, go catch one if you have the ability.
What fucking arrogance ]

[ To be honest, I don’t think everyone needs to leave hate comments for Chen Yi.
The more you do that, the more exposure you give him.
Just ignore these kinds of garbage. ]

[ Really.
His actions don’t color me surprised.
I just hope that this program can look at themselves and realize to not just invite anyone who has some sort of popularity ]

[ It’s still good that he jumped in.
It counts as participating in the game.
When the time comes and he can’t catch a single fish, perhaps it will be him accepting that punishment rofl ]

[ Don’t even think about it.
He has a million and one reasons to avoid the work.
Perhaps then he will actually just drag the others down with him ]

Chen Yi reached out to grab a random branch from the shore.
He tested the hardiness of it and thought that it was close enough before he re-entered the deep end of the pond again.

After all, he did come from a past life where he was from a family that practiced a secretive and highly coveted practice of martial arts.
There was a fundamental training that focused on the eyes and the wrist movements.
One could only pass this section by piercing the water with a rock and causing a fish to faint as it rose up to the surface from the force of the throw.

But unfortunately when Chen Yi transmigrated here, he had lost all of his inner strength and all levels of his cultivation.
The original host was also lacking in wrist strength and so he could only use this kind of primitive method to catch fish.

Li Su Li had been diligent the entire time and she still couldn’t catch a single fish.
She rested where she was standing as she was more tired than anything, with sweat dripping down her forehead.
Seeing Chen Yi waddle in with a tree branch, she scrunched up her face and rolled her eyes.
Trying to stir up something, she said, 

“Chen Yi, can you walk a bit slower? We’re all trying to catch fish here, and you’re just scaring them all away.”

Chen Yi twirled the tree branch in his hand and said, 

If fish don’t swim, are they supposed to wait for you in a stationary spot for you to catch them?”

Other people may try to ignore Li Su Li for their image, but Chen Yi didn’t care.
Since he was young, he had never let bygones be bygones.
His life was never fated to have the manners of a gentleman.

[ Puh hahahahaha I especially love it when Chen Yi goes head to head with Li Su Li.
That is basically my happiness.
It is so satisfying to watch him make her speechless ]

[ Two poisonous snakes duking it out live hahaha ]

[ Come on, hurt each other more.
Who’s scared of the other ]

[ I hate it when Chen Yi’s being shit to other people, but towards Li Su Li, I really have no complaints here ]

[ I have never seen such a mannerless man.
What Chen Yi needs is some schooling ]

[ Hey you, when someone spits in your face, I hope you can keep your so called manners.
I especially like Chen Yi’s temper, perfectly suited to my tastes ]

Zhao Ke Yi was close by the entire time and could hear the two of them and their conversation.
She couldn’t hold in her smile at his response, and she could only cover her mouth to hide it.
She suddenly thought that Chen Yi was quite interesting. 

Li Su Li’s jaw clenched up but she mustered a forceful smile on her face, 

“Weren’t you too lazy to get into the water? Why don’t you stay out of it as you won’t be able to catch fish anyw……”

Before she could even finish, the branch in Chen Yi’s hand immediately pierced the water, as if it was a flash of lightning.
Li Su Li was so shocked by that action that the color drained from her face as she cried out “Mommy” and jerked away by reflex.
A splash of water rang out beside her and as the wooden stick was lifted out of the water, she could see a struggling fish at the end and it was not a small one by any means.

The game had not been going on for too long and so everyone hadn’t gotten the trick to it yet.
They had been only trying to catch fish with hopes and blind luck, and so no one could have expected that the first person to do so would be Chen Yi.
Seeing how skillful Chen Yi was, Ah Qi immediately straightened up and gave him a big thumbs up.
Zhao Ye Ki yelled out in response, 

“Wow Chen Yi, you’re too amazing!”

Li Su Li couldn’t smile however and said, 

“Perhaps it was just a coincidence.
Chen Yi, your luck’s not too bad.”

Audience: He must have the devil’s luck!!!

Fu Xiu Nian was standing nearby, and he couldn’t help but smile with his eyes curved up.
And then he focused back on his side, continuing to try and catch his own fish, when all of a sudden, a sudden heaviness dropped into the basket by his waist, even somehow wiggling a few times.

He subconsciously lifted his head and happened to be greeted with that always arrogant and condescending face of Chen Yi.
The other’s expression was very impatient and his tone was very matter of fact, as he raised his eyebrow, 

“I didn’t bring a basket.
If you don’t mind it, carry it for me.”

