Chuck and Bonia looked like they were coming aggressively and barged in with their men, and Lu Jingqian looked at them coldly and didn’t say anything.

“I heard that you have already figured out where your father hid those medicines?” Chuck asked as soon as he came in and looked at Lu Jingqian.

Lu Jingqian glanced at Bonia and said to Chuck without expression, “Does it matter to you whether I remember of it or not?”

“Did you take the medicine your father left behind and give it to the Black Knights?” Chuckles asked with a frown.

“Whether it’s true or not, what does it matter to you?” Lu Jingqian replied again.

“Your father was always under the protection of our White Knights during his lifetime, and you are now under the protection of our White Knights, and you gave the medicine to the Black Knights without the consent of our White Knights.
Isn’t that a bit too much?!” Chuckles held back his anger and questioned.

“It is true that my father was protected by your White Knights during his lifetime, but you seem to forget that it was under the protection of your White Knights that werewolves killed him! You have the face to mention my father to me?” Lu Jingqian said without showing any weakness, “And those medicines left behind by my father are the private goods of our family, not the public goods of your White Knights.
As my father’s sole heir, do I still need to ask your permission about what I do with it?!”

Chuck’s expression, which was already not very good, now became even more ugly as he looked at the Black Knights standing behind Lu Jingqian, “So you’re ready to join the Black Knights now, are you?”

“Congratulations, you guessed it right.
You came in with a bunch of crap and finally got to the point.
You, White Knights, whether you are protecting me or spying on me, you know clearly in your own heart.
So now, I get the Black Knights to protect me.
As for your Knights, I can’t stop you from continuing to spy on me, but your protection is not necessary!”

Chuck gripped his sword tightly, took a deep breath, and said, “I originally did not want to make things difficult for you considering the past.
But since you have decided to clear the relationship with the White Knights, I will not be polite to you anymore.”

Lu Jingqian said mockingly, “Speaking so righteously, don’t you just think the medicines my father left behind must be hidden in the house and you want to come and search it again?”

Chuck was admonished by Lu Jingqian.
Although he was a bit guilty, he still maintained a justified look and raised his hand to signal his subordinates to start searching.

The Black Knights came forward to stop them, and Lu Jingqian said, “Let them search! Anyway, it has been searched many times before, and it is not bad to let them search this one more time.”

Lu Jingqian looked at Chuck and said “You can search, as long as you can find them, you can take away all those medicines.
But I have to warn you, I won’t put up with you anymore.
As soon as your people do it, I’ll be at odds with you, White Knights!”

Chuckles looked at Lu Jingqian serious and confident expression that they absolutely can not find the medicines.
His heart was slightly hesitant.
The last few times they search for it, they almost turn this place over and did not find it.
Chuck thinks it was not worth it if they still can’t find it this time and still completely break up all relationships with Lu Jingqian because of it.

Bonia, who was standing behind Chuckles, even without seeing Chuckles’ expression, could guess that he had hesitated because of Lu Jingqian’s words.

Bonia stepped forward and said “Chuck, whether we find the medicines or not, he has decided to join the Black Knights.
Instead of letting him give all those medicines to the Black Knights, it’s better for us to make the first move.
Because those medicines are definitely here in this house anyway.”

Bonia was so sure that those medicines are in this home.
Because they have previously turned this home over and over again, and the medicines they found had all been taken.
However, Lu Jingqian never went anywhere else, but he was able to take out more medicines, and give those medicines to the Black Knights.

“Search!” Chuck ordered his men to do it.
No matter what means were used, he didn’t want those medicines to be obtained by anyone else.

Lu Jingqian sat down on the sofa and watched expressionlessly as they dispersed to different rooms and corners.

Bonilla sat down across from Lu Jingqian and said, “Chuck and I have been considering our previous friendship and constantly defending you.
We do not want to push you too hard.
But if you insist on going against us.
Then we can only use some tactics.”

“What? You still want to torture me to extract a confession?” Lu Jingqian said disdainfully, “I’m not looking down on you guys.
Even if you want to torture me to extract a confession, you have to ask those who were saved by my father if they agree.”

“Severe torture to extract a confession is not so much, but we feel that the outside is too dangerous for you, and you are too simple to cheat.
In order for you not to be harmed and not to be deceived by others, it is better for you to stay at home from now on and not go anywhere.” Bonia’s mouth said threatening words, but he was a little angry inside.
In fact, he very much want to torture Lu Jingqian to force a confession, but it was impossible for the time being.

“So it’s not that you want to torture me to get a confession, but you want to put me under house arrest?”Lu Jingqian laughed mockingly and said, “This is ridiculous.
Do you really think that the White Knights have reached a point where they can cover the world in one hand on this continent? Or do you think I’m really so weak that I won’t put up any resistance even if I’m under your control?”

“Even if you want to resist, what can you do? Do you really still want to rely on the Black Knights to help you?” Bonia looked as if he was sure there was nothing Lu Jingqian could do even if he wanted to resist.

“It seems that you think our Black Knights are incapable of helping him?” Antwin came in from outside with his men.

