After Chuck took Bonia back home, Bonia continued to pretend to be unconscious.
Because if he woke up as soon as he arrived home, it would instead make people more suspicious, and he hadn’t figured out how to explain to Chuck.

Chuck brought in a doctor to examine him, who didn’t find anything physically wrong with him, but Bonia stayed unconscious.
So the doctor could only conclude he was probably too stimulated, so he passed out.

After the doctor left, Chuck stayed up all night guarding Bonia, although he had too many doubts to ask Bonia to make it clear, inwardly he still worried about his health more.

Bonia closed his eyes and lay down through the night, but in fact, he also did not sleep all night, his mind kept thinking about how to explain to Chuck and all the people, to let them continue to believe in him.

After thinking about it all night, Bonia was able to come up with some reasons that could barely justify himself.
Although they might not be convincing, he couldn’t think of anything else for the time being.

The next day at dawn, Bonia opened his eyes, with a confused expression of having just woken up and not knowing where he was, and turned his head to look at Chuck, who was sitting in the chair next to the bed.

Chuck hadn’t slept all night and tiredly wiped his face with his hands.
He had just put his hands down when he saw Bonia’s eyes open.
He stood up excitedly, then sat down on the edge of the bed, looked down at Bonia, and asked with concern, “You’re awake? How do you feel, do you feel uncomfortable somewhere?”

Bonia was quite touched to see that the first thing Chuck did after he woke up was to care for him instead of questioning him.
Yet while feeling touched, he also felt fortunate that he hadn’t completely lost Chuck’s trust this time, and the reasons he thought of should be able to make Chuck believe him.

Bonia tried to sit up and just moved when Chuck hurriedly reached out to help him sit against the bed.

“Aren’t we in the square? How did we get back? What happened to those people, they weren’t killed by the Black Knights, were they?” Bonia asked with a confused look.

Chuck’s hand froze, and he slowly sat up straighter, looking at Bonia in silence and slight scrutiny.

“What’s wrong?” Bonia asked, pretending to be puzzled, “Why are you looking at me like that?”

“All those people have been killed by the Black Knights…” Chuck said, “And after they died, it didn’t take long for them to change back into wolf form.
Which means they were all werewolves.”

“How did that happen?” Bonia immediately looked at Chuck with a shocked face and said, “How can they be werewolves?”

“You should have seen them before.
Why didn’t you find out that they were werewolves?” Chuck asked, looking at Bonia.

“I, I don’t know.
I did see them before several times, but each time I didn’t feel like they were werewolves, and I don’t know why that is.” Bonia frowned tightly with a distressed look on his face because he could not figure out why.

“You really don’t know?” Chuck looked seriously at Bonia.

“I really do not know.
You must believe me, if even you do not believe me…” Bonia tried to explain to Chuck, and then looked like he suddenly thought of something and said, “I know, this must be a conspiracy made by the Black Knights.
They deliberately want to shake the people’s trust in me!”

“A conspiracy by the Black Knights?” Chuck asked in confusion, “What conspiracy?”

“Think about it, why are all the people captured by the Black Knights werewolves? I am the only prophet on the continent, and I am the only one who can tell the difference between werewolves.
They were able to catch the werewolf so accurately, they must have premeditated with the werewolf from the beginning.
Behind this might be a big conspiracy.”

“Then why did you not recognize those men as werewolves?” Chuck continued to ask.

“… I remember Heron’s father would always research some strange drugs which were used for strange purposes, like hallucinogenic potions or something like that.
Heron must also have been involved in their conspiracy long ago.
He gave those werewolves the potion his father made so I couldn’t tell those people were werewolves.”

“So what you’re saying is that the Black Knights made a deal with the werewolves in order to fight for power with our White Knights and also to suppress the White Knights.
So they joined forces to try to deal with us?” Chuck quickly caught the meaning of Bonia’s words.

“That’s right! This must be the case.
Otherwise, why would my heart suddenly twinge when I see those people? It must have been the drug used on me by Antwin that made me hurt so much that I couldn’t speak and even fainted outright.” Bonia said with an affirmative face.

Chuck was silent for a while, thinking carefully about what Bonia said, and felt Bonia’s statement make sense, and the possibility was very high, so he believed in Bonia’s words.

When Bonia saw Chuck went silent, he took his hand and looked at him with sincerity and earnestness and said, “You must believe me, or else they will soon succeed in their plan.”

“I believe you.”Chuck patted Bonia’s hand and said, “I was just thinking about how to unravel their conspiracy so that the people won’t be deceived by them.”

Bonia was immediately relieved to hear Chuck say he believed him.
As long as Chuck believed him and continued to stand firm in his defense, he could think of other ways to get the people to continue to believe him as well.

