Chapter 125: When We Are Old, We Will Return to Lin Xian, Going Back To Our Roots

It was another annual celebration for DK, and this time the special dinner event would be held at Star Light Plaza.
Besides the top tier streamers, quite a few of the less popular streamers were also included in the invitations. 

The celebratory event would be livestreamed the entire time, and there were even awards being given, like the Best Newcomer Award.
It could be considered a very popular internet event, with a lot of buzz surrounding it, and its spectacle was definitely not any less than that of the entertainment industry.

Kai Yan was a streamer in the dance category.
He has about three hundred thousand fans or so, but he has been stuck in place, not going up nor going down, for a long while now.
Just barely considered passing the threshold for an invitation.

All those who sat in front were higher ranking executives of DK and well known streamers while all other smaller streamers could only pick up the leftover seats at the back.

At this current time, the MC was just hyping up the crowd, conversing with the audience and the streamers, and he was good at his job.
But suddenly, someone walked in and his surroundings immediately erupted into sharp and loud piercing shrieks.
Not only the audience beside him, but also some of the female streamers whose excited and enthusiastic faces were blushing red.

Kai Yan’s neck stretched out, looking curiously towards the stage.
It was the hottest streamer of the gaming category, one with enormous viewing counts and subscribers, a godtier streamer, KKK.
The other was in a well fitted suit, and with a tall body and a pair of long legs, he was way more handsome in person than on a screen.
Quite a few rumors had been spread that an uncountable amount of scouters wanted him to dive right into the entertainment industry, but he has never accepted, choosing to only focus on playing games.
Only a few years and his popularity was already way higher than Wan Ye.

But he had no relation to himself.

Kai Yan retracted his envious eyes, just noticing that there was a young man next to him with an aura of coldness and indifference around him.
The other was way too overly pale, as like he was made of jade.
With the dim blue light shining down, there was a strange, almost unknowing kind of indescribable seductiveness to him.

Since he was seated here, his fans had to be around three to four hundred thousand or so, around the same level as him.

Kai Yan was bored, and without any added pressure for socializing in his heart, he leaned over to start a conversation, 

“Hey, what category are you from? Let’s get to know each other, share fans.
I’m Kai Yan from the dancing category.”

The young man was a bit cold and indifferent to the point where he was a bit unsociable.
He only looked at Kai Yan briefly before turning back to focus his gaze on the stage, not saying a single word.
Kai Yan noticed that there was a sketchbook on his knees, and with a lightbulb lighting up in his head, he realized, 

“Oh, you are from the drawing community huh.
No wonder why I have never seen you before.”

Those in the drawing community don’t really reveal their faces, as their main point was to look at their hands.

The young man still didn’t say a word.

After the MC introduced the main guest, it was time for the DK executives to give their speeches.
Kai Yan noticed that the young man beside him suddenly retracted his gaze, lowering his head to open his sketchbook and draw.
The tip of his pencil lightly touched the paper, faintly creating scratching noises.

The drawing was of a very old and aged street.
Out in front of the old tenement buildings were clothing lines alongside tightly bundled electrical wires hanging in midair.
The street itself was bustling with a crowd, and in front of a restaurant stationed by the street was a girl in a ponytail who had large eyes and thick eyebrows, waving to attract customers.

On the roadside railing sat a young man dressed in a black skull tee.
He oozed arrogance and confidence as he was bending down to speak with another undecipherable looking young man whose head was lowered.
In his hands was tightly grasped a bag full of plastic bottles.

It was a drawing full of life, and even with the monotone colors, it could not hide the faint gentleness and warmness depicted by the picture.
Kai Yan somehow felt that the teen on the railing looked a bit familiar, but he could not recall who it was.

At this time, the stage began the awards ceremony.
The Most Popular award this year was no doubt going to K-Da again, and the MC didn’t go beating around the bush.
In the midst of a loud and thunderous applause, the MC invited him to step up on stage to take his award.

Weirdly enough, the young man beside him stopped drawing again and looked back up on stage.

The MC began with a little icebreaker, 

“K-Da, actually, there is one thing your fans have always been especially curious about, and that includes me, because I’m also your fan.
Could you tell us, is the person you are following your wife?”

K-Da did not seem to have anticipated that he would be asked this question as he was visibly seen to pause momentarily.
He ducked his head in embarrassment, but the smile in his eyes could not be hidden.

