“I’m so nervous, so nervous!” Avery clasped his hands together and closed his eyes tightly, afraid to look at the screen that would soon announce the results.

“It’s been released, you can read it now.” Lu Jingqian said calmly to him after reading the ranking.

After taking a deep breath and gathering enough courage, Avery opened his eyes and stared hard at the screen to find his name.
When he saw his name in third place, he excitedly grabbed Lu Jingqian’s arm and said, “My, my, my, it’s my first time ranked so high.
So your method really works, it really works!”

“Because you usually train seriously enough, your movement and everything else is done in accordance, so the method of using the mantra is effective.
It is entirely your own credit.” Lu Jingqian patted his hand and said.

“No no no, it is also thanks to your help.
Otherwise, I wouldn’t get such a rank this time.” After Avery calmed down, he thought that Wen Nan had gotten third place last time, and now that he was in third place, what was his rank? “Yes, how about you? What place did you get?”

Avery looked at the big screen again, looking for Wen Nan’s name on it, and when he saw his name in the first place, he got excited again, “You’re too awesome.
You’ve only been training for a year, and you got the first place so quickly!”

Lu Jingqian was not surprised at his rank.
Because he was very clear about what kind of performance those examiners wanted to see.

The door of the training room was opened, and when they saw Bedia walk in, the trainees who were still discussing the rankings immediately fell silent.

“Wen Nan, you come here for a bit.” Bedia immediately turn around after he finished his words.

Lu Jingqian stood up and walk outside under every trainee’s gaze.

Bedia was waiting outside for him, when he saw him out, he said, “Follow me.”

Lu Jingqian followed behind Bedia and the two took the elevator to the tenth floor.
This was the floor where Allure Model’s models, who had already made their debut, held meetings and trained.
Therefore, Lu Jingqian had thought about the possibility of Bedia bringing him here.

Bedia stopped at the door of a meeting room and turned to look at Lu Jingqian.
He said, “I can give you a chance to debut faster.
Do you dare to accept the challenge?”

“I will seize this opportunity,” Lu Jingqian replied earnestly.

“Very good, I look forward to your excellent performance.” Bedia patted Lu Jingqian’s shoulder and pushed the meeting room’s door and strode inside.

Several people were already sitting in the meeting room, all of them popular and well-known models in Allure Model.
Lu Jingqian thought to himself that as expected, this was a very good opportunity and resource.

Rui Yusheng turned his head and saw Lu Jingqian walking behind Bedia.
He was stunned and subconsciously straightened his posture, wondering why Lu Jingqian was there.

“Please take a seat.
After the business department and the other company finish their meeting, they will come here to meet with you,” Bedia said to Lu Jingqian before leaving.

Lu Jingqia chose an empty seat and sat down at the meeting table.
Then, he looked at Rui Yusheng, who had been looking at him since he entered the room.
The gazes of the two people met, but Lu Jingqian did not see Rui Yusheng’s eyes, because he wore sunglasses.

Lu Jingqian thought it was clearly inside the meeting room, but Rui Yusheng still wore sunglasses.
It seems he did not have a good complexion and do not want to be seen by others, so he wore sunglasses to cover up.

After drinking and maneuvering all night, not only did Rui Yusheng’s complexion look bad, but his mood was also very bad.
Now that he saw Lu Jingqian here, the anger in his heart slowly started to boil.

Lu Jingqian knew why his complexion looks bad and was also able to guess his experience last night.
Because those things were what the original host’s had experienced in his previous life.
However, Lu Jingqian also understood that Rui Yusheng definitely would not be like the original host who felt a great blow to his soul.
He could only be angry at him for not falling for his trap.

The main point of today’s meeting was to inform them from what company will the clients this time come, what product they have to showcase, and what kind of results the clients wanted.

Those seated, other than Lu Jingqian, were show models with extensive experience.
So the staff in the business department mainly just tell them the results that the client wants to see.
Regarding the content of the product, detailed video materials would be sent to them.
As for how to present the product, it was not something that the business department could participate in.
They could either come up with their own ideas or communicate and negotiate with the creative department.

Finally, the business department manager explained why Lu Jingqian was invited to sit in on the meeting.
It was because the trainers in the training department recommended Lu Jingqian’s assessment video to the responsible people of the other company.
After watching the video, the responsible people of the other company agreed to let Lu Jingqian, who had not yet officially debuted, become one of the show models competing for votes in this campaign.

After listening to the business department manager’s words, Rui Yusheng bit his teeth hard.
He felt that both the business department manager and the people from the other company were crazy to dare to use someone who had no fans at all.
So what if he looks good? There are many people who have the looks but was not popular.
Good! Even if he admits he looks good, hoping to get votes by his face alone and no experience is simply dreaming!

Usually, after models debut, they would perform cross-dressing live shows on various online platforms to accumulate a certain number of fans before companies would be willing to pay them for campaigns.

The reason why Lu Jingqian was able to be invited as an exception was not only because the trainers highly recommended him, but also because the responsible person of the other company felt that Lu Jingqian’s appearance, temperament, and performance in the assessment video all fit their company’s design style very well.