“What are you doing here?” Chuck stepped forward and stared at Antwin opposite him.

“Is this your place? Who are you to care if I come or not?” Antwin said.

“This is a private matter within our White Knights, please take your men and horses and leave!” Chuck said with a serious face.

“Excuse me, I am not one of your White Knights.
Please don’t describe your forced entry into my house and searching around as a private matter of the White Knights.”Lu Jingqian stood up and said, “I have entrusted the Black Knights to protect me, so they have my permission to enter my house.
You are the ones who forced your way in and are not qualified to say they should leave.”

“Heron!” Chuck was enraged when he was refuted by Lu Jingqian again and again.
He turned his head to look at Lu Jingqian and said, “Think carefully.
If you decide to have no relationship with our White Knights, no matter what happens to you in the future, I will not care about you because of the previous relationship!”

“That couldn’t be better.
But I also hope you’ll do what you say and not come begging me in the future, no matter what happens.”Lu Jingqian pointed to the door and said, “Now, please get out!”

Chuck gritted his teeth with anger, he glared at Lu Jingqian and said, “Before we find what we are looking for, we will never leave, even by force, we must stay here!”

“In other words, you are planning to rob openly, right?” Lu Jingqian questioned, still calmly.

Chuck has always focused on reputation, naturally, he was not willing to get a reputation for forcibly robbing others of their belongings.
The last time he came here to search, he can still say that it was agreed to by Heron himself.
But this time Lu Jingqian directly spoke to let him get out, but he was forced to stay to search.
Such behavior is indeed robbery.

“Then let’s settle it by force.” Antwin said, “The Black and White Knights should have long ago settled this by force.
Whoever loses should leave here.

“It’s not necessary.” Lu Jingqian said, “Since they want to stay here, let them stay and continue to search.
Even if the house is torn down, turn the ground over, they will not be able to find the medicine.”

“Commander Antwin.” Lu Jingqian asked Antwin, “I definitely can’t live here now.
Can I stay at your place first?”

“Of course, you can.” Antwin did not hesitate to answer.
He also felt that it would be safer for Lu Jingqian to live in his place, it was also more convenient to protect him.

“I’ve told you.” Lu Jingqian looked at Bonia and said provocatively, “The White Knights are not yet so powerful that they can overshadow the world.
Your attempt to put me under house arrest is not going to work.”

Bonia’s expression was a bit unpleasant.
He has been secretly provoking the relationship between the Black and White Knights, so they fight each other openly and secretly at the same time, but also in an attempt to pull Antwin to his side, wanting to make Antwin as obedient as Chuck.
But now Lu Jingqian joined the Black Knights.
If all those medicines left by Heron’s father were also given to the Black Knights, it would be difficult for him to find a way to pull Antwin in.

“Today you forced your way into my house and forced me to leave.
These humiliations, I will make you pay them back twice as much.”Lu Jingqian watched Chuck finish searching and then turned his gaze to Bonia, “I will also make you regret and pay for what you have done!”

“Let’s go.” Lu Jingqian and Antwin headed out, and the Black Knights all began to retreat.

Chuch and Bonia unanimously glared angrily at Antwin and Lu Jingqian’s back as if their eyes could spit out fire.

Walking through the front yard to the gate, Lu Jingqian saw a crowd of onlookers standing outside the gate, and after thinking about it, he took a few more steps forward and opened the gate.

Lu Jingqian said loudly to the crowd of onlookers, “Everyone! Today Chuck and Bonia, in order to get those medicines that my father left behind when he was alive, forced their way into my house to search for them.
I told them to leave, but they said they would never leave until they found those medicines my father had left behind, and that they would keep me under house arrest.”

Lu Jingqian paused, looking at the crowd of people who began to talk before once again saying loudly, “In the face of the White Knights’ strength, I alone can not resist, so I had to ask the Black Knights to protect me.
But the White Knights insisted to find those medicines, and refused to leave even at the risk of fighting with the Black Knights.”

“I think we all know that werewolves are waiting for an opportunity to attack humans all the time, so I don’t want to let the two Knightly Orders be defeated and then be taken advantage of by the werewolves because of me.
Now I have to give up the home my father left me and let the White Knights have a good search!”

Since it is a show, of course, he had to do a full set.
With tears in his eyes, Lu Jingqian said angrily and helplessly, “I have to leave my own home starting today, all because of Chuch and Bonia! My father saved countless lives during his lifetime, and I don’t know how sad and upset he would be if he saw in heaven that his only son, after his death, was actually forced out of his own home.”

The crowd began to talk again, most of them looked at Lu Jingqian with sympathy, and then whispered accusations that Chuck had gone too far.
Heron’s father was such a kind-hearted man and they bullied his only son after his death.

Chuck and Bonia came out and heard what Lu Jingqian said, and their faces were very ugly.
The reputation of the White Knights, although not completely defeated by these few words of Lu Jingqian, but once this matter spreads, the reputation of Chuck and the White Knights will certainly decline, and even be blamed.

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