Xiu Nian wanted to investigate Chen Yi, it was as easy as reciting the ABCs.
But he had not done so before and so he would hold the urge in today too.

Normally at this time, after an hour or so, Chen Yi would be coming over.
Fu Xiu Nian sat by himself on the sofa, his mind flying away for a very long time, before standing up and heading into the kitchen to cook some dishes.
He was making some potato pork bone soup when he recalled that Chen Yi did not like to eat raw ginger.
So he cut the ginger into big chunks, and when the soup was about ready, he went to fish them out.

The pot was going “gu do gu do” as it boiled, and the kitchen was slowly being filled with the faint scent of meat.
Fu Xiu Nian washed his hands in the sink as he thought about the scene where Chen Yi was holding up that girl, possibly his sister, as they walked, and he only thought that the other had never been so gentle with him before.

His heart was feeling a bit sour.

When Fu Xiu Nian saw that the soup was almost ready, he lowered his head to continue cutting potatoes.
His sleeves were pushed up to his elbows, revealing a pair of beautiful, well kept hands, and with one look, one could tell he had lived well, being kept away from heavy duties.
He had never done such chores before but him cooking today, it did look otherwise.

When half the potatoes were cut, the sound of a door opening outside rang out.
But Fu Xiu Nian had been immersed in his thoughts and he hadn’t heard it.
So when he was suddenly embraced from the back, his reflexes almost made him throw the knife.

“What are you thinking about so deeply?”

Chen Yi single handedly held him, and with a flip of his wrist, that knife was in the palm of his hands in a safe grasp.
When Fu Xiu Nian turned over and found that it was Chen Yi, he sighed a breath of relief and quickly took the knife to throw it aside, 

“Why didn’t you let me know beforehand if you were coming over.
Scared me out of my mind.”

Chen Yi’s hand that was by his waist slowly slid downwards and squeezed on a certain area.
He smiled fakely, 

“Why did you buy your cellphone, hmm? Did I not send you a message before I came?”

Since Fu Xiu Nian had called Chen Yi fifty million times today and no one answered, he did not have the heart to look at his cellphone.
He didn’t even know about Chen Yi’s clarification post.
He only muttered out, 

“I didn’t see……”

Chen Yi loved Fu Xiu Nian and his dumb and blanked out look, looking so easily bullied.
He kissed him on the cheek and then slowly bit Fu Xiu Nian’s ears that looked like they were bleeding.
He said in a low tone by his ear, 

“I accepted a film offer and I’m going to head to the filming site next month.
I probably wouldn’t be able to come by for a while.”

Fu Xiu Nian was growing faint from his actions and hearing this, turned around to wrap his arms around Chen Yi’s neck.
He lifted up his head, asking in a half serious, half joking manner, 

“What if I think of you? What should I do?”

Chen Yi said, 

“Come find me.”

And then lowered his head to kiss him on the eyelids, looking at him deeply, 

“Did you see the headlines today?”

Fu Xiu Nian paused, 

“I saw it……”

Chen Yi continued to kiss him on his slightly pursed lips, 

“That is my sister.
I had slept a bit later yesterday and I didn’t wake up this morning, so I didn’t get to pick up your calls.”

So it was like that.

Fu Xiu Nian slightly lowered his eyes and then tightly grasped onto Chen Yi’s neck, 

“No worries.
It’s just that you didn’t answer your phone, so I was a little worried.”

Chen Yi grabbed a cherry tomato off the fruit platter and played with it, throwing it up and catching it a few times, saying without fear, 

“What are you afraid of? Afraid that my mouth’s gonna get my head chopped off?”

Fu Xiu Nian smiled, 

“You have a lot of fans now.
Who is going to dare to chop your head off? From now on, I will need to lean on you and ask for your support.
Yi-Ge, don’t forget about me when you become rich.”

Chen Yi slightly tilted up his eyebrows, 

“Alright, won’t forget about you.”

Fu Xiu Nian calmly lowered his eyes and squeezed Chen Yi’s earlobes.
He softly asked, 

“When you become more famous, will you throw me away?”

There were many examples of this in the entertainment industry.
Those who gain the ability to go higher, to expose themselves to an even higher level, they will kick off their original partner and find someone new.


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*1  Similar to “cheating” by climbing a wall, in this case the wall is like the celebrity/your dedication in liking the celebrity.
So when it “crumbles” it means theres no reason to like the celebrity anymore/there was no point/your like for the celebrity has “crumbled”.

*2 Eastern Bureau spies: This is specifically a division of the Ming dynasty and doesn’t have the greatest reputation, but they were a division like spies that only needed to report to the Emperor and no matter what other departments or officials, they couldn’t dictate what happens within that bureau, and they had basically had the power to arrest anyone based on treason.
Their leader is an eunuch appointed by the Emperor, and they have their own divisions for interrogation, soldiers/police force, prison and mainly kept an eye on the officials/wealthy merchants.
They are usually painted in movies as the bad guys as they were pretty infamous/notorious as they were usually painted/condemned as making cases up/assigning treason to people who haven’t committed treason, etc.
There’s more but as a very quick overview, think of them like spies for the country/govt, like James Bond etc., and only doing good for what’s considered good for the person in charge.

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