The Black Knights took those captured to a plaza dedicated to the execution of werewolves that existed a hundred years ago and prepared them for public execution.

When Bonia and Chuck arrived, the square was already full of onlookers.
In addition to the residents of the city, even the residents of nearby villages rushed over after getting the news.

Because the Black Knights went to various villages to capture a lot of people during this period of time, the villagers naturally feel dissatisfied with the Black Knights for executing the arrest in the absence of prophets to testify.

Seeing the procession of the White Knights coming, the people surrounding the periphery automatically gave way to allow them to enter the square.

Lu Jingqian’s carriage was parked not far away, and he sat in it, waiting to watch what was about to happen.

After dismounting, Chuck walked up to Antwine, “Some people have reported to the White Knights that your Black Knights have been killing innocent people everywhere.”

Antwin put his hands behind his back, and looked at him, “It seems that you are here to exercise the right of mutual supervision of the Black and White Knights.
We have nothing to say if you want to supervise our execution of werewolves, but you say that we kill innocent people, where is the evidence?”

“Your Black Knights go around making arrests without the testimony of the prophets and execute those who are arrested immediately afterward, what is it if not indiscriminately killing the innocents?” Chuck questioned righteously.

“I am asking you for proof.
What proof do you have when you say that it was not a werewolf that our Black Knights executed?” Antwin said, “I still have the corpse of those werewolves that turned back to wolf form after death.
If you want to see them, I can have someone send them to you, you can check the number yourself.”

“Those people you executed before, I may not have clear evidence that they were not werewolves, so I can’t say anything even if you faked it.
But the people you captured today, I heard, are people who have been living in Lesia City for many years.
What justify you to prove that they are werewolves? If you can’t prove it, what is it if not indiscriminate killing?”

Antwin smiled and said, “It’s not easy to prove whether they are werewolves or not.
After I have my subordinates execute them, they will all turn back into wolves, only then will we be able to prove whether they are werewolves or not.”

“You’re simply treating human life as child’s play!”Chuck tried hard to look more imposing than Antwin, and said coldly and angrily, “If they are not werewolves when they die, can you bring them back to life? What do you take their lives as?!”

“I’ll give them my own life to pay for it!” Antwin suddenly became serious and looked at Chuckles with a downward look, “As soon as one of them is not a werewolf, I will immediately end my life in front of everyone! Does that satisfy you?”

“You…” Chuck’s first reaction to Antwin’s strong words was anger.
But after his brain started turning, he felt that if Antwin could really do what he said, it would be the best thing for him.

“Commander Antwin, why speak something out of anger?” Bonia, who had been standing behind Chuck, said, “Lesia City where the main group of the Black and White Knights and every prophet lives has always been the safest central city on the continent, how could there be werewolves? Besides, it’s unlikely that Commander Antwin would actually do anything to end his own life, isn’t it?”

Since Antwin knew Bonia was the Wolf King, he itch to kill him immediately, but could not do it yet until he was unmasked.
Seeing Bonia speaking to him now made him resist the urge to draw his sword and ordered his subordinates instead, “Since this so-called prophet is also here, bring all the people up.
Just in time to let this prophet check whether these people are werewolves or not.”

Antwin’s subordinates brought the men up, and after pressing them to their knees, they removed the black cloth bags from their heads.

Bonia originally thought even if Antwin was lucky, it was impossible for each of them to be the werewolf.
As long as one of them is not a werewolf, he’s got Antwin’s handle.
Even if this handle is not so much as actually able to kill Antwine, it can be beneficial to him and the White Knights if used properly.

But when Bonia glanced over, not only did he immediately see that they were all werewolves, but he also recognized their identities.

Bonia froze, not knowing for a moment how to react because he did not expect at all that the people captured by the Black Knights were actually all werewolves, and none of them were human.

“Prophet Bonia, save me.
I’m really not a werewolf!” Sheriff Deputy Chief Bahru wailed at Bonia.

“I’m also not a werewolf! Prophet Bonia, please prove my innocence!”

“I’m not……”

“Me too, I’m not a werewolf either! Please prove our innocence!”

The wolves who could stay in Lesia City were all capable wolves who knew the identity of the Wolf King, Bonia, and had to work for him.

These wolves are now wailing in unison for help so vigorously, a look of suffering great injustice.
On the one hand, they really do not want to die, the other side acting for those onlookers to see.
Loyalty to the Wold King is the nature engraved in the bones of all wolves, and even if Bonia really wants to sacrifice them, they will not tear down Bonia’s identity as the Wolf King.

“Great prophet, say something.” Antwin looked at the frozen Bonia and said, “In the end, who among them is not a werewolf?”

Bonia has a strong talent for acting, so although his heart has been a little flustered, on the surface, he still maintains a calmness that no one can see through except Antwin.

Bonia could not immediately come up with a response, so he lowered his eyes and remain silent, giving a serious feeling of contemplating whether these were werewolves or humans.

Antwin looked at Bonia and said, “I’ll give you five minutes.
I think you, as a prophet, should need no more than five minutes to identify these werewolves.
If you can’t tell me who isn’t a werewolf in five minutes, I’ll execute them all immediately.”

