nd anger in the past.

He had not examined it before, but this was the face of a younger Huo Ming Chen.

Lu Qi stared a little bit longer, before leaning forward to grab Huo Ming Chen up.
Fang Qi just happened to go up on stage to change the song.
When he saw what was happening, he tossed his microphone to someone beside him, and went towards Lu Qi to ask,

“Are you sure you can do this? Do you need some help?”

When Huo Ming Chen is drunk, he is the devil.

“Thanks, but no.”

Lu Qi only needed to use one hand to make sure Huo Ming Chen does not fall, and Huo Ming Chen is unexpectedly very obedient in his arms, not making a fuss.
Fang Qi is straight, and he finds the sight of two men hugging weird.
In particular, when it’s his childhood friend, he just can’t see anything but awkwardness.

Fang Qi leaned against the doorway, watching the backs of the two leaving.
In his heart, he sighs a little, but also feels a bit mischievous and gleeful.
If Huo Ming Chen’s grandfather knows his baby grandson likes men, he will definitely cut off Huo Ming Chen’s legs.

It was still raining outside.
At the exit, Huo Ming Chen starts struggling out of Lu Qi’s arms, which was probably due to the cold wind blowing in the rain.
Lu Qi lightly slid his fingers over Huo Ming Chen’s waist, and once Huo Ming Chen weakened his body due to the sensitive touch, Lu Qi grabs his car keys out of his pockets.
It’s as if he has done this a million times.

The car was parked a little further away, and holding a drunkard means it’s hard to hold an umbrella at the same time.
Lu Qi takes off his jacket and wraps it around Huo Ming Chen.
Snuggling him into an embrace, Lu Qi lifts Huo Ming Chen up and walks into the rain.

Fang Qi was just heading out with an umbrella, and when he sees this scene, for an unknown reason, he remembers it for a very long time.

When Lu Qi sits inside the car, his entire body was already dripping wet.
Rain drops slowly sliding down his hair and dripping down, making his very structured face very cold and emotionless.

Someone else was laying in the passenger seat very comfortably which was due to Lu Qi’s jacket.
Besides a shirt corner with some water splatters, Huo Ming Chen was completely dry.

The car drove through the night, with the city lights and scenery passing by like lightning, as if the car was in a completely different world with its inside shrouded in darkness.
There was a split moment where someone opened his eyes with light flashing in it for a second, before sleep seemingly took over again.

Lu Qi sensed something, and he turned his head over to see Huo Ming Chen’s sleeping body has tilted.
He straightened up Huo Ming Chen again, before continuing to drive.

School had not officially started yet, so they cannot go back to the dormitory.
And they absolutely cannot go back to the Huo family estate.
Lu Qi could only open a room in a hotel for the night.

Thinking back to his previous life, he wanted to sleep with Huo Ming Chen to secure their relationship.
When Huo Ming Chen was drunk, he brought Huo Ming Chen to the hotel to do the unspeakable.
The very next day, he was almost beaten to death.

Lu Qi let Huo Ming Chen sleep one night in the hotel, and Huo Ming Chen let him sleep in the hospital for half a month.

At that time, Lu Qi had very angrily thought he would sleep with a dog before he would ever sleep with Huo Ming Chen again.

There are some things that filled you with hatred at the time, but when you think back many years later, you can only laugh at your childishness.
When you finish laughing, you feel a bit of emptiness.

Lu Qi used his own identity card to open the room.
After he paid all the fees, he only had five hundred yuan left.
He brought Huo Ming Chen to the room, and silently calculated how he would gain his money back.

Huo Ming Chen is always generous, but that’s only when he wants to give it to you.
If you try to go through a nefarious plan, it could always backfire.
Lu Liu started to take off Huo Ming Chen’s clothes and shoes.
When he was done, he dropped a blanket over Huo Ming Chen’s body, and then his finger started to twitch – this is a sign that he wanted to scheme.

In his previous life, their relationship was based on their sexual life.
Even though Lu Qi stayed at the hospital for half a month, Huo Ming Chen switched from his playful attitude to a more serious one.
Lu Qi had felt that Huo Ming Chen was trying to slowly accept him.

Maybe because they had slept together.
If they already did, why not try?

But what about this life? Is he going to walk the same path again?


Lu Qi was pondering before someone who was sleeping soundly on the bed suddenly wrinkled his face and started to mutter.
That someone turned over into a big star shape, with his limbs laying over Lu Qi’s body by the bedside.

If God made sex as a gift to humans and only when you are in love as a sign of the most intimate form of love, it is wrong to have sex any other time.2

Lu Qi lightly pushed Huo Ming Chen’s arms and legs off of him, thinking in his past life, he had already schemed too much off of Huo Ming Chen.
In this life……

Let’s let it go.

A wallet suddenly fell out of a jacket onto the ground.
Lu Qi bent over to pick it up, and he opened it to see a lot of multi colored credit cards.
He roughly glanced over them, and there are three cards he knows the password to.

Huo Ming Chen usually spends money like there’s no end to it, and he never knows how much.
If he’s missing a few five or six thousand, he probably won’t even find out……

Lu Qi nonchalantly started to take out the cards as he was thinking that.
However, as soon as he touched the cards, an electrical current flowed through his fingers and shocked him numb.

With a soft noise, the cards fell to the ground.

Lu Qi did not know how much strength he used to keep from shouting.
He just held his right hand carefully, with his eyes blown wide, suspecting he just saw a ghost.

[ DING! ]

At this moment, a mechanical voice rang through his head,

[ Hello my host! Your current action led to breaking the rules of this system.
This is your first warning, there will be a second warning with a more severe punishment.
The third time, you will start to lose your life points.
Please make sure to treasure your second chance at life! ]

[ This self reliant system has been officially opened, and our mission goal is to be self reliant, self sufficient, and to reject all help that is not earned! My dear host, the sweetest thing in the world can only be achieved through your own hard work! Let us become strong together!!! ]

The man who only lives by using others, and never by his own efforts and hard work: ……


*1 In this case a phoenix man is someone who had a very poor upbringing, goes through education and becoming successful.
However, it usually has negative connotations of the man marrying a woman of high status or wealth and then after using the woman and her wealth or status, dumps her as she has no more use.
In a lot of novels I read that is… You can find more information by searching phoenix man or “鳳凰男”.
>>Changed the volume title to match the direct translation (no point in saying it is technically otherwise)

*2 Probably understood, but just in case: that was Lu Qi trying to convince himself not to sleep with Huo Ming Chen.

>>Fixed some formatting to match what we have been doing in later chapters

As described in the summary and volume descriptions, this novel is about scumbag protagonists and their journey to be a better person assisted by a system : ) Each volume depicts a new protagonist! More information can be found in the previous pages 

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