e slowly leaning forward to catch onto the other’s lips.
Slowly, taking his time, he intertwined his tongue with the other through their kiss, biting at that warm and soft tongue before lying back down.
He smiled helplessly, 

“Alright, I’ll protect you.”

After he said so, he patted Qu Yan’s back and said, 

“Go to sleep, don’t think so much.
I’m already very tired.”

The scent of mint had already faded until it was so faint it couldn’t be detected on the man’s body, but Qu Yan felt that it was still quite sharp and clear.
His eyelids were slowly getting heavier and heavier, and following the heartbeat of the person beneath him, he fell asleep.

In other people’s eyes, this place was already a dead city.
When the virus had erupted with high infection rates, X City had suffered the most.
Everyone started to move away, and perhaps the south base was already built, with all the remaining survivors gathered over there; only they, with their long phase of hiding in the underground storage space, never seeing the light of day, missed the best chance to escape.

The moon light was icy cold, shining down on the plants that had grown uncontrollably to abnormal heights.
Zombies hiding in all sorts of spaces were quietly evolving and starting to walk slowly towards a destination, as if a very strong power was controlling them from the dark.

Pei Ran had quite liked to laze around in bed; always one to sleep in the morning, party at night, and never waking up until the sun was high up in the sky.
But today, he woke up quite early.
The moment he moved slightly, Qu Yan quietly opened his eyes.
He didn’t say a word, only lightly nuzzling the other’s jaw.

“If you’re awake, then get up.”

Pei Ran’s voice still sounded a bit sleepy.
He woke Qu Yan up and then used a bottle of water to quickly do a simple wash up before eating two bakery buns.
He had planned to continue hunting for zombies as his gut feeling told him they couldn’t stay much longer in X City; so he wanted to leave quickly.

Qu Yan’s hands were still full of orbs.
When he lifted his hands, those orbs fell onto his legs, 

“Are these not enough?”

It was enough, but the dumb idiotic system wouldn’t let him use it.

Pei Ran could only say, 

“I want to go find some myself.
These, you go and use it for your own cultivation.”

The situation now was that the higher the level of their abilities, the better.
After all, no one knew what the situation outside X City was like.
Pei Ran wondered if he should drive the car a bit farther away to find zombies when Qu Yan seductively hugged him from the back and quietly whispered into his ear, 

“I’ll help you……”

And then used his mental ability to force all the nearby low level T0 zombies to come forth.
Before long, the car was surrounded with the shadows of the swaying zombies, all growling lowly but as if they were frozen in place, they did not take a single step forward nor did they attack aggressively.

Pei Ran laid in the other’s embrace in shock.
Qu Yan nuzzled and kissed his cheeks, as if comforting a child.
His tone was quite delighted as he said, 

“Look, they’re all here.
Go grab those orbs.”

This golden leg was a bit strong.
What was the difference between receiving rewards out of nowhere?

Pei Ran couldn’t help himself and picked up Qu Yan to kiss him hard on the lips, 

“Rambunctious child, alright you, even stronger than me.
You were already better at studying but your skill in using your ability is already this amazing.”

Qu Yan ignored his playful nickname and used his red tinted tongue to lick the other’s earlobe.
His voice was as sweet as honey as he said, 

“As long as you keep liking me, I can give you anything.”

Pei Ran was quite simpleminded and nodded his head in delight at this, 

“Don’t worry, I’ll definitely always like you.”

The system didn’t really want to disturb their show of affections, but it quietly emerged: 

[ My dear beloved host…… ]

Pei Ran knew it would come out, 

“Shut up.
This isn’t called being a kept man.
This is called working together as a team.”

[ But…… ]

Pei Ran: “Shut up.
I’ll split 30-70 with him.”

[ Alright mua~ ]

The system left with satisfaction.

On one hand, Pei Ran was practicing his ability but on the other hand, he was still quite afraid.
He would only zap them from a distance away, electrocuting the zombie to death before daring to come close.
But he was getting braver, and ignoring the time it took for his ability to recharge, he had dug out quite a few crystal orbs and exchanged them with the system for a dimensional space of about forty square meters.

In the meantime, Qu Yan was walking around nearby and silently controlling the zombies.
He pushed his mental ability to its limits every time, and with repeated usage like this, it only served to raise his ability level.

Pei Ran took all the supplies he found in the supermarket, but then, thinking that there could still be other survivors, he left a section behind before driving away with Qu Yan towards the south.

Pei Ran felt that he should tell Qu Yan where he stored the provisions so as he drove, he said to Qu Yan, 

“I think I have awakened an ability for a dimensional space.”

Qu Yan kept using an almost crazed and gentle look at him.
Hearing this, he lightly chuckled and said, 

“Wow, so amazing.”

Pei Ran felt a bit awkward, as he had been quite the rambunctious child in his youth, doing all sorts of delinquent activities like fighting and skipping classes.
His exams always remained below the passing grade and every time his parents looked at him, they could only sigh.
So no one had really complimented him before.

He ruffled Qu Yan’s hair and gave out a very automatic response of a compliment as well, 

“Uh that, you are quite amazing as well.”

The car continued to head south and more and more zombies were appearing on the road.
They had even met survivors on this path but Pei Ran was afraid of incidents so he didn’t stop for them, stepping on the pedal to speed past.
He only stopped when they reached a gas station or a supermarket to refill their supplies.

“There’s a shopping mall, we could go check it out.”

Pei Ran didn’t have a lot of changes of clothes.
The shirt he was wearing now was all wrinkled.
They only had cookies and crackers to eat, making his face grow skinnier and skinnier, becoming distinctly more angular.
He stopped the car by the road and pulled Qu Yan out of the car, planning to find some clothes.

Watching him walk around so cautiously, Qu Yan used his mental ability to investigate, and then he said, 

“Don’t worry.
There aren’t any high level zombies in there.”

TL Tidbits:

This and the previous chapter has been brought to you by a very sick translator haha (thankfully nothing related to the pandemic), but that has made me quite late in realizing that I missed saying Happy Lunar New Year to everyone, so here’s a belated one haha.
Hopefully all you Galactic Judges stay safe and healthy throughout this new year and see you in the next chapter!

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