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Pei Ran was sprawled on the floor, dazed, and couldn’t get back up.
He saw the zombie rush over at him and thought that he was going to die.
He closed his eyes and reflexively held up his hands to block—-

The stench was getting closer and closer, enough that it almost made him want to throw up.
But after a while, he still didn’t feel any of the pain that he imagined there would be.
Something wasn’t right, he thought, and when he opened his eyes, he was greeted by the T3 frozen in place, as if commanded by someone.
Still in an aggressive attacking position with its mouth wide open, ready to bite, but it didn’t move an inch.

The night was thick in its darkness but not as much as the blood drenched on the ground.

Pei Ran spotted a person quietly standing behind the T3.
A sad looking beauty, his eyes and hair black, and with skin paler than any normal person and eyes deeper than the abyss; a person with indecipherable emotions.

Qu Yan……

In his hand he held a blade that shone with a cold glimmer, like an executioner standing behind the zombie.
He raised his hand up and then ruthlessly stabbed down, as if to release his pent up emotions.
With a cold looking face, he viciously smashed at the head a few times before digging out the crystal orb.

Seeing how a zombie with a full health bar suddenly dropped to the ground dead, Pei Ran suddenly thought that he was truly a useless nitwit.

He wanted to get up from the ground but he had used up too much of his energy and crashed back onto the floor with a loud noise.
Seeing him like this, Qu Yan stepped over the corpse at his feet and then walked to stand in front of Pei Ran.
He knelt down on one knee and leaned over to hug Pei Ran.
He didn’t immediately pull Pei Ran to stand up with him but stayed in this position, slowly tightening his grasp.

Pei Ran was covered in filth yet Qu Yan did not care.
Qu Yan closed his eyes, sticking his face right up against the other and slowly nuzzled.
He quietly said, 

“You’ve protected me again.”

Pei Ran immediately let out a sigh of relief.
He cried out with tears welling up in his eyes, 

“You’re finally awake.”

Qu Yan nodded his head,

“Mhmm, I’m awake now.”

Pei Ran borrowed Qu Yan’s strength to stand back up.
He was truly someone who didn’t have a care in the world as after his shock, he quickly ran to the car to change his clothes.
He made Qu Yan use his water ability to wash his entire body and then chowed down some food at the backseat of the car, looking as if he had used up quite a lot of energy.

Qu Yan stared at Pei Ran’s chubby cheeks chewing away and thought he looked a bit cute.
He didn’t withhold the urge to lean over and hug him but Pei Ran lightly pushed him away, pointing at the big bruise on his back, his meaning very clear.

Not allowed to kiss and now not even allowed to hug.
Qu Yan’s eyes were quiet and contemplative as his fingers slowly brushed over Pei Ran’s wounds.
Then he grabbed some medicinal ointment from the car’s storage compartment and rubbed it over Pei Ran’s bruises, slowly pushing the coagulated blood free.

Overwhelmed with pain, Pei Ran clenched his jaw and gritted his teeth, unable to eat any more.
He quickly grabbed onto Qu Yan’s wrist and said, 

“Owowow, stop rubbing……”

He had skin born from a wealthy lifestyle, having wanted for nothing and inexperienced in all of life’s grand reality, unlike Qu Yan who could endure any kind of pain.

Qu Yan tilted his head slightly but he did not plan to retract his hand.

Pei Ran could feel that Qu Yan’s psychic ability had leveled up again and any word the other even lightly said held a very mesmerizing tone, especially when paired with eyes that could hook others into his trap.
He grabbed the medicinal bottle out of Qu Yan’s hands and tossed it away.
Helplessly opening his hands, he brought the other into his embrace and said, 

“Let’s rest for a while before leaving.
It’s not safe here.”

Qu Yan had never rejected him.
He only leaned against his chest, quietly listening to Pei Ran’s blabbering.

Depressed, Pei Ran said, 

“I was almost sent off to the shadow realm by that T3.
I really need to get better at fighting.”

Qu Yan avoided touching his back, lightly massaging the back of his neck in silent comfort.
His tongue slowly hooked onto his lips and Pei Ran forgot then what he said during the day.
He flipped their positions, pressing Qu Yan below him and lightly bit at the other’s lips.

Pei Ran jokingly asked, 

“Do I need to bite you back for revenge?”

Qu Yan tilted his head up to kiss him.
His voice was quite hoarse, but it was like a feather flirting with someone’s skin, bringing on a bit of a challenge in its tone, 

“Then why don’t you bite……”

Pei Ran said, 

“You think everyone’s like you, part of the dog family?”

Qu Yan: “……”

In the other’s state of shock, Pei Ran smiled, his eyebrows raised in a challenging tilt.
He lowered his head to kiss Qu Yan again and said in all seriousness,

“I lied.
I don’t want to leave any scars on you.”

Pei Ran had at times thought that it was fine if he transmigrated, but why did he have to transmigrate into the apocalypse.
They should have met in a world bustling with wealth and peace……

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