Antwin looked down and saw the way tears glittered in Lu Jingqian’s eyes, and his heart suddenly felt compassion.
The sudden appearance of this never-before-seen feeling made him feel a little amazed at himself.

He has always been a cold hard-hearted person without too many emotions, to the point that in his heart, even death is not a thing to be sad.
When his father died, he did not have too much sadness and grief.
He always felt that people are going to die, except some die earlier and some later.
People just have to do their best to do what they want while they are alive, and death is not something to be afraid of or to be sad about.

And he would worry about his wounded subordinates and would want to save their lives because of his sense of responsibility as a Commander, so he could not easily abandon any of his subordinates who had given their lives to him.
Those of his subordinates followed him and gave their lives because they trusted him, and he, as the commander, had the responsibility and obligation to take responsibility for their lives.

But at this moment, Lu Jingqian, with tears in his eyes and a slightly sad expression, let him have the emotion of heartache, which is something that even he himself felt shocked about.

Lu Jingqian saw those people’s expressions and knew that his purpose had been achieved.
Although he also knew in his heart that his accusation of the White Knight might not have such a serious impact, this is only the beginning, only the first step.

Antwin’s subordinates brought the carriage over, and when Lu Jingqian was about to get on, Antwin extended his hand and helped him get on personally.

Lu Jingqian did not think much about it.
He thought it was just habitual gentlemanly behavior and very naturally held his hand to get into the car.

Antwin froze for a moment at the act he made without thinking.
The feeling of temperature and the touch of Lu Jingqian’s palm created a strange feeling that quickly crossed his heart so that he did not have time to feel them carefully.

Lu Jingqian moved to Antwin’s house because it was true that living in his house would be more secure.
Otherwise, if he stayed in Heron’s house, he had to always be on guard against Bonia making a move.
On the other hand, after he lives in Antwin’s house, he will have more opportunities to spend time with him, which is more convenient for gaining his favorability.

Lu Jingqian came out of the bathroom after taking a shower.
He sat on the sofa chair in front of the floor-to-ceiling window, thinking about how to get more of Antwin’s favorability while taking revenge for Heron.

He opened the system to check Antwin’s favorability toward him and found it had grown some in the past two days.
But it was still a long way from reaching eighty percent.

Lu Jingqian sighed.
If he wanted it to exceed eighty percent, it is definitely necessary to let Antwin love him, and still the deeply-in-love kind.
If it is in the game, he can treat him as an NPC1 raid object, with no pressure to gain his favorability.
But this is the real world.
The other side is also made of flesh and blood with real emotions.
He does not want to be a scum who plays with the emotions of others.

1 NPC: In games, short for non-player character.

Although there are some barriers in Lu Jingqian’s heart to getting Antwin’s deep love, but it is still easy for him to get Antwin’s favorability in other aspects.
For example, use those medicines left by Heron’s father to help save the wounded of the Black Knights and use his identity as a prophet to help him find more werewolves to make the reputation of the Black Knights better than the White Knights.

In the absence of the prophet’s help, Antwin also has his own way of being able to find out some werewolf, it just takes too much effort, and the price of success is high.

And previously, in order to provoke the relationship between the Black and White Knights, Bonia secretly informed the werewolves so they could escape from the Black Knights ambush several times.
Or letting the werewolves counterattack by putting the plan in place, disrupting the Black Knights’ plans several times, and deliberately leaving clues that it was the White Knights who tipped them off.

Bonia hopes that the more the Black and White Knights fight, the better it will be for him.
And if the Black and White Knights really do harm each other because of the clash, it will reduce the number of werewolves killed.

Bonia’s plan was to increase the number of casualties in the Black and White Knights as much as possible and, ideally, to make both Antwin and Chuck trust him.
Then as the Wolf King, his goal of ruling the entire continent would be more smoothly accomplished.

But from now on, Lu Jingqian will personally interrupt his plans and unravel all his plots.

Lu Jingqian must let Antwin’s favorability toward him grow to a certain level in order to make Antwin trust him when he wants to implement his plan.
So Lu Jingqian, in order to gain Antwin’s favor, waited for him to have dinner with him every day from the first day he lived in Antwin’s house and tried to spend more time with him.

Today when Lu Jingqian came to the dining room and just sat down, Antwin came in from outside.
This is the first since Lu Jingqian has lived here.

“You’re back?” Lu Jingqian said as he stood up.

Antwin froze for a moment because of Lu Jingqian’s words, as they seemed to carry a strange power that hit him in the heart.
In all these years, no one had ever said this to him in the gesture of waiting specifically for him.

Antwin nodded and sat down on the other side of the long table.
He had forgotten how many years he had sat alone at this table to eat.
Now, suddenly seeing Lu Jingqian sitting right across from him, he actually had an indescribable feeling in his heart.

Lu Jingqian felt that Antwin seemed a little distracted, thought he was too tired to be like this, and didn’t care too much.

The servants brought today’s dinner to the table.
The two picked up the knife and fork at the same time and began to eat, which was clearly the first time the two ate together, but inexplicably carried some old married couple atmosphere.

“Have you spotted werewolves again recently and are preparing for an ambush?” Lu Jingqian knew Antwin was busy and tired, so he didn’t beat around the bush with him and asked directly what he wanted to ask.

Antwin raised his eyes to look at Lu Jingqian, and after a moment of silence, he replied, “Yes.”

“Is it okay if I go with you guys to the place where those werewolves are?” Lu Jingqian asked with an expectant look at Antwin.

Antwin did not expect Lu Jingqian to make such a request and did not understand why he was making such a request.
But he could not agree to it, “Ambushing werewolves is very dangerous, and we may not even be able to take care of ourselves, moreover taking care of you.”

