a circle in the air……

“Did you dig that out?”

From youth until now, besides using it to hook up with girls, Pei Ran’s intelligence has never really gone online.
He accepted the orb from Qu Yan’s hands, and he was not only unafraid but quite happy, as if something he had been worried about and fretting over was suddenly dealt with by someone else.

Qu Yan smiled and nodded his head, the pointy part of his knife still waving in the air, circling.

Pei Ran slipped the orb into his pants pocket, 

“We have two now.
Once we have ten, we can leave.
Let’s go.
Let’s wait in the car first.”

His smile reached his eyes, which made his already good looking face seem even brighter and more handsome.
Pei Ran was internally planning out what he should do to make Qu Yan continue digging the orbs out for him.
He was very eager and hung his arm around the other’s shoulders, stuffing the both of them into the back seat.


“Are you hungry? Come, come, come.
Eat something.”

Pei Ran pulled out a bag of red date cakes1 that were close to expiring, and then ripped it open, passing it over to Qu Yan.
He also opened a small box of milk, 

“Drink up, so you can grow.”

He was quite detailed in his doting, even poking the straw in for him, like a parent taking care of their own child.

Qu Yan stared at him, not moving, 

“You’re not eating?”

Pei Ran said, 

“Eat up.
My biological clock is all over the place, so I don’t generally eat when normal people do.”

Qu Yan didn’t ask anything else after that and ate what he was given.
But after eating the red date cake, he did not take a sip of the milk.

Seeing this, Pei Ran grabbed a bottle of water and passed it to him, 

“If you don’t like to drink milk, then have some water.”

It was not that he didn’t like drinking milk, but he could recall a time when someone had poured ink into a milk box, shoving it down his throat, so he had no such appetite for it.

Qu Yan accepted the water.
His hand was so very skinny, so white as it slowly opened the blue cap and revealed a very good looking wrist, with a clear bone structure that looked so long and beautiful.

Pei Ran did not have a hand fetish, but for whatever reason, he kept looking, entranced.
After Qu Yan finished drinking, he couldn’t help himself but lightly hold onto Qu Yan’s wrist.
It was as he imagined, extremely small and delicate, and his fingers also couldn’t help but rub the other’s wrist over and over.

His actions carried an air of flirtatiousness with it.
Qu Yan paused, and when he lifted his head, he could see Pei Ran staring at him the entire time.
His pair of gentle eyes, a pair of eyes that was like the summer night sky, so dark and calming, so much so that the more you looked, it could suck people into its trance.

Qu Yan didn’t retract his wrist and threw the bottle of water aside instead.
He then leaned over, slowly getting closer to Pei Ran and imperceptibly examined him.
The tone in his voice made it a bit hard to tell whether he was being sincere or asking out of a simple minded innocence, 

“Why do you have to hold onto my hand?”

As if he was back in control, having regained his mastery in the art of love and relationships, Pei Ran smiled fakely and said 

“Young child, have you never been in love before when you were in school?”

Qu Yan tilted his head and lightly asked him, 


This young man, his aura overly gloomy and mysterious, forever not allowing other people to understand, much like a poison that would draw blood and make you unable to talk.
Pei Ran could see none of this, and he somehow wanted to get closer to Qu Yan, wanting to drink a poison to quench his thirst thinking that it was only water.

Pei Ran stared at his entire face, where one side was so elegantly defined versus the other side which was quite horrifying.
There was such a dichotomy that somehow seemed to fit so well together, 

“Has anyone tried to chase you before?”

Qu Yan said, 


Pei Ran felt quite good after hearing that and he smiled with his eyes closed, 

“Then can I chase after you?”

He has said this numerous times since middle school; like bread and butter, it was habit.
To Pei Ran, just feeling even a hint of like towards someone could be enough to cause him to publicly chase after them.
If they fit together, then they’ll be together; if they were not, they’ll split up.
There wasn’t much to it.

But he did not know, there were some people that, once gotten, he would never be able to get rid of in this lifetime.

Compared to Pei Ran’s open honesty, Qu Yan was still in an ambiguous mood, 

“Why do you want to chase after me?”

They rarely asked each other any questions, only repeatedly asking for an answer they wanted to hear.

Pei Ran said, 

“Because I like you.
I like you so I want to chase you.”

Qu Yan didn’t respond to that, but perhaps it was because he didn’t know what to say.
After a moment, there was a flash of light across his dark, heavy eyes, like a faint firework exploding high above the sky, and he asked Pei Ran, 

“You like me?”

No one had ever said these words to him before.

Pei Ran smiled with his eyes squinted as he nodded his head.
He did quite like Qu Yan.

Speaking of which, the last time he was moved like this… it was a couple days ago.
The hottest beauty of the music department sounded so sweet and beautiful, but unfortunately he had not been able to get her before transmigrating into the apocalypse.

Qu Yan didn’t know what Pei Ran was thinking about, or otherwise, he definitely would have kicked him out to feed the zombies.

In Qu Yan’s heart right now, there was a feeling he couldn’t explain, that was filling up his lungs and his chest, a bit bloating but also a bit curious and a bit confusing.
He lowered his voice and hesitatingly asked, 

“……then how do you want to chase me?”

“Who asks these types of questions?”

Pei Ran thought that Qu Yan was a bit dumb, so dumb that it made him want to bully him even more.
He was happier than ever, fulfilling the stereotype of a Casanova.
Grabbing at Qu Yan’s hands with a bit of strength so that the other would fall into his embrace, he intertwined their breathing spaces, in a way that was unable to separate the two.

To Qu Yan, this embrace would always have a hypnotizing magic, and along with those words, he leaned against Pei Ran’s shoulders as his heart raced.
Comfort and anxiety intertwined with each other in a complicated tangle, along with his soul being split between the two states, trembling.

