n taught Bai Yang step by step how to create an account: 

“I bought some drawing lessons online for you.
When you have nothing to do, then learn.
After you learn, upload a video.
Perhaps you might even have some fans…..
what name do you want?”

Bai Yang’s lips twitched, but he covered his stomach instead, unable to speak a word out.
His entire body was tense and he lifted his eyes to give Wen Chuo a look.
But the other was not blushing and without even a breath out of place, even gave him a kiss in return, 

“Then let’s just use Bai Yang, that sounds pretty good.”

He changed the display picture to a cat, and within a few seconds had already finished setting up the account.

Hugging Bai Yang tightly, he used his own KKK account to follow him.
The corners of his eyes hooked up, and there was an enchanting smile about him as he said, 

“Do you remember, when you were this tiny, I was hugging you like this, learning how to draw.”

Bai Yang subconsciously glanced down and then honestly shook his head, wanting to say that there was actually a very big difference.

It was currently 6pm, and he still had about an hour left before the livestream started.
Using the same position they were in, Wen Chuo brought Bai Yang all the way to the bedroom and then closed the door.
After a very long while, he brought a worn out Bai Yang all the way to the shower.

Technically speaking, to be participating in the online event, he should be showing his face.
Wen Chuo had been unwilling before as Lin Xian was too small; everyone knew each other, and it was all too easy to arouse rumors and gossip.
But there was no need for such consideration now, so with his hair still slightly wet, he went online.

Wan Ye was about thirty years old, and she was a woman with great capability and skill.
Her looks only added to her image of a power woman.
She had just been fixing her camera before she looked at her monitor, and she never expected that Wen Chuo would suddenly reveal his face just like that.
After a brief moment of surprise, she exclaimed with astonishment.

Liu Ruo Qing was a beauty of a woman, and Wen Chuo’s looks came from her.
With his wet damp black hair brushed back, in his causal tee shirt, a handsome face that was definitely above average and a pair of peach blossom eyes that were honestly a bit too alluring yet didn’t make him seem feminine at all, he looked a bit bad and wild especially with the corners of his mouth slightly hooked up.
A bad boy type that was handsome, charismatic and a bit too seductive.

Fans were pouring into the room, and then exited out with doubt and shock.
They took a look at the channel name, no it was not wrong, it was K-Da and Wan Ye! And then they entered back in……


Female fans immediately went crazy in the comments and most of them were Wan Ye’s fans.
They thought that those who played games would be NEET type fatties, but they could not believe that he could be this handsome.
K-Da, how could you make it hard for us to be your antis!! You have to give us some mental preparation if you’re going to reveal your face!!!

Wan Ye coughed twice, as if a bit speechless, and then gave Wen Chuo a big thumbs up, 

“Wow, you’re quite handsome, young man.
No wonder why you weren’t willing to reveal your face before.
With a face like yours, you could be a celebrity.
What’s the point of stealing our livelihood in the gaming category huh.”

Wen Chuo never did realize how handsome he was; even if he were bald, it wouldn’t look bad on him.
But now that he found how the comments were going crazy for him, all complimenting and screaming about his attractiveness, he happily went closer to the camera to take a look at himself, 

“Don’t compliment me.
I’m going to get too cocky?”

Fans: Get cocky! Get cocky! Go, go, go! We’ll let you do so! The face of the gaming category rests on your shoulders from now on! The face, the visual you know!

Too many people were concerned about his visuals that not a lot were focused on the game.
When it was spread that K-Da revealed his face, more and more people poured into the livestream room, just to glance at this one in a lifetime unbelievable truth.

No matter what fans urged him to do before, he was not willing to reveal his face.
Quite a few antis had privately spread that he was one of those whose careers would be killed once his face was revealed, thinking that perhaps he was a middle-aged man who had a dad’s belly, bald and greasy, but now all their faces were slapped back and forth immediately.

His handsomeness was way above their expectations and fans were almost crying from happiness, 

“Yeah that’s right, gonna be killed when he reveals his face! But the one who would be dying isn’t K-Da, it’ll be us wu wu wu! We’ll all get slaughtered by his handsomeness!”

Even if they started five days later than the others, Wan Ye and Wen Chuo’s popularity was enough to increase the viewer count.
When the event was over, both of their VODs were pushed up onto the first spot of the top viewing charts.
After his ranks from last time, Wen Chuo’s popularity started to explode exponentially again, so much so that even he himself felt that it was a bit weird.

Compared to the days where he was living his life and rising up with a bright future, the Wen family was beginning to fall, putting them in perfect contrast.

Wen Tian Hao had been clinging onto his life in the hospital for a long time, but in the end, his body failed him and the hospital pronounced him dead.
Perhaps Wen Jin Cheng had suffered too much of a shock from his beloved son passing away that he himself began to fall ill.
Immediately, all the debts and the financial troubles began to be pressured upon Fan Qiu Yun’s shoulders, and their projects had to be forcefully put on pause.
A few days ago, the paparazzi even got some pictures of Fan Qiu Yun leaving the auction house deep in the night, and she looked like she had aged a million years in a blink of an eye.

When Wen Chuo saw the news, he couldn’t really say what his feelings were.
Perhaps it was a relief, a kind of schadenfreude, a moment of release from the anger, envy and much more.
But more than what he thinks, it’s probably an emptiness, a cloudiness of disappointment.
But these things aren’t related to him anymore.

Pushing open the bedroom door, he saw Bai Yang leaning over the table, drawing with a sincere seriousness.
Wen Chuo took a look and then pointed at a line with his pencil, 

“It’s crooked here.”


Bai Yang erased the drawing and re-sketched the lines.
Right at this time, there was suddenly a shadow by his hand, and looking over, he saw a young shorthair cat curling up on the desk.
Its big dark murky eyes were staring at him as it kept meowing.2

A human and a cat stared at each other.

Wen Chuo thought that this scene looked too funny, and he leaned against the desk, chuckling, 

“Ah, do you like it? I took a long time to pick him out.”

Bai Yang carefully hugged the cat in his embrace, quietly saying, 

“I do.”

He could see that Bai Yang really liked it, as his eyes wouldn’t leave the cat for even one second.

Wen Chuo took the cat away from his arms, putting it back onto the desk.
He knelt on the ground, facing him while shamelessly saying, 

“How intimate.
You haven’t even hugged me like that.”

Word entirely pulled out of his ass.

Bai Yang leaned over, wrapping Wen Chuo into his embrace.
A pair of eyes that usually looked dark and heavy had a smile in them, 

“Cat, name?”


Wen Chuo thought about it, 

“You’re called Bai Yang, he’ll be Hei Yang.”3

Bai Yang: “……”




*1 These are account names obviously, but Chuo Dao Duan Shui means to take a knife and stop flowing water; it’s an idiom that comes from a poem and it basically means that you are trying to stop something, but you actually make it worse.
Mao Zi Shen Shi is a gentleman wearing a hat.

*2  Shorthair Cat (藍短貓) – I originally had it as Chartreux cat, as I was just pairing pictures up, trying to find the best fit, when I first searched the name (and hoped it was right), but the more I looked, I think it might actually be a shorthair cat, which would make more sense given the name (and more pictures seemed to be of the British shorthair, but I’m not sure)… If anyone knows, please let me know! I’m not sure about cat breeds (or any animal breeds for that matter…) : )


*3  Like the title, Bai in Bai Yang means white, Hei = Black, so he’s making a play on the color words here.

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