The audience below the stage began to shush jokingly.
When K-Da had about a hundred thousand fans, he had followed an ID called Bai Yang from the drawing category.
At first, no one found out, but when the number of his fans began to go past the million mark, his following count was still only that one person.
This could not help but entice others to think, but unfortunately, he has never explained anything.

The man on stage finally accepted the mic and his pair of peach blossom eyes glistened from the glinting lights shining down.
He smiled and coughed quietly a few times, 

“You have all guessed it before, so I shouldn’t need to explain right.”

The MC gave an audible gasp of astonishment, as this was the first time he has explicitly confirmed his relationship.
He glanced at the audience’s reactions and then said, as if he was in pain, 

“Looks like the hearts of your female fans will have to shatter.
Alright, I knew it.
Handsome men will never have a lack of partners.
Is your relationship doing well? When are you going to get married?”

Wen Chuo nodded, 

“Our relationship is going pretty well.
We walked all the way from the beginning, when we were still struggling.”

The gaming category people all know that K-Da was very particular about his privacy, as after all, bullying and stalking from netizens was not a new thing.
When the MC asked this question, he was stepping a bit over the line, so to keep on probing, it would not be good.
He only smiled then and ended the award ceremony.

Kai Yan was not interested in this at all, and he purposefully turned his head, just in time to catch the smile on the young man’s mouth.
He paused and blanked out a bit, not even realizing when the ceremony started to disperse.

When his senses came back to earth, he looked to the side but the young man had already left.

As if beside himself, Kai Yan went to find that silhouette in the midst of the crowd.
He ran and ran, chasing after that white shadow, heading out of the building, until he finally caught sight of him getting into a pure black race car.
He stood on the roadside, suddenly feeling a loss in his heart.

Wen Chuo undid his buttons, tossing his suit jacket to the back seat, before turning on the car and the air con.
He mumbled, 

“I thought the night would be a lot cooler, but it was still this hot.”

And then said louder, 

“There’s a mall that opened up a new western restaurant.
I made a reservation a few days ago, and the manager just gave me a call.
Should we go now?”

Bai Yang tucked his sketchbook back into his bag and looked up at the darkening sky.
He suddenly said with no context, 

“Strawberry cake.”

Wen Chuo smiled widely, 

“There is strawberry cake.
No matter what I forget, I will never dare to forget about your strawberry cake.
When have I ever forgotten.”

Streetlights slid past the car racing by, and in front of them was a glamorous twinkling night scene.
Wen Chuo stepped on the brake, waiting for the traffic light.
Seeing Bai Yang looking down at his phone, with his head down, he thought about the comedy relief act the MC had done and jokingly asked, 

“Ah, they’ve all said that Bai Yang is my partner.
Are you?”

Bai Yang lifted his head and looked at him, bringing that foolish air about him, 


And then Wen Chuo was giddy by himself and didn’t speak afterwards.
The car was parked at a parking lot near the mall, and Bai Yang undid his seat belt.
Like usual, he shuffled closer over to Wen Chuo’s face to kiss him.

Wen Chuo leaned to the side, very familiarly and proficiently kissing back before patting him on the butt.
He purposefully made a joke, 

“You know, my self control isn’t the greatest……”

Bai Yang hugged him, his cheeks softly leaning against his shoulder, 

“We’ll do it after we go back.
I want to eat cake right now.”

Wen Chuo raised his eyebrow, 

“You’re the king.
Whatever you say goes.”

The restaurant they were going to would be on a cruise ship.
It was expensive, but the area was serene and beautiful.
Although, at this time of day, there weren’t a lot of customers. 

Wen Chuo had picked a spot by the windows, and when they sat down, he wanted to laugh, 

“Why do I feel like I’ve been scammed? There’s not a single customer on site, and I even specifically reserved our seats three days ago……but the view is amazing.”

Their seats were in a very good spot.
Following the tall windows and looking down, it was an endless horizon of the beauty of the river.
There were the high bridges crossing the water, and the water itself was glistening, as if stars had fallen in. 

There was quite a wait for the food, so when Wen Chuo saw Bai Yang drawing, he shuffled closer and grabbed himself a sheet of paper.

