Chapter 121: Someone Came From the Wen Family

These past few years, the Wen family had really not been as they once were.
Every investment they made always failed and cost them even more money.
Others have already started to gamble and guess when Wen Jin Cheng would be forced to resign as CEO.
News of Fang Xin Tong was only the cherry on top, making the Wen family once more a laughingstock.

Fan Qiu Yun had dabbled around the entertainment industry in her early years, but when she married into the Wen family, she had retreated from the spotlight.
To outsiders, she was an elegant figure of a wealthy family.
Her life looked blessed and fulfilled, which made others compliment her as a woman with many blessings. 

At this time when her only son was on death’s door, Fan Qiu Yun had pointed her rage directly at Fang Xin Tong.
Each word was dripping with murder, with the kind of slander that just barely compared Fang Xin Tong to a public bus.
Fang Xin Tong who was raised up so spoiled was also not one to take it lying down.
She immediately responded back with her own retorts and this word battle lasted for more than half a month at a minimum, which made a lot of the audience who were into the drama as happy as they could be.

Half a month later, Fang Xin Tong came back from Bali and posted that she would annul her marriage with Wen Tian Hao, which led to another bout of gossip.

Compared to the mess that was the Wen family, Wen Chuo’s life was going as normal as it could be.
After he signed onto DK, he was given a promotional spot which increased his exposure to a certain level.
The gaming section was normally one that enticed quite a few viewers, so when more people found his channel, his follower count flew upwards.

Everyday Wen Chuo would stream how he passed the levels, and he kept quite a steady pace.
The number 1 spot on the overall ranking was basically only him and Wan Ye interchanging their seats.
Still, he was not a talker, speaking as little as possible, and except for his tutorials, he never joined in on any other offline events.
Fans of Wan Ye thought that there would be slander against them or drama, but these things never appeared, and the fights eventually slowed to a stop.
A few fans even switched over to Wen Chuo’s side.

In a short amount of time, Wen Chuo had grown to have over a hundred thousand fans.
If DK had an inspiring up and newcoming streamer award, Wen Chuo would be a strong contender.
The only caveat was that when he livestreamed, he was still not willing to show his face, and he had few interactions with his fans.
So in the face of it all, it felt like there was a bit of a distance between him and his fans, which meant that his popularity would naturally be one level below popular streamers like Wan Ye.

Replaying previous streams or videos did not earn a lot of money; the majority of his earnings came from the audience and their social networks.
Adding that to his pay from carrying newbies through the levels, Wen Chuo calculated that his earnings in these four months were close to about 90 thousand yuan Averaging it through the months meant that he had earned about 20 thousand per month and if he continued this line of work, continued to gather more fans, it would only look for the better.

Lin Xian, this town was too small.
All that he could ever reach for was only within this tiny square footage.
Wen Chuo desired to go further, somewhere wider and more open, somewhere bigger and limitless, and then perhaps when he was old, he would have the desire to come back to this place filled with so many memories.

Old tenement buildings surrounded the area, with their walls crisscrossed with scars.
Looking up, half of the sky would be filled with intricate and thick electrical wires.
Even the clothing racks had lost their original appearance from the corrosion of wind and rain.
Covered in rust as they held onto the multicolored clothing hanging on them to be dried. 

And in the midst of all this, a brand new black Mercedes-Benz quietly stopped on the roadside.
It shone under the gleaming sun, which attracted quite a few stares from passing pedestrians.

When Liu Meng Meng was not busy, she liked to stare at that car and space out.
With her voice full of envy, 

“That car looks so pretty.
It keeps wandering around the neighbourhood, I wonder who it belongs to?”

Bai Yang looked out through the glass door, and seeing the mark on the car and the license plate, for some reason, his expression immediately became muted and hard to decipher.

In the afternoon, a man came into the restaurant.
He looked quite old, but his suit was immaculate.
A stranger around these areas for sure, as he did not look like a local at all.
He ordered a table of food, but he did not move his chopsticks when they were served.
Instead, he only occasionally looked out towards the streets, staring at passing pedestrians.

Liu Meng Meng was afraid he was going to dine and dash, running away when no one was paying attention, so she kept subtly staring at him.
The middle aged man sensed her stares however, and he smiled, 

“Owner, I’ll pay up first.”

Liu Meng Meng suddenly felt apologetic.
She even said in response, 

“No no no, you can eat first.
Eat before paying.”

But even with her words, the man still grabbed his wallet, inside a thick wad of cash, all in those red bills.
He pulled three out onto the counter, and he didn’t ask for change.
When he smiled, it felt like he was being very charitable and generous, 

“Young lady, I’m only here to rest my feet.
Currently waiting for someone.”

Seeing how generous he was, Liu Meng Meng quickly smiled, 

“No problem, no problem.
Please, take your time and wait slowly.”

Not long after, the person the middle aged man was looking for arrived.
It was a young fellow, and he wiped off the sweat on his forehead before sitting directly across from him.
He quietly said, 

“Rong-shu, I found him.
He lives in the building behind, should we… with Chairman……”

Rong-shu quickly stopped him with his hand, 

“No rush.
We have to make sure first, to prevent getting the wrong person.”

The young man hesitated, 

“But Chairman had ordered us to bring him back quickly to stabilize the current situation.
After all, Chairman is getting quite old, and Da Shi-Ye’s body can’t hold on for much longer.
The stockholders are all watching……”

Rong-shu picked up some food from the dishes and placed it into the other’s bowl, 

“No matter how little time we have, it’s not going to be the end if we take this time.
First, eat.
After we eat, we’ll continue to talk.
He can’t run away.”