Now the entire Lesia City people are fiercely discussing what happened yesterday, and this matter has spread.
The surrounding villages people known about this matter, and after then more people will know.

So many people are carrying on the discussion, and all kinds of speculation and speech come out, but the more discussion the more confusing it was.
This was a very serious matter, and what happens was the prophet does not identify the werewolf whom he has seen many times, or the prophet deliberately hides the identity of the werewolf.
If it was deliberately concealed, why did he do it? The people are eager to get answers.

Some anxious people surrounded Chuck’s house.
Although they were not particularly impatient to rush inside, they also look as if they refuse to leave without a satisfactory answer.

The people surrounding outside affect Chuck’s going in and out of the house.
But if they are violently driven away, it will only look like they are weak-minded, and be more seriously suspected by the people.

Chuck also could not tell the people the reasons Bonia told him.
Because until they get the evidence, the people will hardly be convinced of their explanations, and it will let the Black Knights know what they think, which will be hard to deal with them next.

But they also can’t completely not give an explanation.
If the people’s patience ran out and caused trouble, or even completely biased towards the Black Knights, it was more detrimental to them.

Chuck could only come out in person to face the people and tell them that Bonila had been drugged and was now in a very bad state of health.
He did not recognize those wolves before had something to do with it and now he needs time to recuperate.
As for those questions that the people want to know, they will definitely give an answer to everyone when they finish their investigation and get the results.

Although the people have a lot of doubts in their hearts, but so far, most people were not very suspicious of Bonia identity as a prophet.
As soon as they heard he was drugged until in poor health, the urgency in their heart immediately dropped to a large extent.
After all, in their hearts, Bonia is currently the only prophet on the continent.
If something really goes wrong with him, it will be quite favorable to the wolves, and humans will be in a more dangerous situation.

Chuck talks to pacify the people and then sends them all away again, it can be said to be quite a mess.
Not to mention that after he became the commander of White Knights, even before he became the commander, he was never so lousy.

He put all the accounts on the heads of the Black Knights and Antwin, thinking that he must find evidence of their collusion with the werewolves, so they would be spurned by all, and then resign himself to disbanding the Black Knights.

On the third day after this incident, Chuckles has not yet thought of how to find evidence of the Black Knights and werewolves’ collusion.
Antwin took the Black Knights through the city once again and captured even more people than last time.

And the Black Knights carried out a public execution of the captured werewolves, and the people came to watch again.
But unlike last time, although the people still did not believe that the captured people were werewolves, no one came out to oppose them strongly.

Because since the Black Knights choose to publicly execute these captured people, it means they have a full assurance that they did not catch the wrong person.
As long as one of them is not a werewolf, the Black Knights will completely lose the trust of the public, and it will be difficult to make public arrests in the future.

In order not to let the werewolves in Lesia City have a chance to escape, the Black Knights captured all the werewolves in the city at once, with the exception of those mixed in with the White Knights, whom Antwin kept for other purposes.

When the people saw that the Black Knight had captured so many people, and they were actually all werewolves as well, they could not help but have a strong feeling of fear and disbelief inside.
Because they all thought that Lesia City was the safest place in the whole continent, but did not expect there were actually so many werewolves in the city.
And most of them had also had contact with these werewolves and had hardly guarded against them.

The people just think about it and feel terrible.
Their doubt of Bonia deepened, but because Chuck said Bonia was drugged and had health problems, the people’s reaction to Bonia not exposing these werewolves was not so fierce.

After the capture of the werewolves in the city, the Black Knights started to capture the werewolves in the surrounding villages, and all of them were executed in public after being caught.
The number of werewolves they captured was really shocking to everyone.
Even some werewolves themselves didn’t know that there were actually so many companions around.

Even Chuck could not accept that so many werewolves existed just in the vicinity of Lesia City.
This was a huge blow to the White Knights, who have the prophets, and will make the people question them while also making their reputation among the people fall rapidly.

The Black Knights descended like a godsend.
Every capture was werewolves and caused a big commotion.
This caused Chuck’s trust in Bonia to be shaken as it had never been before.

So now the most anxious person was Bonia.
He was anxious to think of ways to deal with this period of time and can not sleep or eat.
His complexion was bad as if he was really sick.

The more he panicked, the less he could think of a countermeasure, and he forced himself to calm down and start sorting it out from scratch.
First, he had to figure out how the Black Knights were able to capture so many werewolves, and no humans were killed by mistake.

Just as he was envisioning the possibilities, he suddenly remembered what Lu Jingqian had said to him at his birthday party, someone had said he was not a true prophet.

Bonia thought in his mind.
This means, at that time Heron was not deliberately threatening him, the real prophet has really appeared.
And as things were now, the real prophet should already be protected by the Black Knights.
So all he has to do now is to find out who the real prophet really is, and then find a way to kill him.

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