on an all knowing face,

“What are you afraid of, the company is still yours and your brother’s.”

“I said you were smart, and you become smart.
Said you were an idiot and you become an idiot.”

Huo Ming Chen tugged on Lu Qi’s ears and kissed his chin,

“Dummy, he has the right to inherit too.
Some of the board members were already in deep conversations with him when I went to the office the other day.
My brother is too young, and in their eyes, his youth and inexperience is a fault.
My dad’s too old, and he thinks that he needs to make up for failing his brother.
Who knows what’s going to happen.”

Lu Qi nodded his head, and tactfully concluded,

“Then this uncle, doesn’t seem like he’s a good guy.”

Huo Ming Chen laughed mockingly,

“Immediately fighting for our inheritance when he returned to the country, what kind of good thing could he be?”

Hearing that, Lu Qi was shocked on the inside.
That old Huo Yuan Guang really could not restrain himself and was now already starting his quest against Huo Ming Chen for the family inheritance.
Wasn’t that just looking for death, or could it be said that his rebirth had the butterfly effect and changed even Huo Yuan Guang’s fate?

All Huo Ming Chen could hear right now was the stable beating of Lu Qi’s heart.
Each beat had a strange and entrancing magic, calming him down from his irritation and impulsiveness.
He turned his head to look out the window, and something made him suddenly straighten up and forcefully pull on Lu Qi’s sleeve,

“Quick, look outside!”

After hearing that, Lu Qi looked out the window and discovered that in the quiet night, it had started to snow.
White snowflakes slowly dancing in the air, falling onto the streetlights, the windows, the ground, the tree branches.
Breathtaking and beautiful beyond words, everything was being covered in layers and layers of white.

When snow falls onto this earth, humans will suddenly feel how small and insignificant they are.

Lu Qi rarely notices these things and doesn’t know if it was because of the person beside him or for some other reason.
But he looked upon the scene outside the window seriously and with sincerity, and he slowly and tightly hugged the person in his embrace.
At this moment, his heart did not have any other desires, and in a rare occurrence, was as pure as his heart could ever be.

“After all that, we can see the same snowfall.”

Huo Ming Chen responded with the truth,

“Fuck, if it was not for me coming all this way to see you.”

His expression was strange for one second after he said that, and then turned silent.
Huo Ming Chen was not someone to hold things in, but he really did not want to let Lu Qi know how much he cared about him.
What little he could hide, and however long he could hide it for.

If Lu Qi knew how much he cared, he’d be conceited and boss him around without fear.

Huo Ming Chen did not say anything, so Lu Qi pretended he did not hear anything and switched the topic,

“Sleepy? Do you want to take a nap at my house?”

Huo Ming Chen was a little surprised and raised his eyebrows.
He asked suspiciously,

“Are you sure you want me to go to your house and not to a motel to sleep? What if your family sees me?”

Lu Qi was being rarely accommodating today,

“Don’t worry, I’ll just say that you’re a friend.”

Huo Ming Chen looked at him and then hugged him tightly and laughed, looking very happy,

“I do want to lie on your bed, but I have something in the morning.
I’ll just stay here for a bit then leave.”

So he came all the way out here at night only to stay for a small amount of time, underneath his home, quite mentally ill this one is.

Lu Qi didn’t know what to say, as going back to the capital from here is at least 4 hours, and he extended his hand to pinch the other’s sore waist,

“Can you survive?”

Huo Ming Chen wrapped his arms around Lu Qi’s neck and bit his bottom lip, saying with a sickly sweet voice,

“If I can’t, what are you going to do?”

Lu Qi thought to himself about what he could do and said,

“Then I’ll drive you back.”

The words were just spoken out loud, and he felt like he was squeezed tighter.
Lu Qi has never realized that Huo Ming Chen was this emotional and that he had a pure and sincere heart, unlike his own stone heart that can’t retain any warmth.

The two of them held each other tightly in silence for a while, with no one saying anything.
When time was almost up, Huo Ming Chen lightly let go, and he sat back in the driver seat, turning his head to look out the window.

“I’m going back now.”

Like a korean drama, as if it was the parting scene of two lovers, into death.


Lu Qi nodded his head, without much of a romantic bone in him.
He opened the car to get out, walked a few steps but then remembered something and turned back around.
Parted by the window, he told Huo Ming Chen,

“Be careful on the road.”

The other gave him an OK sign and then started the car to leave.
Lu Qi stood by the entrance of his family’s apartment complex, and stared at the car driving away before heading back upstairs.

The author has something to say:
Author: The weather report would have never been accurate ~ (shrugs helplessly)

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