Although they also regret that Lu Jingqian had no fan base, it was precisely because of this that the price to hire him would be much cheaper.
So they were willing to give it a try.
Anyway, even if it was unsuccessful, they would not lose much, and it would also make Allure Model owe them a favor.

After the meeting ends, Lu Jingqian did not get up immediately, and neither did Rui Yusheng.
The two people seem to have to agree beforehand and sit still, unmoving.

After everyone else had left the conference room, Rui Yusheng finally forced a smile and looked at Lu Jingqian, saying, “Congratulations, you got a job before your official debut.
This is a big company, so you need to prepare well.”

Lu Jingqian smiled and said, “Don’t worry, I will prepare well.
Your complexion doesn’t look very good, did you not have a good rest?”

Upon hearing this, Rui Yusheng’s smile disappeared, and he immediately lowered his head to push his sunglasses back with his hand to cover up.
After adjusting his expression, he raised his head and said, “Yes, I’ve been too busy lately and haven’t had enough rest.”

“Well, you should take care of your health and rest well.
After all, for a model, the body and face are more important than anything else.”

Rui Yusheng could see how good Lu Jingqian’s skin was and how perfect his face was without any need for modification through his sunglasses.
He couldn’t help but want to rush over and scratch his face.
He clenched his hand into a fist under the table and cursed Alva in his heart for being incompetent.
If he had successfully taken him to the dinner party last night, he wouldn’t be sitting here, feeling so smug and laughing at himself.

Rui Yusheng took a deep breath and tried to maintain his composure as best as he could, saying, “It’s your first job, if there’s anything you don’t understand, you can ask me.
I can help you analyze and give you some advice.”

“No need.” As soon as Rui Yusheng finished speaking, Lu Jingqian immediately replied, “You’re already so busy and don’t look like you’re in good shape.
I wouldn’t dare to bother you.
If there’s anything I need help with, I’ll go to Teacher Bediya and the others.”

Lu Jingqian had seen enough of Rui Yusheng being unhappy with himself but had no choice, so he simply got up and left the meeting room.

Rui Yusheng lowered his head, took a deep breath, and kept telling himself not to get angry, he couldn’t afford to lose his temper here.
Even though there was only him left in the meeting room, there were still cameras, and he couldn’t let anyone see him losing control.

Lujingqian knew that Rui Yusheng was probably about to explode.
Even before the original host made his debut, Rui Yusheng already saw him as the biggest threat and tried everything to get rid of him.
Now that he had the opportunity to make his debut directly through work, Rui Yusheng was definitely the most unhappy person.

Lu Jingqian thought that he hadn’t even started his revenge yet, but he was already this angry.
In his previous life, he had let the original host suffer from mental torture and torment time and time again and then dealt a fatal blow to completely destroy him.
He would repay him double for all of this, making him suffer and torment before finally destroying him completely.
Just wait.
His revenge plan was about to start.

The company that can invite models from Allure Model must not be a small company.
Even if small companies are willing to spend money on show models, they will not lower the level of their models for that little money.
The client this time is a well-known interior design company.
They plan to launch an original and fresh style of interior decoration in the next year or two.
Therefore, the fresh style that Lu Jingqian showed during the assessment just happens to meet their desired style.

In fact, if you call it a coincidence, it’s not really a coincidence.
Several teachers incorporated the requirements of this company into the assessment questions, specifically to see if any of the students could meet the requirements.

Rui Yusheng is currently the highest-ranked model in the Allure Model from all aspects of performance.
One of the main reasons for this was his senior colleagues in the same company had all retired for various reasons, and he was indeed the most outstanding among the models of his period.

In the eyes of all the training teachers and several main managers of the Allure Model, they feel although Rui Yusheng is excellent, his upward potential was limited, while he was currently the number one ranked model in Allure Model, which was not a good sign.

Although now Allure Model still holds the position of the strongest model brokerage company, the gradual rise of other companies cannot be underestimated.
If they don’t want to be surpassed by other companies, they must cultivate more outstanding talents, otherwise, their performance will decline, and their positions may not be guaranteed.

So, based on the outstanding performance of Lu Jingqian in the assessment, they decided to take a gamble and see if he could skip the stage of accumulating fans and become famous at once.
If he could achieve this, then their company would have a true pillar to support them for a while.

Although this was the first time Lu Jingqian had publicly worn women’s clothing to showcase products, he didn’t need to consult anyone about how to perform.
The system could provide him with the best demonstration.
But he couldn’t really just not discuss anything with anyone.
Even out of politeness, he should show a willingness to consult with his training teachers.

Rui Yusheng had been diligently preparing for dozen days for the upcoming job.
He wanted to approach the work in the best possible condition.
One reason for this is that this job is really important and will have a big impact on his ranking, and on the other hand, he wants to show his best performance to let Lu Jingqian see his ability.

During the meeting that day, he was too exhausted and didn’t control his emotions well.
After resting for a few days and regaining his energy, he realized his emotional outburst that day was unnecessary.
For a model with no fan base to compete with those who are ranked among the top models is simply asking for an insult.
He thinks this is a good opportunity to strike a blow to Lu Jingqian since the higher the starting point, the more painful the fall.

In his opinion, if Lu Jingqian thinks that he can become a successful model just by relying on his looks, this job will show him that accumulating strength and popularity is much more important than just having a pretty face.

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