The young man said, 

“What if he is not willing to go with us? What should we do then?”

Rong-shu chuckled lightly, 

“Are you dumb? To have days of splendor and wealth, who would be willing to stay in such a poor town?”

They were talking very quietly, and Liu Meng Meng couldn’t hear them very clearly.
Bai Yang was on the side wiping the tables, and his head was lowered, his expression hidden from sight.
When the sky began to darken, very uncharacteristically, he asked to leave early.

At this time, Wen Chuo had just finished his livestream.
Wearing a fuzzy turtleneck, the continuous days of not sleeping and not resting had made him skinner and skinner.
In the morning, he’d carry newbies, in the afternoon he’d stream and at night, he’d edit videos.
For a few months, he hadn’t had a full cycle of sleep, and these past few days, his prescription had gone up, making him change his pair of glasses again.

“Ah, you’re back.
Why are you so early today?”

Wen Chuo swirled around in his swivel chair leisurely, and seeing Bai Yang walk over, he reached out to drag him into his embrace.
Grasping the back of his head and, as his habit, gave a long intimate kiss.
It was a rare sight for Bai Yang to give a response back, as he reached out to hug around Wen Chuo’s neck and his tongue slightly, testingly explored out.

Wen Chuo took off his glasses, and it made his chin even clearer on how skinny it was.
He pinched Bai Yang’s waist and lightly sighed, 

“Finally a bit chubbier.”

In all actuality, he hadn’t put on a lot of weight, but at least he did not look like before where he was not getting enough nutrition.
His chin was still dangerously skinny, and it made his pair of eyes even wider, like a soulless puppet.

For whatever reason, Bai Yang closed his eyes and leaned against his embrace, not speaking a single word.
Wen Chuo caressed his face, 

“Hmm, I’m going to rest, rest for the next two days.
Gotta take a breather, or my eyes are going to go blind.”

A short video took a long time and a lot of effort to make, especially in order to keep up the quality and to keep up the upload speed.
He could only work and work and work for days and nights on end.
The computer was in the living room, and this dumb bastard of a man, Wen Chuo was so busy all night long.
Every time Bai Yang would move a stool to sit by his side, waiting for him to finish before the both of them would go to bed together.

For some time now, the succulent on the windowsill had been raised up to be so chubby, with its colorfulness a vision of beauty.
Bai Yang put one pot on the desk with the computer, but one time Wen Chuo’s hands were too impetuous – he couldn’t help but squeeze a petal and after that, Bai Yang had never put anything on his desk again.

With his handsy hands, Wen Chuo pinched Bai Yang’s nose.
In his hold, right at this perfect timing, Bai Yang opened his eyes and used his pair of black eyes to silently stare at him.
Then Bai Yang heard Wen Chuo say, 

“I bought you some clothes online.
Let’s go.
Try it out.”

The weather was getting colder, as it was already deep into fall.
Wen Chuo picked out a few light colored sweaters for Bai Yang, to fit in with his pure and clean aura, and as Bai Yang changed, it fit perfectly on his body.

“Pretty good.”

Wen Chuo’s eyes were sharp.
The size was just perfect.
Bai Yang took a look at the clothing on his body, which emitted a faint scent of fresh laundry, and he realized that it had already been washed by Wen Chuo.
He then changed out of the new clothes and folded them before putting them back into the dresser.

Wen Chuo said, 

“Don’t even think about saving it.
Wear it tomorrow, got it?”

Bai Yang nodded his head, and crouched down in front of the dresser cabinet to organize the clothes.
When he moved, his movements revealed a white skinny waist.
Thinking back, he’s been growing, and the clothes also shrank.
Wen Chuo kept watching and watching and then he half-knelt on the ground, wrapping Bai Yang into his embrace from the back.

“Bai Yang……”

Wen Chuo’s voice was a bit hoarse, interspersed with an unknown restraint.
He lowered his hand, his tongue lightly passing over Bai Yang’s tiny neck before moving all the way to his lips.
Wen Chuo brushed off his clothes and asked with a lot of enduring self restraint, 

“……Can I?”

Bai Yang has never told Wen Chuo no.

Wen Chuo had already not asked him for money for so long, and Bai Yang didn’t know, didn’t know what else he himself could give him, something that Wen Chuo would need……

Bai Yang turned around to hug him, closed his eyes and slowly said, 


This was as if water dropped into hot oil.
It exploded an excitement in Wen Chuo and Bai Yang’s vision turned a bit dizzy.
Following right after was a trip to the soft bed, and he felt a weight on his body, and he locked gazes with Wen Chuo’s pair of inexplicably beautiful eyes.

Suddenly his chest felt like it was stuffed all the way full, yet also suddenly became frightened and at a loss.

Wen Chuo reached over to pull something out from a drawer.
He tore open the packet and lowly said, 

“It could possibly hurt.”

But in reality, Bai Yang did not utter a single word in pain.
His expression was very calm, as if he had no feeling at all.
Seeing how his lips pale to the point of whiteness, Wen Chuo reached up to test his forehead, before finding that it was full of cold sweat.

Wen Chuo said, 

“If it hurts, let it out.
Don’t hold it in.”

Bai Yang was still silent, only using his pair of inky black eyes to look at him.
No matter what Wen Chuo gave, whether it be sweet or bitter, injury or pain, he would take it all in as he can.
No matter if it was this life, or……

the last life.

Wen Chuo didn’t move, and with an unending patience, he lightly kissed him.
Sweat appeared on his body, and after a long while, Bai Yang finally reached out to wrap his arms around his neck, his pale white fingers sinking into his hair, clearly distinguished between black and white.

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