“I don’t mean to ambush the werewolves with you guys during the night.” Lu Jingqian put down his knife and fork, looked seriously at Antwin, and said, “I want to go with you during the daytime to the place where you found the werewolf.
Werewolves do not dare to transform during the day.
Even if they forcefully transform during the day, their power will be very weak, which can be easily defeated by your Black Knights.
So if we go during the day, it will not be very dangerous, right?”

Antwine said, “If I take you there, I must increase the number of people to protect you.
And going with such a great fanfare will be easier to alarm the snake.”

“No need to go with a big fanfare.
You just bring two or three people.
We can go secretly.” Lu Jingqian said.

“Why do you want to go?” Antwin said suspiciously, “Werewolves are very dangerous to humans.
It’s not something interesting.
Nothing to see.”

“……” Lu Jingqian was silent for a while but decided to wait until he had been there before telling him the reason, “Just take me once.
You’ll know why I’m going after we’re there, and I promise I won’t cause you any trouble.”

Antwin looked at Lu Jingqian without a word.
He still couldn’t agree to this request of his.

Lu Jingqian clasped his hands and looked at Antwon with a pleading look, and said, “Please.”

Antwin looked at Lu Jingqian’s eyes and thought of the first fawn he hunted as a child, which also ed at him with a pair of twinkling starry round eyes, looking at him with a pleading gaze, and then he went soft and let that fawn go.
When his father found out, he punished him very severely and told him that if he wanted to be a competent knight, he could not be soft-hearted, or he would probably cause a big mistake.

Antwin has been educated in iron fist since childhood and has long forgotten what it feels like to be soft-hearted after all these years of killing werewolves.
But at this moment, he clearly wanted to refuse inside, but because of Lu Jingqian’s eyes, he could not say the words of refusal.

Although Antwin didn’t agree right away, he kept mentioning this matter to him for the next few days, and Lu Jingqian finally got what he wanted.
After a few days, Antwin took him to the village, where they found the werewolf.

Although Lu Jingqian felt that, by following the head of the Black Knights, Antwin, there was very little danger in traveling during the day, and taking two or three people out was enough.
But Antwin felt that if he didn’t take Lu Jingqian, it didn’t matter even if he went alone, but with Lu Jingqian, an ordinary person, he would have to take a few more people.

A group of people pretended to pass by through this village for a short rest and entered the village.

Lu Jingqian was wearing a white cloak with its wide hood covering his eyebrows, and he put a white leather mask on so no one could tell what he looked like.
No one could even tell whether he was a man or a woman.
He also coughed lightly every now and then, pretending to be dressed this way because he was sick.

Antwin helped Lu Jingqian dismount, and the intimate demeanor of the two made people feel they didn’t need to guess much to know that their relationship was unusual.
Several other knights, pretending to be servants, follow after them.

This village is not large, but because it is on the road to many places and is far from other villages and cities, people passing by usually stop to rest.
So after they entered the village, they did not attract too much attention.
The villagers, at most, looked at them twice and then continued to do their own things.

Lu Jingqian and Antwin sat in a small restaurant for a while.
A few knights pretending to be servants ordered a few dishes and ate them with a very hungry look.

Antwin pretended to accompany Lu Jingqian for a walk, and after strolling through the not-so-big village, the knights had almost done eating.

Antwin help Lu Jingqian get on the horse.
He also got on the horse to sit behind Lu Jingqian, and a group of people again quickly left the village as if in a rush.

This trip took most of the day.
They left early in the morning and returned home close to the afternoon.
Lu Jingqian sat on the horse all day, feeling back pain, and just wanted to lie still.

Although he was very tired and did not want to move, Lu Jingqian still insisted that the servant bring him a pen and paper to write down what he wanted to write and then handed it to Antwin.

“What is this?” Antwin looked at the paper with the characteristics and dress of several people and thought about how he seemed to have seen these people.

“These are the werewolves that are hiding in that village.” Lu Jingqian leaned back on the sofa and said with his hand pressed against his waist.

“How are you sure they are werewolves?” Antwin looked at Lu Jingqian in disbelief.

“…… Remember when I told you that Bonia wasn’t really a prophet?” Lu Jingqian said.

“So, you’re saying…….” Antwin had already guessed the meaning of Lu Jingqian’s words.
If Bonia is not the real prophet and Lu Jingqian can distinguish werewolves, that means that he is the real prophet.
But Antwin still found it a bit hard to believe.
After all, everyone now believes that Bonia is the real prophet, and he did identify many werewolves.

“I know, no matter how I explain it, it’s a hard thing to believe.” Lu Jingqian looked at him seriously and said, “Why don’t you take this as a test for me and do it once, according to my words? If you don’t succeed, you can stop believing any word I say in the future.”

“How?” Antwin asked.

Although the Black Knights had a hard time finding where the werewolves might be each time, there was no way to tell them apart when they were still in human form, and they could only find ways to force them to transform during the night.
But in this way, they had to try to ensure ordinary humans were not hurt and deal with the transformed werewolves at the same time.
The difficulty was too great, and it was also easy to be injured because of the werewolves’ counterattack.

But Lu Jingqian, as a prophet, is able to identify werewolves when they are still in human form, and they are much easier to deal with when they are in their human form.

Lu Jingqian took out a bottle of medicine and handed it to Antwin, “In order not to disturb the rest of the village after every household began to close their doors in the dusk, use this medicine to stun the people I wrote on the paper, and bring them together in an open area.
Then surround them with a ring of fire.
This ecstasy will stimulate their brains, and they will surely transform when they wake up.
The transformed wolves were somewhat afraid of fire, and it was easiest to kill them when they rushed out of the circle of fire.
But there will be some more powerful ones who are not afraid of fire.
It was fine if you were careful when dealing with them.”

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