looked over, 

“What’s wrong?”

The two girls taking photos of him suddenly found out that beside him was another handsome young man.
Tall with long legs, handsome face comparable to that of a celebrity’s, and they almost screamed out loud.

Seeing this, Wen Chuo pulled Bai Yang’s hand to go to the nearest motel.
He smiled as he explained, 

“Those two ladies found you good looking.”

Z City was too big, and with one look, you wouldn’t even be able to see the end of it.
Standing here, in this kind of environment, humans will suddenly feel how small they are.
Bai Yang glanced at the posters on the roadside detailing many stories of missing persons.
For whatever reason, he suddenly zoned in on those and didn’t even hear anything Wen Chuo said.

Using his phone, Wen Chuo booked a nearby hotel, and took Bai Yang and their luggage there.
He planned to take a look at the apartments tomorrow.
Having lived in Lin Xian’s old and cramped tenement buildings, to suddenly stay at an elaborately decorated hotel room, the two of them had a bit of time adjusting.

Wen Chuo lay on the soft king sized bed and he was so comfortable that he didn’t want to leave it.
After a long while, he finally and slowly moved his way to take a shower, but then he found that there were some free samples by the bedside tables and he couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows.

Bai Yang thought those things looked familiar and he dazedly blinked his eyes.
His dark black pupils seemed to have an unwaverable blank understanding.

Wen Chuo had booked a couple’s room, so on their white bedsheets, there was a big big heart made up of decorative rose petals.
He shook the sheets a few times and the petals all fell onto the ground, swirling and fluttering.

Wen Chuo tore open the package and then suddenly reached out with his hand to drag Bai Yang from the bedside to the wall.
He slightly tilted his head and the corners of his mouth slightly hooked up, tinted with a hidden seductive tone.
He raised his eyebrows and asked, 

“Let’s do it then shower?”

Upon hearing this, Bai Yang obediently took off his fuzzy sweater and then reached out to embrace Wen Chuo.
His thin legs automatically wrapped around his all too skinny waist, with his eyes and face trembling and his breathing all out of order.

Wen Chuo saw the corners of his eyes slightly tinged red yet his expression was still so calm.
He couldn’t help but lean down and leave a dark red, almost purple kiss mark on his pale white neck.
He hoarsely asked, 

“Does it hurt this time?”

Bai Yang couldn’t speak, only using all the effort he had to shake his head.

Wen Chuo asked again, 


Bai Yang stared at him, still not speaking a word.
He only used his thighs to slowly rub against Wen Chuo’s back waist, which created a tickling sensation on his pelvis.
Wen Chuo’s breathing stuttered for a moment, and then the already thin control he had suddenly disappeared.

He used all he had to move closer to the closet and then Bai Yang’s very calm face suddenly had a slight crack in its expression.

The european style clock on the wall was slowly ticking away and the hour was turning late.
But the two had slept for so long on the bus that they didn’t feel tired at all.

Bai Yang lay on the bed and curled up into a ball.
The insides of his thighs were so overly stimulated that it was still trembling uncontrollably.
He was born with white skin and black pupils such that the blushing red at the edges of his eyes was the only color on his entire body.

Wen Chuo made the other cry before finally stopping.
He turned off the lights and lay right beside him, leaving only the bedside lamp on.
The warm tones shone on Bai Yang’s body and his overly white skin was finally layered in a gentle sheen.

Slightly lifting up his eyelids, Bai Yang lazily gave him a look, and somehow, Wen Chuo felt like his soul was being hooked away.
He leaned over, pressed up against Bai Yang’s forehead, and said quietly in a low tone, 

“I want to kiss you……”

Bai Yang lowered his eyes, but one could still faintly see the pamperance and allowance.
He reached out an arm covered in kiss marks, wrapping Wen Chuo into his embrace.
Feeling his warm tongue moving all over his body, Bai Yang’s legs, as if they were a snake, slowly tightened around Wen Chuo’s waist.

Wen Chuo found that Bai Yang’s body had no skin that was free from his kisses, so he turned to lick those blossoming lips.
His voice was very hoarse as he honestly stated, 

“Sometimes, I really, especially want to eat you up.”

