her knew was now going to be shared with him, he didn’t care at all if the secret was really considered a secret and immediately looked seriously in the direction Lu Jingqian was gesturing.
He also squinted for a while, like Lu Jingqian, and he really saw the shape of a five-pointed star.

“My father once said to me,” Lu Jingqian said, “He will leave me some treasures at the five top positions of this pentagram, and if something happens to him one day, these treasures will be my greatest reliance.”

“Tomorrow after dawn, you go help me take out all those treasures my father left me, for me.” Lu Jingqian turned his head to look at Antwin and said.

Antwin was also looking at Lu Jingqian, and when Lu turned his head, their eyes met exactly.
Then Lu Jingqian froze because Antwin’s eyes seemed to contain the deep universe so he had a moment of out-of-body experience.
His body was completely frozen, not only did he forget to move but also even forget to breathe.
He stood there completely motionless as if he had been under a spell of immobilization.

So when Antwin lowered his head and kissed him, his body was unable to react at all except for his instinctive wide-eyed stare.
His inner mind thought he should resist, to push him away.
How could they kiss? This is something that can only be done between lovers.
He is very conservative, not the kind of person who can just kiss around with people.
Although his heart fiercely resisted, his body did not react at all.

Lu Jingqian’s whole body was confused.
He somehow lost a part of his memory, and couldn’t remember when Antwin ended the kiss or when they came back.
When he came back to his senses, he had already washed up and was lying in bed.

Lu Jingqian violently sat up from the bed, he was now full of the image of Antwin kissing him.
Even if he tried hard to make himself stop repeatedly playing this image in his head, it was no use at all, the image simply could not be stopped.
He held his burning and scorching face and felt the acceleration of his heartbeat about to jump out of his chest.

Lu Jingqian does not know what was wrong with himself.
Wasn’t it only a kiss? Even if he were taken advantage of, he was a big man, even if he was kissed, he will not lose a piece of meat.
Although the kissing time seems to be a bit long.
Antwin seems to kiss him deeply once more.
But he has no feelings for him, why did he will become so strange ah?

After being tangled up for a long time, Lu Jingqian finally slowly calm down.
He felt himself becoming strange, such a reaction was obviously normal, or was there something wrong?

Lu Jingqian thought about it for a long time and finally remembered the system had told him he could view his own favorability and various attribute values for others in addition to others’ values for him or for others.
He felt at the time that the attribute value of the ability was indeed necessary to check, but was it necessary to check his favorability towards others?

But at this moment, Lu Jingqian can not say why, he always feels that since the feature for checking his own favorability to others exist, it must be useful.
So he closed his eyes, activated the system, opened the feature of his favorability toward others, and then selected Antwin’s name.

After seeing his favorability towards Antwin, Lu Jingqian couldn’t help but cover his mouth, it was actually the same.
Lu Jingqian turned his brain trying to think of the reason, and the answer he could think of was that as Antwin’s favorability towards him grew, so did his toward Antwin.

In order to confirm whether his guess was right or not, Lu Jingqian sent a message to the main system and then lay down to wait for a reply.

When he was in the other world, he couldn’t talk to the system directly, he could only do so when his soul returned to the original world, and if he wanted to contact the main system, he could only do so by sending messages.

After waiting for about five minutes, the system received a reply from the main system.
And the reply confirmed that Lu Jingqian’s guess was correct.
However, the growth of Lu Jingqian’s favorability toward Antwin was not controlled by the system but was the result of a mutual entanglement of their souls.
And the emotions they feel for each other are autonomous and real, not externally controlled nor fabricated.

Lu Jingqian thought, if their emotions for each other are autonomous and real and if Antwin’s favorability for him has reached the level of generating love.
So that means, he has fallen in love with Antwin too? How is this possible?!

That’s why when he was kissed by Antwin, he felt a rapid heartbeat and could not help but feel his face burning.
Because he is in love with Antwin?

Lu Jingqian could not accept this fact for a while, and sent several messages to the main system in succession, asking why there was a soul entanglement between him and Antwin, and what exactly was the so-called soul entanglement?

Lu Jingqian waited and waited, but the main system never replied to him.
He kept sending messages for prodding.
Then the system showed that because he had sent too many messages, the main system had blocked him and refused to receive any messages from him, and the blocked period was three days.

Lu Jingqian sighed and could only hold his quilt and stare at the top of the ceiling on his bed as he continued to tangle in silence alone.

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