She had no way to place an order and so Yan Yu could only go and pay up, following behind like a full time nanny.

Xun Chuan was in his solid state, sitting by himself on a bench by the road.
A cold aura surrounded him, which attracted all the eyes of everyone passing by.
As the amusement park at night was quite rowdy and crowded with many young teenagers and adults, quite a few beauties wanted to come up and ask for his number but were scared off by the look in his eyes.

Yan Yu came back over and handed him a cup of bubble tea, sighing as he said, 

“Quite a few blossoms hmm.”

Xun Chuan held in the urge to explode the cup of bubble tea Yan Yu was holding and swatted his hand away from him, 

“I’m not drinking that.”

He couldn’t taste any flavors anyway.

Yan Yu naturally knew that there would be no taste for him, but he thought since he bought it for Chi Xia, there was no reason not to buy it for Xun Chuan.
So at this point, he could only stab the straw into the cup and drink it for himself.

Chi Xia was a spirit, which meant normal humans wouldn’t be able to see her.
If she was to eat in public, all others would see is things floating up in the air.
So Yan Yu asked the stall owner to pack the food and found a place that was quite isolated for her to eat.

Only when humans lose something do they realize what blessings they had before.

Chi Xia greedily took in all the colorful lights around her and all the roadside greenery that she actually wanted to go and touch.
Watching her from the side, Xun Chuan became lost in thought, only coming back to his senses when Yan Yu rested a hand on his shoulder.

Yan Yu explained, 

“In case you get lost.”

Xun Chuan didn’t shrug it off and only said in response, 

“You were never like this before.”

Bringing him out, accompanying him, spending time with him.

Yan Yu chewed on the pearls in his mouth, and said with a fairly muffled voice, 

“Making up for it today.”

Xun Chuan turned his head to look at him at those words, 

“What were you doing then when I was alive? Why are you like this, waiting only until I died to be like this?”

Yan Yu didn’t say anything, but he suddenly felt like the pearls in his mouth were cavity inducing.
The milk tea had become so sweet it was muffling his brain and nose. 

He took a look around.
Seeing Chi Xia floating away from the merry-go-round and running towards the ferris wheel, he pulled on Xun Chuan and said, 

“Let’s go.
You should experience what it’s like to ride the ferris wheel.”

Chi Xia was still in her spirit form, so she couldn’t buy any tickets.
Yan Yu lined up for about half an hour before he finally bought two, bringing along Xun Chuan as the other on the ride.
Looking out from the window of the cabin, it was a view of the endless sky, paired with a glimmering and shining lake reflecting from below.
When the ferris wheel was slowly rising, the view looked quite amazing.

Chi Xia sat across from them, and when she saw the pool of water, her body suddenly trembled.
Both of her hands hugged her knees and she didn’t say anything, with only her pair of pure eyes looking outwards, tinged with a bit of wishful desire.
Little by little she swallowed that cup of bubble tea, and even if there was no taste, she was still very happy.

Yan Yu asked, 

“Do you have any other unfulfilled wishes?”

Chi Xia’s family situation wasn’t that great, so she didn’t really have the desire to go see her family.
She shook her head at his words, a bit shy as she said, 

“No, but…… I haven’t ever gotten into a relationship with a boy even to this age.”

Her eyes stared at Yan Yu, as if to hint at something.
Seeing this, Xun Chuan’s face immediately darkened, but then thought that he shouldn’t fight with a little girl like her and so he forcefully held it in.

Yan Yu twisted his ear, 

“Hmm… I have a partner.”

Xun Chuan couldn’t help but glance at him.

Chi Xia smiled, 

“You are a human, I am a ghost.
Even if you have no partner, we couldn’t be together.”

Xun Chuan’s state of mind did not take a happy turn; instead, it became even worse.

The ferris wheel was slowly rising and it stopped at the highest point.
It’s been said that if they were to wish at this time, everything would come true.
Chi Xia closed her eyes and her hands came together to silently make a wish.
Yan Yu didn’t believe in these kinds of things and so he had no reaction. 

It was at this time, he felt a strong force at the back of his head pushing him and then his lips were immediately bitten down on with force, and they bloomed with a sudden and sharp color.

Facing up towards Yan Yu’s questioning look, Xun Chuan kept still in this position and then lowered his eyes.
Slowly, lightly, kissing him once before retreating away slowly.

When Chi Xia opened her eyes at the perfect timing to miss all of this, she found that the ferris wheel had already passed the midpoint and was slowly starting to descend.
Her expression became a bit sad before she quietly said, 

“In the past…… I had really wanted to die…… but now to really have died, I start to reminisce about when I was alive…….”

Wanting to walk under the sun, wanting to feel those warm and comfortable rays shining upon them, tasting everything sour, sweet, bitter, and spicy.
Even if that taste wasn’t what they expected, anything was better than how it was now.
Everyday, they have to hide in the dark and rot away, as if their existence was a walking zombie.

After leaving the ferris wheel, Chi Xia took one last reluctant look behind her before saying quietly to Yan Yu and Xun Chuan, 

“Thank you to the both of you.”

Before Su Qing left, she gave Yan Yu a small bottle to absorb Chi Xia into after he finished resolving her unfulfilled desires.
When it was time, she would be sent for reincarnation.
Hearing her words, Yan Yu nodded his head slightly and then untied the red string, twisting out a spell to take her spirit body into the jar.

Not far away from the merry-go-round, there was a clown who was modelling balloons.
Wearing a classic rainbow outfit, he had two bells on his shoulders, and a head full of green hair with a big red nose.
Combined with a big laughing smile painted on his face, he looked quite strange.
After all the balloons were handed out, the crowd around him began to dissipate.

The clown left then, swaying from side to side as he walked, looking very unstable on his feet.
Like a jumping egg, moving left to right, right to left.
He was also holding a big hammer which looked quite heavy, as if one hit could crack open a skull.
His actions were very exaggerated, looking left and right, before looking towards the bottom of the ferris wheel.

At this time, Yan Yu was pulling Xun Chuan to leave, thinking how in a few days the ghost door would be opened, and he couldn’t help but ask, 

“Do you have anywhere else you want to go?”

Xun Chuan: “X City.”

Yan Yu’s feet paused in their footsteps.

Xun Chuan’s mouth tugged up and he repeated himself, 

“I want to go to X City.”

On that snowy day, that place where he had not been able to wait for Yan Yu to come.

TL Tidbit:

The ‘Xin Tian Di’ in the amusement park name means New Day/New Opening/New Start

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