Death & Glory

First Fight

ng and some by killing ” I told her as I have nothing to hide.

”Well well, you can grow and grow ” a voice said in a dark corner of the room. The figure stepped out and he had white hair with red eyes and was wearing black clothing. ”Sorry, Im Fin the choosen one by Hades the God of death. I senced a powerful Aura of death and was given a mission to kill you for a hefty reward! Time to die! ” He said as he pulled a sythe from the shadows and swung it. Me and Kindy got on the floor quickly and we are glad we did. The entire house was cut in a slant and now slid off itself. That blade is very sharp. I looked up and saw his number on his left hand. It was 34,000! He is a seasoned system user!

We quickly got up and Mindy was using fox fire and kept throwing them at Fin but he simply blocked it with his sythe. ”Sorry girl but fire is possibly the worst thing to use against me as my scythe lowers the temperature of anything it comes close to. I had to work to raise my cold resistance up to level 6 to hold it ” Fin said as he launched of the ground and swung his sythe to the ground. The moment it hit the ground a huge crack opened up and I jumped out of the way just in time. That weapon must be at least an epic weapon to do this kind of damage and have these effects.

”Stop running a die already! ” Fin yelled as he swung his sythe and arcs of darkness came off in my direction. I used a Fireball and launched it at the arc of darkness and it blew up, causing a huge smoldering hole the size of a house between us. ”Man Hades is right to have me kill you. He was so mad when you killed his Litch King ” Fin said as he released a dozen balls of darkness at me. Mindy used fox fire to destroy a few of them but 7 of them kept flying at me. I nullified them with fire balls of similar power because I still need a place to fight in. I created a fire ball and focused it to the point that it was no bigger than a baseball and launched it at Fin. Thanks to the fireball being focused it had the power of a level 20 Fireball but traveled faster and it went straight to Fin. Fin raised his sythe to block it but it couldn lower the temperature enough in time and all that heat traveled to the sythe instead of exploding due to the massive temperature difference and Fin dropped the sythe as it started to glow red but didn melt. Mindy snuck behind him and grabbed him as I stabbed him with a broken pipe. ”I will see you soon ” Fin said with blood in his mouth as he died. Mindy let the body drop as I checked it.

New system found, dissecting

Gained ability to give missions and rewards.

Host found Common and uncommon healing and Mana potions. Making store, adding items for unlimited purchase.

4 bottles, 2 red and 2 blue, disappeared but left us with 3 uncommon healing potions, 7 common healing potions, 2 uncommon Mana potions, and 5 common Mana potions. I gave Mindy the Mana potions since I don need them and looked into these potions more since I was too poor when I was powerless in the city to but one from a system user.

Healing Potion (Uncommon)- Heals medium cuts and bruises over the course of 20 minutes. Disinfects larger cuts and can help fight common poisons.

Healing Potion (Common)- Heals small cuts and bruises over the course of 40 minutes.

Mana Potion (Uncommon)- Gives a decent boost of automatic Mana absorption and increases Mana efficiency for 20 minutes.

Mana Potion (Common)- Gives small boost of automatic Mana absorption for 5 minutes.

This shows how big of a gap there is between grades. Its insane!

”Warning, the person known as Fin used a epic item called ”deaths favor ”. It lets him get another body with his system again for 70% of his power. He is alive somewhere but shouldn bother you. I advise you to check your stats ” the system said and I did.

User- Alex

Bloodline: Void, Unknown

Power number: -0


Fire Ball: MAX (20)

Ball of darkness: 8

Ball of death: 10

Death touch: 3

Darkness slash: 5

Dark Step: 4

Cold resistance: MAX (20)

Death resistance: MAX (20)

Dark resistance: MAX (20)

Death Aura: MAX (20)

Hm. I guess since resistance and Aura are passive abilities they automatically get Maxed out. ”Alex! Its getting dark! ” Mindy yelled.

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