There was an attractive, almost to the point of hooking your soul away, cold aura about Bai Yang, and paired with that pure yet unknowing seductiveness, it could take away lives.

Bai Yang silently lay on Wen Chuo’s body.
He reached up with his fingers at his words and swiped across the air in front of Wen Chuo’s brilliant eyes before snuggling back into his embrace.
He lazily nuzzled him and closed his eyes to quietly say, 

“……Only let you eat.”

Being their first time in a new environment, the both of them couldn’t really sleep.
Wen Chuo was used to staying up all night, so he especially didn’t feel one lick of desire to step into Morpheus’ arms.
At last, he decided to turn on the TV, playing a movie that had quite high ratings.

It was about a mother who was mentally challenged, searching for her kidnapped daughter by herself in a big city.
In the midst of her journey, she met a neighbour who had a right personality of her own right and a gambling mahjong addict who loved to cheat.
The three of them created drama and more drama, highlighting the sadness and happiness of average normal people.

For whatever reason, Wen Chuo watched it very seriously.
On the screen, the main female protagonist found a lady who looked very much like her daughter, and she dazedly followed behind her the entire time.
Like the mentally unsound, like an idiot, the protagonist pulled on the girl who looked so much like her daughter with force, 

“Let’s go, Mommy will bring you home, bring you home……”

“Are you insane! Who is your daughter! Ah ya someone help! There’s a crazy one here!”

The lady was freaked out of her mind and tried to bite her, push her away, but the main character would not let go.
Finally the police came and she realized that she recognized the wrong person.
With a totally messed up, crazed look, she slumped onto the ground, numb and in shock in the immediate moment of realization.

This movie was interspersed with joy and tears.
The main character had picked up garbage, slept under bridges, got deceived out of her money and was almost robbed, but in the end, with everyone’s help, she was able to find her lost daughter and settled in the city in the future.

That stubborn perseverance and seriousness of the main protagonist made Wen Chuo somehow sense a similarity to Bai Yang.
He was turning off the TV when he suddenly felt a coldness on his arms.
Looking down in his arms, he found that Bai Yang’s head was lowered, looking as if he was crying.

“What’s wrong?” 

Wen Chuo reached out to wipe away his tears and lightly asked, 

“Was it because the movie’s too sad that you’re crying?”

Bai Yang buried his face into his embrace, nodding his head.

Wen Chuo explained, 


“Don’t worry.
The mother finds the daughter back later.”

As long as they’re back, everything was worth it.2




*1 This is a song by Christine Fan (范玮琪) or FanFan (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wGAmgmZg-48&t=149s to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wGAmgmZg-48&t=173s – 2:29 to 2:53 is what the girl sings.
Technically these phrases also appear at the very beginning of the song (like most songs back then lol, they have very short unique lyrics, usually repeating a second time for the entire song), but given that Wen Chuo was listening for a bit, I assume it was in the middle) and apparently was a translation of Gin no Ryuu no Se ni Notte (銀の龍の背に乗って) by Miyuki Nakajima (中島 みゆき).
Her version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5YARVIC5Lgk.


The title’s not exactly the same on google (there’s Original Dream which is the title of the album, but when you search it up, First Dream comes up instead so :|, and there’s also Initial Dream, etc.
etc.) and I can’t really find one with official records of the English title, so I took whatever seemed to be most common.
The title of the song is to say the first beginning of your dream, the one that would have propelled you to desire/dream of like a starting point for your dream/desire for your future.
I couldn’t find an exact English translation of the lyrics, so here’s another rough translation from yours truly that doesn’t really match the rhythm of the song.

*2  Chinese as language is very interesting and there’s a part of it where you don’t need to specify a subject and, depending on the sentence, it’s inferred or referenced.
Here this phrase doesn’t actually specify a pronoun (but most of the time, it can be inferred so I usually add a pronoun).
Here however, it’s very likely what’s inferred is not only “she” as in the daughter, so I’ve taken “they” mainly because Wen Chuo most likely didn’t mean only that the daughter was found, but talking about Bai Yang for him or him coming back to the past as well.

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