This was the first time that Pei Ran so seriously embraced Qu Yan.
He could only feel how Qu Yan was truly so skinny, so skinny his bones were almost stabbing him.
He held onto Qu Yan’s right hand, rubbing over all the painful scars on his palm, and brought it up to his lips, dropping a kiss onto all those old wounds.

There was a smile in Pei Ran’s eyes, a perverted gleam hiding in them, 

“Weren’t you asking how I want to chase you? How about I don’t want anyone to bully you anymore.”

That serious tone, along with that light and comforting smile, even if he knew that those words were fake, it was hard to steel his heart against them.

Qu Yan didn’t speak, only nuzzling in his embrace.
Closing his eyes, he allowed himself to get drunk on this fantasy.
He reached out to wrap his arms around Pei Ran’s neck, like a shapeless snake, slowly tightening his hold.
But to Pei Ran, he could only think back to that dumb little cat of his that went overboard on sniffing catnip, just as entranced and drunk as Qu Yan.

Getting someone so fast, without much of a chase, was probably a breaking record in Prince Pei’s love history.

“Why do you have so many scars on your body?”

Pei Ran was slowly starting to enjoy taking care of his catch, but then he found that there was no patch of unscarred skin along the two arms of Qu Yan.
He lowered his head, pressing his warm lips lightly on each of the scarred wounds, eliciting a slight ticklish feeling.

“Give a guess?”

A faint red was beginning to tint the corner of Qu Yan’s eyes.
He lightly breathed out, grabbed Pei Ran’s hand, and guided it inside his clothes slowly bit by bit, letting him touch all those small interlaced scars.
He chuckled as he quietly said,

“This is caused by a cigarette burn.
This is by a drawing compass.
This one sliced by a knife, this one by whip……”

They were all wounds from long ago, but Qu Yan could still remember the cause of each scar quite clearly.
Pei Ran’s hand was a bit stiff from shock, 

“Who tortured you?”

He used every ounce of the manners he was taught and still practiced, however miniscule it was, to swallow up all the curses and swears he wanted to say down his throat.

“It’s not important anymore.”

Because all those people, have already died……

Wearing Pei Ran’s shirt, he smiled as he undid the buttons, revealing a very slim collarbone, displaying all the horrifying scars to Pei Ran.
And then like a snake, he held onto Pei Ran, his eyes displaying a kind of madness that didn’t seem to belong to a normal human being.

Pei Ran had never seen such things before.
He lowered his head, lightly brushing over these old wounds, and that little sliver of “like” resonated in pain with Qu Yan’s suffering, 


“Does it hurt?”

Motherfucker, if he knew who did this, he’ll call at least 200 of his brothers, each with a blade in hand, to stab that fucking sb2 until they cried for their mommy or daddy.

Qu Yan pressed his body flush against Pei Ran and reached out to hold onto Pei Ran’s neck.
He then whispered, 

“Kiss here.
If you kiss it, it won’t hurt anymore.”

With these kinds of things, Pei Ran had absolute control.
He reversed the hold, flipping them around so that Qu Yan was lying beneath him.
From high above he scanned over the other and then obediently followed his request, kissing each of those scars.
His tongue lightly licked each one, wet but bringing in a warmth.

Qu Yan moaned, his eyes dazed.
His fingers grasped Pei Ran’s shoulders tightly and he hoarsely said, 

“Come kiss me…… quick…… kiss me……”

In the back of his mind, Pei Ran realized that Qu Yan may, possibly, have a bit of a mental issue.

Seeing him not move, Qu Yan’s eyes darkened.
He suddenly rose up, viciously biting down onto Pei Ran’s earlobe.

Pei Ran: Pain pain pain!

He widened his eyes, a bit unable to believe what just happened.
He felt a bit wronged, but Qu Yan did not look like he would loosen up his hold on his earlobe.
Qu Yan’s voice had a sickly but icy tone, 

“Do you think I’m ugly?”

He could still remember that Pei Ran had overtly and discretely said he was ugly.

Pei Ran did not understand why the obedient and innocent Qu Yan could suddenly turn so vicious and he hastily said, 

“It hurts, it hurts, it hurts! I don’t think you’re ugly, so let go quick, let go!”

Qu Yan let go of his throbbing red ear.
He lowered his eyes, hoarsely saying, 

“Kiss me.”

Pei Ran thought that Qu Yan most probably had low self esteem.
Even though he was such a warm and handsome gentleman, it was normal to feel some pressure.
With one hand held against his ear, he leaned over and kissed Qu Yan.

First it was the lips, and then it was the already scabbed wound on his face.
Pei Ran did not think it was grotesque and like a dragonfly touching water, he kissed it all.

Qu Yan was subconsciously melting into a puddle.
He hugged onto Pei Ran tight, as if a ripened fruit wanting to be picked, and lightly licked the earlobe he had just bitten down on.
He was gentle and dainty, bringing on a suffocating closeness.

Pei Ran held onto Qu Yan as he kissed him all over, kissed him until their tongues were numb and they were out of breath.
He let the other sit on his legs and while he did not reprimand him, he did quietly and gently say, 

“Don’t just randomly bite people next time.”

A layer of water was covering Qu Yan’s eyes, a sign of his desire.
He held onto Pei Ran tightly, leaning against his embrace and sinking into this new and curious experience, unable to pull himself out.
His eyelids were too lazy to even lift up at Pei Ran’s words and he lazily acknowledged, 


His voice was husky and so seductive, the sound of it reverberating over and over in Pei Ran’s ear, arousing the other and forcing him to tighten up his muscles.

The more Pei Ran thought about it, the more he believed that he and Qu Yan were truly made for each other.
In the future, one of them can kill zombies while the other can dig up the orbs.
They were a pair of perfectly matched partners.


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