His hands were too used to a mouse and keyboard that holding a pen again felt a bit unfamiliar, too rusty, so what he drew wasn’t very good.
When he leaned over to see Bai Yang’s, he chuckled and said, 

“Ah, the disciple has finally beaten his master.
I’m not as good as you now.”

The waiter brought up the dessert then, and it was a strawberry ice cream cake.
Bai Yang fed Wen Chuo one spoon before burying his head to eat it all in tiny bites.
Only at times like this would he be like a little child.

Wen Chuo held up his chin with his hand, waiting for his steak.
In his boredom, he grabbed Bai Yang’s sketchbook, and flipped through page after page that was filled with memories from the years at Lin Xian, of all the times they had cried or laughed.

When his steak arrived, Wen Chuo cut it into little pieces before dipping it into the black pepper sauce.
He placed them on Bai Yang’s plate as he said, 

“The creamy pasta was a bit too heavy on the cream.
I’ll order a cold drink for you in a bit.”

Bai Yang still had the same personality as before, always being careful with money and saving wherever he can.
Even if it was too overwhelming and as overbearing as the taste could be, he would still eat everything up on the plate clean.
Compared to their daily meals of mantous before, their lives were way better now.
And it could be seen that he really treasured these days.

Wen Chuo leaned against the chair, looking up at the crystal chandeliers on the ceiling.
Before long, his eyes were getting blurry. 

He blinked and he suddenly saw a ball of blue light floating above him, twirling around him.

Wen Chuo thought about it, feeling that this was probably the system.

[ Ding, the galaxy’s strongest self-sufficient system is happy to be at your service ]

Of course…….

[ This service is about to end.
Time used: 4 years.
My host, you have successfully relied on your own efforts to walk down a path that has been different from your previous life.
The galaxy judges have judged this as passing, and we hope you will continue to work your hardest, continuing to keep this up~]

Wen Chuo realized, 

“You’re leaving? To where?”

The ball of light playfully twirled in a circle above the table, but no one else could see it.

[ Ding! To find the next host hmm~ ]

Wen Chuo smiled, saying with all seriousness, 

“Then the person to be picked by you must be really lucky.”

This was the first time that someone has ever said that, and the system moved a few times before falling onto the sketchbook.
Its aura was like a ball of jelly that could emit light.

[ And this system thought, that you must have thought, extremely unfortunate ]

Wen Chuo said, 

“When I didn’t understand, I thought it was very unfortunate, but then I realized later, and found that it was good luck, a blessing.”

If it was not forced upon him to be self-reliant and self-sufficient, perhaps he would never have thought, what kind of road could he pave for himself to walk down on.

Bai Yang’s head was lowered as he ate, his expression very serious.
Under the gaze of Wen Chuo, the system lightly dropped onto his shoulder.

[ Last life, he suffered a lot by himself.
Never give up and toss away, that person that will always accompany you because of the wealth in front of your eyes.
This time, please be really really good to him hmm~ ]

Wen Chuo’s face twitched.

[ Ding! The withdrawal process has been activated.
My dear host, please prepare yourself,

Starting Self-Check,

Self-Check Complete.

Releasing Bond,




Withdrawal Complete.
This service is completed perfectly.
We are thankful for each world’s every goodbye, see you never again ~ ]

That ball of light went through the glass window, and following the river, dissipated into the night, never to be seen again.

With his head lowered, Wen Chuo took a long while before saying, 

“Bai Yang……”

Bai Yang lifted his head up, his eyes as clean and pure as ever.

Wen Chuo: 

“Have you hated me?”

Last life I tossed you aside and lost you.

Bai Yang paused in surprise and then lowered his eyes.
He lightly patted the sketchbook on the table, where inside was, without an exception, drawings of two young men and their lives.

Bai Yang tugged Wen Chuo’s hand, waved it and smiled at him.

How could he have ever hated……

He only ever wanted to find him.

The last page of the sketchbook, was of two old men with wrinkly bodies and white hair.
There were trees in front of a house, flowers behind, and a blue chubby cat lying on the roof, lazily enjoying the sun.

Wen Chuo reached out to ruffle Bai Yang’s hair, 

“When we are old, let’s go back to Lin Xian.”

Bai Yang lightly hooked their pinkies together, pulling a promise.


TL Tidbits:

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And can you believe we’re so close to the end??? It’s a crazy thing for me to look back on, and realize what I have done haha.
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