Fu Xiu Nian paused, stunned for a moment before slowly smiling, 

“No worries.
It’s not that heavy anyway.”

Chen Yi ignored him after that and continued to catch fish.
Li Su Li and the viewers were just waiting to mock him, but the conclusion was that perhaps there were too many fish in the pond or they collectively were just bad at this.
Chen Yi seemed to have paved the road open and his hands were like magic, striking into the water with the branch like lightning and thunder and coming out with a fish at the other end every time.

Wah La!

Wah La!


Wah La!

— Not even half an hour later, the basket by Fu Xiu Nian’s waist1 was already full.

Ah Qi had already given up on catching any fish and he was like a viewer on the livestream,  only staring at Chen Yi and his ever never ending cycle of fish.
Zhao Ke Yi’s eyes were glimmering like there were stars in them, changing from her previous attitude into a fangirl, 

“Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah!!!! Chen Yi, how are you catching them!!! Teach me!!!!”

Li Su Li was already paralyzed to the core and she couldn’t even muster up a smile on her face.

The viewers were all cursing a storm in their hearts: Are you motherfucking serious?!!!! Even those pay-to-win gamers aren’t that good!!

[ This must be fake.
Did the filming crew prepare this beforehand…… ]

[ 1.
The water’s clear.
And the PD has been filming the entire time, so they couldn’t have done something; 2.
Chen Yi’s name is “big”, but it’s not so big that the crew would help him cheat ] 

[ The fish in these countryside ponds are too smart.
It is not easy to catch one at all ]


[ There’s nothing that special about it.
When I lived by the sea, I could catch more than he could in half an hour ]

[ A wrecked boat still has three pounds of nails2.
Perhaps Chen Yi’s skill is catching fish.
But still, that’s too crazy.
He didn’t even need to look and he just stabs the stick in the water, not even needing time to survey the water ]

[ It’s just fish.
Don’t make him into such a fucking god.
Any fisherman by the sea would be stronger than him. ]

[ Hey you, what kind of fisherman is not skilled at fishing? It’s their job.
Do you even know what you are saying? Is it that hard to accept that there will be people out there better than you huh ]

[ My face hurts.
I just said that he must be last, and the next second my face has been slapped ]


[ GARBAGE Chen Yi.
Won’t even carry his own basket and dumping it all on Xiu Xiu3 to bear his weight.
What if my Xiu Xiu can’t even put his own fish into his own basket? We’re done, we’re so done for.
His hand also has an injury, so he couldn’t be the last one, right ]

[ Who made Fu Xiu Nian’s temper so nice.
He’s too easy to bully.
Li Su Li and Chen Yi, these two crazy nuts are pulling him from side to side, bullying him, easier to play with than clay ]

Fu Xiu Nian untied the basket by his waist and placed it on the bank.
He was pouring all the fish out before he suddenly saw Chen Yi come up on shore in a hurry.
With his pants rolled up to his knees, revealing some very muscular calves, Chen Yi began to put his shoes back on.
His eyes somehow also seemed to be more blazing and ferocious than the sun in the sky.

“Chen Yi, are you not going to continue?”


Fu Xiu Nian crowded around the shore and counted the fish as he said to Chen Yi, 

“Thanks to you, we have all this.
The napa cabbage in the courtyard has almost been cleaned out by us.
These fish should last us quite a while.”

Chen Yi said, 

“There’s something to eat just beside you.”

Fu Xiu Nian looked beside him, but he could only see some green grass growing by the road and he asked curiously, 

“What is this? I have never seen this before.”


Chen Yi looked at him oddly, 

“Shepherd’s purse4.
These can be eaten.”

Fu Xiu Nian blinked, 

“I didn’t know that these can be eaten?”

Chen Yi: “As long as you know rice can be eaten, then that’s fine.”


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*1 fish/woven basket: There’s actually quite a few different designs(?), of many different sizes, some of which can be like a cone shape to catch fish, some that are ginormous (which you can find pretty easily on taobao actually), some that are more round and some with openings and closings, but here’s something to give an estimate (this one is from a posting on taobao!):


*2 A wrecked boat still has three pounds of nails: A saying that means something broken still has something to be used like nuts and bolts of a wrecked boat still can be used even if the boat is wrecked.


*3 Xiu Xiu: A nickname by the netizens, most likely his fans, for Fu Xiu Nian, taking the middle of his name, and kind of like saying my child, Xiu Xiu, being a bit cute.

*4 Shepherd’s purse: A very common grass that grows by the roadside, literally translated as “ground grass/veggie” due to its common-ness, but also edibility.

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