Just when Lu Jingqian was still struggling with the feelings he had for Antwin, Antwin had already faced his innermost feelings openly.

In Antwin’s opinion, he and Lu Jingqian each have no other emotional ties.
Even if they have feelings for each other, it was very normal and can be done openly.
Since feelings have arisen, it was only logical to go with the flow and be together.

However, after observing Lu Jingqian’s reaction, Antwin felt that it would take some time to get Lu Jingqian to face his feeling as openly as he did.

In order to take out all those medicines left behind by Heron’s father, Antwin quickly transferred all the Black Knights in the nearby city to Lesia City after determining the place of storage.

The Black Knights suddenly made such a big show again, so the people in the city couldn’t help but get nervous again, thinking the number of werewolves in Lesia City was already so many that they needed to rely on so many people from the Orders to make the capture.

The people were nervous while watching the moves of the Black Knights, trying to see who else was a werewolf mixed in with the humans.
But they only saw two dozen wagons carrying goods, escorted by the Black Knights, some were transported out of the city, some were transported to the Black Knights’ training facility, and some were transported to Antwin’s home.

Most of the people were confused about what the Black Knights were doing, but some quickly thought of the rumors that had been going around before about Heron’s father leaving behind a large number of medicines.
So speculation soon spread, and everyone felt the Black Knights had found those medicines left behind by Heron’s father, after all, Heron was now under the protection of the Black Knights, he must know where those medicines were.

Chuck and Bonia know the news, and anger rises to their head, thinking no wonder they were unable to find those hidden medicines after turning over Heron’s home.
Because the medicines hidden by Heron’s father were never hidden inside the house in the first place.
However, in order to find those medicines, they not only completely tore the relationship with Heron but also gain a bad reputation.
In the end, they were still not able to find those medicines, how can they not be angry?

Both of them want to get those medicines, but now they were all in the Black Knights’ hands.
They also know that it was simply impossible to snatch those medicines from the Black Knights.
Because if they robbing it openly, it was the same as taking the initiative to create conflicts.
And it will make the White Knights completely lose the hearts and minds of the people.
The result of the collective protest by the public was the beginning of the White Knights eventually be completely suppressed by the Black Knights.

Secretly trying to get those medicines was also impossible.
The Black Knights were not vegetarians and there was a special separate storage for those medicines.
Were they found to use covert means found by the people, it was no different from open robbery, and the final result was also a disgrace.

The Black Knights getting these medicines was the same as getting a huge guarantee.
After this, there will be more people joining the Black Knights.
Without the worry of lacking medicine, the Black Knights’ people will be more courageous in fighting against the werewolves.

And for the White Knights’ people, this was a huge blow.
Without the medicines as a guarantee, it was the same as having no way back.
They had always thought these medicines would definitely fall into the White Knights’ hands, but now they have been obtained by the Black Knights.
And if they need those medicines in the future, it will depend on whether the Black Knights are willing to give them.
All these years, the White Knights have always felt they had the upper hand over the Black Knights.
Now that a sudden shift has occurred, one could imagine the gap forming in their hearts.

The reputation of the White Knights among the people fell particularly hard, those medicines were all taken away by the Black Knights, and now even the morale of the members of the White Knights was also greatly reduced.
Chuck, as the leader, felt a great pressure in his heart, it was even difficult for him to put a good expression when facing Bonia.
When it rains, it pours.

The impatience in Bonia’s heart was no less than Chuck’s.
Now, the Black and White Knights are capturing a large number of werewolves, and if this goes on, the werewolves will soon be extinct.
If the number of werewolves was reduced severely, it would be impossible for him to achieve his goal of ruling the entire continent without his final aid.

Bonia has been trying to find out the identity of the real prophet, but Antwin’s side was like a brick wall.
Not to mention the location of the prophet, he can not even pry any information.

Bonia didn’t want to sit and wait.
In order to reduce the number of werewolves killed, he had to tip off someone in the Order so that the werewolves would either flee or find a way to organize a counterattack that would reduce the Order’s numbers as well.
But it was already hard for the wolves to fight against the Orders, and now that the Black Knights got all the medicines, it was even worse for the wolves.

Those werewolves who knew they couldn’t avoid it organized several counterattacks.
Although the success rate of the counterattacks was not high, it still left some knights injured by the attacks.
The Black Knights have medication to heal their injuries, while the White Knights can only hold on to their injuries, and some die if they can’t make it through.

