ss my unknown Bloodline gave her the nine tailed Fox Bloodline. I can see little Fox ears on her head. Having a Bloodline means you will be insanely strong if you imbrace it. Some would rather be normal and hid it.

A day has went by and Mindy has not woken up. The sirens have stopped just recently because of the other but safer breaches. An hour later a group came to the house but they were afraid. The saw me and pointed guns at me. ”Who are you! ” One of them yelled. ”Im Alex, the girl on the couch in Mindy from the Cisty family. I just killed the Litch. Please, I mean no harm ” I said as I put down the staff and raise my hands. I could somehow sence that all of the group were normal humans and that was bad. The system told me the effects of death Aura when they got here.

Death Aura: slowly Drains life energy from all those around the weilder. At level 5 and up it will have a fear effect added.

One of them fired out of fear but the robe created a barrier that stopped the bullets. ”There is no way you are Alex, show me your number and face! ” The leader said as he looked at the bodies of the Brandon family. I couldn do the face as I would most likely kill then all. I raised my hand and a white ball of fire, bigger than a car, appeared. ”I have no time for this. Mindy needs to go to a doctor now! ” I yelled. ”OK ok, how about this sir, you surrender and go to court and she will get to the hospital ok? ” The leader said in fear. I canceled the Fireball and was arrested but with warning to not remove anything.

A few days later I was put on stage with the judges. The judges have most of the power Im the city so the old law system was out. ”Alex Hampshire, you are charged with treason and murder of Odds family. How do you plead? ” A judge said. ”Not guilty. I just had a system awakening and have a lot of power ” I replied as I don really know what happened. ”Impossible, your power number is -0, what proof do you have of this power? ” A judge said. ”My system said have have Death Aura at the highest level. The drops the Litch had is taking 85% of it. I would rather you not take it off. ” I said earning a gasp from. The crowd. Truth be told I have no idea what my MAX level is since its different between systems. ”You are in a level 12 holy barrier yet even we can feel it. What is your ******* god? ” The other judge said. ”I don know, it never said ”. I have no idea what God chose me. The judges talked for a bit. ”Alex, since it is dangerous for you to stay in the city. your punishment is exile from this city. You have a single day to leave ” the judge said.

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