”Alex! Get over here! ” A sound said in the darkness. I rushed over there and saw a group of boys behind the school. The one who yelled Alexs name what Brandon. Brandon is the most popular person in high-school due to the fact that his number is 1,106 and he has a system from the God Mars so he is the strongest here. ”You will bring Mindy to me right now so I can confess to her Zero ” Brandon said as he and his group chuckled. My number is -0 and since my number is impossible they just call me Zero as I am the weakest with no power. Well I do have a system after copying what Brandon said when he got his but it does literally nothing.

Mindy is my childhood friend and a high numbered person who reaches 1,274 but does not have a system. Mindy is the only one who does not make fun of me for having a useless number. In afraid of getting beaten to the edge of my life I bring Mindy to him. ”Mindy, you are now my girlfriend. Come here and give me a kiss ” Brandon said with a smirk. Mindy is the second most popular person in school yet Brandon orders her around like a dog. I get up and walk to him but he punched me into the wall leaving a huge dent in it. I am surprised that Im still alive but in a ton of pain.

I could barely open my eyes as I saw Mindy walk up to Brandon who was all exited and kicked him in the balls. The rest of the group tried to fight back but none could as the were normal. Mindy walked me to her house and layed me on the couch as she went to get first aid.

My parents died in the first wave that happened a year ago so I had no family to go to. Mindy and her family took me in shortly after though so I at least have a home. Mindys family lived at the edge of the city and everyone went to get more supplies from the city center. Everyone had to walk or get their order via drone as all vehicles were used to build a wall around the city. Mindy tended to my wounds and she often joked about my power being to heal fast as I never stay in bed for more than a few hours regardless of what injury I have.

Sometime later a knock was heard at the door. Mindy was cooking dinner for when her family comes so I looked outside and saw Brandon and his family along with a huge group of people. His dad has a power number of 18,000 so he had much influence in the city. The door broke down and I git kicked down by one of the gangsters. I got up and quickly pushed the lock down button which locks down the kitchen, basement, and dinning room. I smashed the button so they could not undo it. I was knocked down again and dragged outside.

”Well look at this lit

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