Chuck had no choice but to go to Lu Jingqian, hoping to get some medicine from him.
Because in his mind, with Heron’s good-natured personality, he would definitely agree if he went to ask him personally.
Unfortunately, what he didn’t know was that Heron’s soul was long gone, and Lu Jingqian was not an easy man to talk to.

After Bonia knew Chuck was going to meet Lu Jingqian, he offered to go with him, thinking that after meeting Lu Jingqian, he might be able to get the information about who the real prophet was out of him.
It’s not that he didn’t want to see Lu Jingqian alone, but he also knew Lu Jingqian would definitely not meet with him alone.
So he could only take advantage of this time when Chuck went to see Lu Jingqian and went over with him.

Chuck hesitated for a while and then said, “You should not go.
The conflict between you and Heron before was so big.
Heron certainly does not want to see you.
The matter I went to ask him for this time is very important.
Try not to make him feel unhappy anymore.”

Bonia listened to Chuck’s words and felt very uncomfortable in his heart.
Was it before, Chuck wouldn’t have said such things to him at all.
But with the current situation, no matter how uncomfortable he was in his heart, he could only endure it.

“I will go with you to please him and apologize to him for what happened before.” Bonia knows very well in his heart that if he wants to achieve great things, he must be able to bend and stretch.
Compared to ruling the whole continent, this aggravation is nothing.

Chuck thought about it and felt, was Bonia willing to take the initiative to apologize, Heron should accept it, and as long as he accepted the apology, the rest would be fine.

Lu Jingqian received the news that the two of them came to visit and did not feel surprised at all.
He had already expected that at least one of these two, will definitely come to see him in the next few days.
Since the two came together, of course, he had to see them.
It was time to return the humiliation they brought him by breaking into Heron’s house earlier.

Lu Jingqian was a little uncomfortable these days except for when he saw Antwin, he was already very used to living in this home.
The maids in this house were very good at reading people’s intentions.
They can already see that Lu Jingqian will be one of the masters of this house in the future, and treat him completely according to the master’s standards, which was one of the reasons why Lu Jingqian quickly adapted to live here.

So when Chuck and Bonia came in, they looked at Lu Jingqian acting completely as the master of the home, sitting there waiting for them.

“Is something wrong, you two?” Lu Jingqian asked as he looked at them.

Both Chuck and Bonia did not think they would have such a day, and now they can’t act in high profile in front of Lu Jingqian in any way.
After all, they are asking for a favor, so they still have to lower their posture to do so.

Lu Jingqian also did not ask them to sit, so they could only stand there uncomfortably.

“There’s something we’d like to talk to you about.
I have made a reservation at your favorite restaurant, so why don’t we go out and talk about it over a meal.” Chuck didn’t want to talk about things in Antwin’s territory.
He wanted to ask Lu Jingqian out before, but Lu didn’t reply to his invitation, that’s why he had to come and find him in person.

“I have nothing to talk to you about.
So if you want to say anything, do it while I still have the patience.
You can leave if it’s something you can’t talk about here.
It is impossible for me to go out with you.
After all, even the present Lesia City is not absolutely safe.
And with the way the two of you do things, I’ll probably be immediately taken away and then restricted in my freedom as soon as I leave this door, right?” Lu Jingqian said evenly and sarcastically.

“What happened before was indeed our fault, and today we are here mainly to apologize to you.
We have known each other since we were children after all, and I hope that for the sake of so many years of affection, you will not argue about those things before.” Chuck said.

“Apologies?” Lu Jingqian deliberately made a surprised look at them and said, “You are actually here to apologize? Did I hear you right? You are the ones who said before that you no longer care about years of affection, and now you are the ones who want me to consider it.
Since the words have been said by you, you can just decide for yourselves, so why do you still come to talk to me about this.”

Chuck did not expect Lu Jingqian to be so disrespectful to him.
After all, in his memory, Heron’s personality is particularly meek and cultured, he absolutely will not do things that embarrass others.
But this person in front of him made him feel very strange.
Whether it is the behavior and demeanor or temperament, it seems that is not Heron himself.

“Aren’t you here to apologize?” Lu Jingqian looked at Bonia and said, “Where is the sincerity of the apology? Why can’t I see anything at all?”

Chuck also turned his head to look at Bonia.
Bonia gritted his teeth and forced himself to say the words against his heart “I’m sorry Heron.
We have gone too far before and did not consider your feelings, I hope you can forgive us.”

“Although I still can’t feel the sincerity of your apology at all.
But, since you have already said it, and I have heard it, if there is nothing else, you can leave.” Lu Jingqian opened his mouth to send off the guests.

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