Death & Glory

Mission Impossible

Shit! ” I said as we ran to another house that was nearby but first I picked up the scythe. Being outside in the dark is extremely dangerous as monsters get stronger at night for some reason and some additional monsters spawn. This house is not in the best shape has the one before as there was a huge hole that opened up several rooms. We managed to go to the basement and barricade the door. I wore my mask and cloak as I have a feeling I would need them on soon, especially if there are other survivors put here. So for now it just covers the house we are in.

”Aw, all our stuff got destroyed ” Mindy said. Its true as Fin destroyed almost all of our stuff but we got some of it. Now, to check on the sythe.

Scythe of Shadows (Epic): increases dark and death power when Channeled through the scythe. Raises physical power by 200 and magic power by 170. If death Aura is Channeled into the scythe it will increase attack power depending on how much Aura you can put in (Max Lvl 10 = 300). Due to the material it is extremely durable with a very high melting point but it emits a chill that is comparable to a Lvl 6 ice spell

So its a fixed sythe as it does not grow stronger with the user. However the normal boost is insane considering how hard it is to find boosting items like this. The boosts can Raise the power number by 500. And can increase it futher to an additional 1,200 if you have a level 10 death Aura. With this I can completely hide my death Aura but I will look like a Reaper. I guess I can take the mask off for now until my system upgrades. Im just glad when defeated Fin but we were lucky. If it were anyone else they would have died on the spot.

In fact, if he wasn so full of himself he could have killed us by using dark slash on the house from the outside. Me and Mendy don have sences to warn us of that yet. Plus we had numbers on our side (obviously not power numbers) and he was caught off guard by Mindy.

”Alex, come here. You are hurt ” Mindy said as she patted on the couch. I looked and noticed that since I was not wearing my robe that I got some cuts on my arms and chest. I sat down and prepared to drink a common healing Potion. Mindy stopped me and shook her head. Mindy cast fox fire but instead of heat like a normal fire it just felt cozy. I looked and saw that my cuts were very slowly but surely closing.

Fox Fire- has 3 different properties, the first is directly for combat as an hot flame but doesn gain explosive power like a fire ball till it reaches level 6. The second is an illusion effect that gets stronger the higher the level, unlock at level 7, the third is a healing property that grows in strength every 4 levels unlocked at level 3.

Nice skill, I want it but I guess I can have it unless I kill something with that skill. ”Host, you are wrong, fox fire is a Bloodline related ability so you can not get it unless you get a Bloodline that possess it. Also Mindy does not have the magic reserves fir continued use of fox fire as she was previously a combat type awakened and did not have that big of magic reserves and she has only been a nine tailed fox for less than day so her body is not used to the functions of the abilities ” the system said.

Well I guess its fine then. Hey system, show me my status.

LvL. 20

Magic Power ERROR

Strength: 1,267

Speed: 120

Vitality: 1840/1900

Stamina: 130/200

I see that I need to change the layout of the system but now I know what I have. Sadly the only advantage I have is magic. Other system users are given blessings by Gods. They boost them by leaps and bounds. Like a Mars system user lets them gain a ton of strength, more than I have at my level.

I looked and saw Mindy who fell asleep. I set her down and got her conformable. Her tail was wagging and her little ears flickers. She is cute. ”Does Host want to use the affection meter? ” System said.

Mindy- 180 Affection

I didn even ask for it. ”What is the default numbers ” I asked.

0-10: getting known

10-20: getting used to

20-40: Becoming friends

40- 60: Best friends

60-80: Crush

80-90: Massive crush

90-100: Lovers

100+: not natural at all, normally impossible

…..Should I be worried?

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