Chuck also turned his gaze to Bonia, but in his eyes was trust and encouragement.
His goodwill toward Bonia had reached a certain level and his trust had increased.
As long as Bonia said a word, he would believe it.

Bonia’s mind spun quickly, thinking about whether to bail out all of these people or choose one or two of the more important ones to bail out or simply give them all up and admit that they were all werewolves.

Of these options, Bonia is certainly going to choose the one that is most beneficial to him.
But after thinking quickly, he realized that every option was so bad for him that it was almost critical, leaving him with no choice.

Because whether he chose to bail out the werewolves or not if Antwin insisted on killing them, it would expose the fact that they were werewolves.
And it doesn’t make sense in any way that he, as the prophet believed by all, has not revealed their werewolf identity.

Time was moving fast, all eyes were on Bonia, he was anxious and his palms were sweating.
But he still did not let anyone see through him.
It has to be said, as the Wolf King, his acting skills were so much better than his father’s, which may have something to do with the fact that he was a crossed-over soul.

“Time’s up, have you thought about deciding which one of them isn’t a werewolf? Or did you decide to say that none of them were werewolves?” Antwin said.

Bonia knew he could not say anything now, no matter what.
So he simply keeps silent to the end, not a saying word.

“Bonia, what’s wrong with you? Are you not feeling well?” Chuck saw Bonilla had been silent, finally sensed that something was wrong with him, and gazed at him worriedly.

As if reminded by Chuck’s words, Bonia clutched his chest and said with a frown, “I, feel slightly uncomfortable.”

Chuck immediately held him after hearing that, “You first tell everyone whether they are werewolves or not, then I’ll have someone send you back.
I’ll take care of the rest of the matter.”

Just now, Bonia only wants to get out of here quickly and think of how to deal with things after all of those werewolves are exposed.
But Chuck asked him to say which of these people were not werewolves.
He certainly will not answer him.

“My chest hurts so much…….” Bonia covered his chest seeming to have breathing difficulties and ready to faint.
He was leaning against Chuck’s body and slowly sliding down.

“Bonia!” Chuck picked Bonia up in his arms and turned to leave to find a doctor.

As soon as Antwin raised his hand, his subordinates immediately blocked their way.

Chuck could only turn around again with Bonia in his arms, looking at Antwin, “Bonia is not feeling well.
I’ll take him to the doctor first, this matter will be postponed.”

“The whole town’s people are here.
Where else are you going to take him to find a doctor?” Antwin said, “If you are in a hurry to go, I will speed up and execute them.
It will not take you much time.”

Antwin’s subordinates dragged the werewolves toward the execution table, and the crowd of onlookers immediately stirred up.
The wolves also saw Bonia was planning to give them up, but they were not willing to be executed just like that.
At this time, they could only rely on the people to put pressure on the Black Knights.

“I’m not a werewolf! I’m not a werewolf! Everyone help me, help me!”

“I’m not a werewolf either.
Everyone, believe me, I’m really not a werewolf!”

“Please, save us! If we let the Black Knights continue to kill innocent people indiscriminately, it is likely that you will be the next ones to be killed!”

“Don’t let the Black Knight kill us, good people, folks!”

“The Black Knights, in order to compete with the White Knights for power, are grabbing innocent people indiscriminately to kill them.
Everyone, help us.
Don’t let the Black Knights get their way! This is also for your own sake not to be caught innocently, please everyone!”

Bonia wrapped his arms around Chuck’s neck and leaned his head on his shoulder with a weak look.
His heart also desperately hoped that the pressure of the people would make Antwin let the werewolves go.
Even if he doesn’t release them right away, he will at least delay their execution so he can have time to figure out how to get through this difficult time.

“Let them go!”

“Let them go!”

At this time, a few people in the crowd took the lead and shouted for their release, so most people were excited to follow along.

Antwin walked up to the people and said forcefully, “I, Antwin, promise on my own life that I have never wrongfully killed an innocent man since I was the head of the Black Knights! Not before, not now, and even less so in the future!”

So many people were shocked by Antwin’s aura alone.
The shouting people suddenly quieted down.

“Use your heads and think about it, if these guys are not werewolves, why doesn’t this prophet prove their identity in front of all of you?!” Antwin said loudly.

After a moment of silence, someone called out anxiously, “Prophet Bonia, say something! How can they be werewolves when you’ve seen all these people before?”

“Yeah, you’re the prophet.
You’re the only one who can prove their identity!”

“Speak for them quickly! We beg you!”

Those who called for Bonia to speak were the closest friends of those werewolves who truly believed that those people were not werewolves and did not want them to be put to death.

Bonia’s body went limp and he made the appearance of passing out completely.

“Bonia! Bonia!” Chuck called Bonia’s name anxiously trying to take him away, but was blocked by the Black Knights and could only roar in anger, “Get out of my way!”

The White Knights all drew their swords, waiting for Chuck’s order, to immediately take action with the Black Knights.

The Black Knights also drew their swords and waited for Antwin’s order.

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