te Knight will be the one in charge of the entire continent.

After finding out about the werewolves in several villages in a row, Antwin was worried that Lu Jingqian was too tired and thought of letting him rest for a few days before continuing.

Lu Jingqian felt a little tired because his body was not considered robust, so this continuous running on the road also made him feel overwhelmed.
But as he was returning to the city and sitting in the carriage, he inadvertently looked out and noticed that the owners of some of the largest rice stores in the city were actually werewolves.

He was thinking that Bonia, as the Wolf King, had identified many werewolves in order to gain everyone’s trust, his ultimate goal must be to lead the werewolves to defeat the humans and become the biggest ruler of this continent.
So he will definitely leave the werewolf whose identity is important to help him accomplish his goal when it matters.

Although Bonia is protected by the White Knights, he cannot reveal his nature in front of the White Knights.
So he needs people who will be loyal to him unconditionally and help him to do something bad.
And these people must also be werewolves.

If those werewolves with important identities are deliberately not revealed by Bonia, then there must be quite a few werewolves in all major cities, including the city of Lesia where they live for sure.
If Bonilla needs werewolves around him to work for him, then there must be werewolves in the White Knights, too.

Thinking of this, Lu Jingqian could not help but laugh.
He can already imagine when he demolished everything, those deceived people, how wonderful their expression will be.

“Think of something funny?” Antwin started to walk away when he saw Lu Jingqian thinking and then started to laugh by himself without knowing what came to his mind.
Although he like seeing Lu Jingqian’s smile, he was more curious about what made him smile.

Lu Jingqian came back and said, “Just now in the street, I sat in the carriage and saw the owner of the Kadamie Grain Store.
He is actually a werewolf.
This means that Bonia intentionally did not reveal his identity.
Tell me, how many werewolves were like him, who are harbored by Bonia, would there be in Lesia City? Why don’t we start tomorrow and go out on the streets together to find out.”

“You’ve been working too hard for a while.
It’s better to rest for a few days.
There’s no hurry.” Antwin said what he had just said again.

“If we just wander around the town for a while, I won’t be too tired.
It’s not like we’re going to have to find all the werewolves in the city in a day or two anyway.”Lu Jingqian said, “Finding too many people with important identities at once, may cause chaos.
Later, you pick a few people out first.”

Lu Jingqian felt it was already time to start unraveling Bonia’s identity.

So for the next two or three days, Antwin had to accompany Lu Jingqian on the street for two or three hours every day.
The residents of the city, whoever they were, were a little surprised to see them.
They would not feel surprised if these two people appeared alone.
However, the two actually shop together, and also in a very intimate manner, so they can’t not be surprised.

In fact, Lu Jingqian and Antwin himself did not notice that the interaction between them looked very intimate in the eyes of others.
They have just gotten used to this way of interaction after being together all this time without realizing it.

Three days later, Antwin suddenly took the Black Knights to the streets to make an arrest, catching everyone a little off guard.

The people already knew about the Black Knights’ previous visits to various villages to make arrests, but the Black Knights’ sudden arrests in Lesia City made everyone feel baffled.
After all, this is not only the city of residence of the main group of the Black and White Knights.
There is also Bonia, the prophet, and the Black Knights had captured and lived in the city for many years.
They were also considered to have some fame.
How can these people be werewolves? If they were werewolves, Bonia would have known long ago and would not have waited until now for the Black Knights to capture them.

The people of the city are very dissatisfied with the Black Knights’ arrests in the city.
But their reaction is not particularly violent because of the Knights’ power and majesty over the years.
But the friends of those who were captured came out strongly against the Black Knights’ capture and had someone go and bring in the White Knights and Bonia to administer justice.
Because they are people that Bonia has met, they believe that these people can not be werewolves and are determined not to let the Black Knights kill indiscriminately.

After receiving the news, Chuck and Bonia immediately rushed over, feeling that the opportunity to make the Black Knights completely lose the hearts and minds of the people had finally come.

And as soon as Bonia received the news, he felt excited inside, but still didn’t know exactly who it was that the Black Knights had captured.

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